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First glimpse of the perfect waves that break the Sunshine Coast every day

It will be called PerfectSwell® and the waves will look like this – all day, every day and even late into the night!

The developer of Australia’s first Steve Irwin Way approved surf pool, Glenview, has revealed the name of the highly anticipated attraction.

Also, the world leader in artificial waves, American Wave Machines (AWM), has confirmed Sunny Coast Newsit had signed an exclusive agreement with Sanad Capital for its patented technology to be used in the Queensland project.

The Sunshine Coast pool, expected to cost $40 million, will use the same technology as surf pools currently in operation in Shizunami, Japan, and in the United States in Waco, Texas, and DreamWorks Water Park in New Jersey. The Japanese facility has attracted attention as the official training site for the Tokyo Olympics.

PerfectSwell® will be one of three key components of Sanad Capital’s $130 million integrated tourism centerpiece.

The Sunshine Coast attraction will have the same technology as this park in Japan, used during the Olympics.

The state-of-the-art surf pool will be joined by the Actventure water park and the 160-villa Invigorate family resort.

Together they will transform a 25-hectare plot on the Sunshine Coast tourist route, 90km north of Brisbane and 22km south of Maroochydore, into the region’s first major themed attraction in over three decades.

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Shadforth, a leading civil construction company, has been retained to complete the civil works, which will start in the coming weeks after being delayed by recent bad weather.

Despite concerns about the availability of trades and materials, developer Sanad Capital is working towards opening all three elements in late 2023.

AWM Business Development Manager Willy McFarland says the Glenview attraction will be his company’s first PerfectSwell® surf pool in Australia.

“AWM has an extensive patent portfolio covering a myriad of wave pool technologies and features. PerfectSwell® surf technology is AWM’s large-scale, out-of-the-ocean surf site technology,” said McFarland.

Photo: Courtesy of American Wave Machines.

“Preferred by the grassroots surfing community for its high performance, it has been recognized worldwide by surf enthusiasts of all skill levels as a world-class surfing experience,” he said.

Mr McFarland said the Sunshine Coast attraction would contain the same patented technology as swimming pools in Japan and the United States.

However, he said each AWM specification was unique per location and there would be many distinguishing factors for the Australian site.

As for the timing, Mr McFarland had this to say: “Hopefully we’ll be surfing in late 2023.”

“The surf site is built alongside the overall construction project in most cases,” he said.

“It is possible that the surf site itself will be built in a year and the surf will be available as soon as the pool is filled with water.

Photo: Courtesy of American Wave Machines.

“For example, PerfectSwell® Shizunami was built and the site fully completed in less than a year, during a pandemic. AWM is strongly involved throughout the process.

Mr McFarland said wave height and travel time were flexible thanks to the versatile technology.

He said he could cater for “first-day beginners”, right through to elite surf athletes.

“PerfectSwell® was the training platform for the Tokyo Olympics. Let’s not forget that the Olympics are coming to town in 2032 and AWM will be bringing their full line of competitive waves to the venue as well.

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Sanad Capital Managing Director Bradley P. Sutherland said he was delighted that AWM literally came on board.

Mr Sutherland said Sanad Capital had worked closely with the Sunshine Coast Council to deliver the project for several years and looked forward to working with AWM to deliver Australia’s first surf pool to the Sunshine Coast.

What we can expect at Sanad Capital’s Sunshine Coast Surf Pool. Photo: American wave machines.

He said the pool would be 288m long and 80m wide and produce “epic waves all day, every day and even into the night”.

“These guys are the best in the world at what they do and their cutting-edge technology has revolutionized the industry,” he said.

“PerfectSwell® is going to be a great attraction that will fit perfectly into the Sunshine Coast, its vibe and lifestyle.

“Combined with the Actventure Water Park and Invigorate Resort it will attract locals and tourists alike and be something very special for the area.”

Artist’s impression of the Actventure water park.

Developer Sanad Capital’s plans for the Glenview site also include 51 two- and three-bedroom ‘lakeside’ apartments, 23 three-bedroom ‘surfside’ short-term accommodation units, retail outlets and food and retail outlets, a microbrewery and an outdoor cinema.

The attraction is expected to be open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Once fully operational, it is estimated that Actventure, Invigorate Resort and PerfectSwell® will support approximately 320 jobs, many of which are youth-friendly.

The drawable map is set to become the Sunshine Coast’s first major new themed attraction in 33 years, with Aussie World and SEA LIFE’s history dating back to 1989, the Big Kart Track to 1983 and Australia Zoo to 1970 , when it was the Reptile Beerwah and Wildlife Park.

Energy Stocks: An Investing Guide – InvestorPlace

  • Energy stocks include oil and gas stocks as well as clean energy stocks.
  • Many energy stocks have fairly low market capitalizations.
  • The energy sector has multiple powerful and positive catalysts.

In 2022, there are two types of energy values. On the one hand, there are stocks of oil and gas companies and, on the other hand, clean energy stocks.

Both types of energy actions have strong, positive drivers that should last for some time. Oil and natural gas stocks benefit from high oil and gas prices. These high prices were caused by a number of factors, including tight supplies following the coronavirus pandemic, sanctions against Russia and pent-up travel demand as consumers become less worried about the virus. Additionally, many oil and natural gas stocks are still relatively cheap, even though they have rallied a lot so far this year due to soaring oil and gas prices.

Meanwhile, clean energy stocks are boosted by Europe’s response to the Russian-Ukrainian war, the efforts of many governments to increase their countries’ use of clean energy, and the growing popularity of vehicles electrical.

What are energy stocks?

By buying shares of oil and gas companies, you acquire small percentages of energy companies that deal in some way with oil and/or natural gas. For example, there are companies that find and sell oil and natural gas, companies that sell equipment used to find and pump oil and natural gas, and companies that transport these fuels. Some large companies perform most or all of these activities.

When you buy shares of clean energy stocks, you are buying small amounts of companies that deal with one or more means of generating energy that emit little or no pollution. Among these energy sources are solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity, batteries and green hydrogen.

In the clean energy sector, there are companies that sell and install solar panels, wind turbines and hydrogen. Space companies also manufacture equipment used to develop and improve the efficiency of all these forms of clean energy.

Are energy stocks a good buy?

Due to various factors, oil and gas prices could decline significantly in the coming months. With President Joe Biden due to visit Saudi Arabia in July, the latter country could very well agree to pump a lot more oil. Moreover, several major EU countries appear to be seeking to promote a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine, and even Biden, for the first time in many months, recently said that the Ukrainians may have to make concessions. to the Russians.

Of course, a peace agreement between the Russians and the Ukrainians would probably lower energy prices. Additionally, as we head into the middle of summer, investors and traders will begin to look toward the end of the summer driving season and the warm weather that tends to drive up natural gas prices.

On the other hand, as I pointed out in the introduction, many oil and gas stocks have fairly low valuations. Even if oil and gas prices drop significantly, the market caps of many names in the space will continue to be quite attractive. Similarly, the market capitalizations of many clean energy stocks are very small. Therefore, many energy sector stocks would make attractive additions to investors’ portfolios.

Speaking of clean energy stocks, many of their market capitalizations are also very low and they should continue to benefit from governments’ efforts to promote renewable energy as a way to combat climate change.

Many stocks in the energy sector should get a significant boost from the growing popularity of electric vehicles. Specifically, due to the need for increased electricity generation to power these electric vehicles, producers of renewable energy and natural gas should get a big boost, because renewable energy and natural gas are frequently used to generate electricity.

In the longer term, however, the proliferation of electric vehicles risks hurting oil stocks. But in the shorter term, oil demand is expected to remain strong as pent-up travel demand remains strong.

When do energy stocks go up?

Stock prices of oil and gas companies generally rise when oil and gas prices rise. Oil and natural gas prices, in turn, may increase due to various supply and demand trends, as well as due to geopolitical events. In addition, potential changes in supply and demand, as well as potential geopolitical events, can drive up oil and natural gas prices. Finally, weather patterns can increase natural gas prices.

The primary method used by US traders and investors to track supply and demand trends for oil and gas is to follow US government reports on these fuels. And two of the main reports used by energy traders and investors are the weekly State of Oil report and the weekly Natural Gas Storage report. Both reports are published by the US Energy Information Administration. Typically, when oil and gas inventories are below analysts’ average expectations prior to the release of reports, oil and natural gas prices rise.

Among the types of potential supply and demand trends that can increase oil and gas prices are a possible decrease in fuel production in the future due to possible geopolitical events, developments potential weather or business decisions. For example, oil prices may rise following events such as a war in the Middle East or a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

On the other hand, the main driver of clean energy stocks is government actions. For example, clean energy stocks have been boosted following a recent EU decision to seek to produce 45% of its energy from renewables by 2030, up from its previous target of 40 %. But other catalysts — including rising oil and gas prices, decisions to use renewables by big companies, and new contracts — can boost clean energy stocks.

Energy stocks and inflation

For two reasons, oil and gas stocks tend to perform well during periods of high inflation. First, during these periods, oil and natural gas traders typically drive commodity prices up in the markets at a rate faster than inflation. And since the profits of oil and gas companies are closely tied to the price level of oil and natural gas, the financial results of these energy companies tend to improve sharply during periods when the economy is in the throes of strong inflation.

Second, unlike luxuries like restaurants and vacations, consumers have no choice but to buy gas for their cars and oil for their homes. After all, consumers need electricity, heating, air conditioning and gasoline. However, this situation could change in the long term due to the diffusion of electric vehicles and renewable energies.

Clean energy stocks, however, may be less resilient to inflation, as renewable energy prices are set not by traders, but by companies themselves, which may be reluctant to lose market share. by raising prices.

Main energy actions

  • Enphase Energy (NASDAQ:ENPH): One of the world’s largest manufacturers of microinverters used to convert solar energy into electricity.
  • Devon Energy (NYSE:NDV): The company is a major oil and gas producer in the United States, with more than 5,100 wells and a good price/earnings ratio.
  • NextEra Energy (NYSE:BORN): NextEra’s subsidiary, NextEra Energy Resources, is “the world’s largest producer of renewable energy from wind and solar and a world leader in battery storage”.
  • Chevron (NYSE:CLC): The company has increased its dividend in each of the past six years and is heavily involved in nearly all phases of oil and natural gas development and transportation.
  • Exxon (NYSE:XOM): Like Chevron, Exxon benefits from its involvement in most of the oil and natural gas sectors.
  • APA Corporation (NASDAQ:PAA): The company has a relatively balanced mix of oil and natural gas production and a low price-to-earnings ratio.
  • JinkoSolar (NYSE:JKS): One of the world’s largest producers of solar modules, Jinko’s products have set many efficiency records and the company sells its equipment worldwide.
  • Benches (NASDAQ:SHLS): A maker of solar power equipment used in Shoals’ top line is set for rapid growth.

As of the date of publication, Larry Ramer held shares of JKS and SHLS. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, subject to InvestorPlace.com publishing guidelines.

Larry Ramer has researched and written about US stocks for 15 years. He was employed by The Fly and Israel’s largest business newspaper, Globes. Larry started writing columns for InvestorPlace in 2015. Some of his highly successful contrarian picks include GE, solar stocks and Snap. You can reach him on StockTwits at @larryramer.

Vueling partners with BitPay and UATP to accept cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method


Vuelingan airline that is part of IAG (International Airlines Group), and BitPaythe world’s largest provider of bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, have reached an agreement allowing the airline’s customers to make payments through this digital medium of exchange.

To offer this service, the airline will use technology from UATP, the global payment network for the airline industry, which allows for a rapid onboarding process. Thanks to this alliance, Vueling will become the first low-cost airline in Europe to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. This service will be available in early 2023 at www.vueling.comand only for individuals.

Ticket prices will be displayed in Euros and customers will be able to pay for their flight from over 100 wallets and choose between 13 different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum ( ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

Paying with cryptocurrencies is a push transaction, meaning the user sends the exact amount, rather than a withdrawal like traditional credit or debit cards, eliminating transaction fraud and phishing.

Jesús Monzó, Head of Distribution Strategy and Alliances at Vueling, said: “With this agreement, Vueling once again reaffirms its position as a digital airline. We are very happy to have found in BitPay the best partner to offer our customers the possibility of transacting with cryptocurrencies with the greatest security and reliability”.

Merrick Theobald, Vice President of Marketing at BitPay, said: “Vueling recognizes the potential of cryptocurrencies to transform the airline industry, making payments faster, safer and cheaper on a global scale. Our goal at BitPay is to make cryptocurrency acceptance a seamless process and to increase adoption, because we believe cryptocurrencies are the future of payments.

“Offering cryptocurrency as a form of payment to the buying public is a must in this digital era of payments. UATP and BitPay have partnered to bring this option to the airline industry and meet growing demand from Vueling customers to pay in cryptocurrency,” said Rachel Morowitz, SVP Partner Processing, UATP. “It’s an exciting time for payments, and we look forward to seeing this partnership, and Vueling’s use of cryptocurrencies. accelerating rapidly.”

About BitPay
Founded in 2011, BitPay pioneered blockchain payment processing with a mission to transform the way businesses and individuals send, receive and store money. Its commerce solutions eliminate transaction fraud, reduce the cost of payment processing, and enable borderless cryptocurrency payments, among other services. BitPay offers consumers a complete digital asset management solution that includes the BitPay Wallet and the BitPay Prepaid Card, enabling them to turn digital assets into dollars to spend at tens of thousands of businesses. The company has offices in North America, Europe and South America and has raised over $70 million in funding from leading investment firms including Founders Fund, Index Ventures, Virgin Group and Aquiline Technology Growth. For more information, visit bitpay.com.

About UTAP
UATP is a global payment solution owned and operated by airlines worldwide and accepted by thousands of merchants for air, rail and travel agency payments. UATP connects airlines to alternative payment methods that can extend their reach and drive incremental sales globally. UATP offers easy-to-use data tools, DataStream℠ and DataMine℠, which provide comprehensive account details to issuers and corporate subscribers for accurate travel management. Accepted as payment for business travel worldwide by airlines, travel agencies and Amtrak®; UATP accounts are issued by: Aeromexico; Air Canada (TSE: AC); Air China; Air New Zealand (ANZFF.PK); Air Niugini; Air Serbia; American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL); APG Airlines; Austrian airlines; BCD trip; China Eastern Airlines (NYSE:CEA); Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL); EL AL Israel Airlines; Etihad Airways; Far report; Border Airlines; GOL Linhas aereas inteligentes SA (NYSE: GOL and Bovespa: GOLL4); Hahn Air; Height travel; Japan Airlines (9201: JP); JetBlue Airways; Qantas Airways (QUBSF.PK); Shandong Airlines; Sichuan airlines; South West Airlines; Sun Country Airlines; TUIfly GmbH; Turkish Airlines (ISE: THYAO); United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) and WestJet. AirPlus International issues the UATP corporate account for Lufthansa German Airlines.

About Vueling
Vueling, part of the IAG group, is a key player in European connectivity, making it a key company for economic and tourism development. For summer 2022, the company has a network of more than 330 short and medium-haul routes in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, operated with a fleet of Airbus A319, A320, A320neo and A321 models. .
In the current context, Vueling continues to advise all customers to use its digital tool on the website and mobile app, which provides up-to-date information on the documents required to travel to each destination.

Simply Maldives Holidays helps families plan a memorable trip to the Maldives.


The world is slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic and things are slowly getting back to normal. Countries are reopening their borders for tourists to visit and travel. The Maldives is one of the sovereign archipelagic nations located in the warm Indian Ocean. It is one of the most popular travel spots as it offers some of the best diving sites in the world and lush tropical island wildlife. Simply Maldives Holidays is one of the UK’s leading travel sites helping families plan the perfect Maldives holiday.

Simply Maldives Holidays offers specialist destination and resort information for clients wishing to travel to the Maldives. The team visited more than 85 resorts all over the Maldives, which enabled them to share the best resort suggestions for customers with different customers based on their travel purpose. Simply Maldives Holidays have been in the UK travel industry for over 25 years. The company also offers one of the lowest prices in the Maldives.

The Simply Maldives Holidays team are highly experienced in guiding, planning and booking the perfect Holidays in the Maldives for each customer. Each Travel Consultant has been trained to provide the highest level of customer support possible. Other than that, the ATOL program financially protects every flight and flight booking through Simply Maldives Holidays. This scheme aims to protect customers and ensure financial reimbursement.

There are a multitude of adventures to explore in the Maldives for families. Some resorts offer activities such as cooking classes, marine biology shows, water sports, arts and crafts sessions for the whole family to enjoy together. Other than that, the artsy side of the Maldives is filled with traditions and cuisines. Most resorts offer cultural excursions to give guests a better insight into the rich and diverse culture that makes the Maldives such a unique country.

“Simply Maldives Holidays team were accommodating in ensuring the Family holidays in the Maldives trip that was planned was as perfect as possible,” a comment left by a satisfied customer. “The team was very detailed in explaining the island of the Maldives and the resorts on offer. The team will suggest islands and locations that meet the exact requirements of the client and at competitive prices.

About Simply Maldives Holidays

Simply Maldives Holidays is the UK’s leading travel site for Maldives holidays. Helping friends, families and honeymoon/special occasion clients research and choose the perfect Maldivian destination. An end-to-end award-winning travel website protected by ATOL and established since 2012.

Contact information:
Name: Simply Maldives Holidays
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Simply Maldives Holidays
Address: 99a Cobbold Road London NW10 9SL
Telephone: 020 7481 0804
Website: https://www.simplymaldivesholidays.co.uk/

Build ID: 89077496

If you detect any problems, problems or errors in the content of this press release, please contact [email protected] to let us know. We will respond and rectify the situation within the next 8 hours.

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This summer, visit tourist destinations near you –

Summer is here. And people are starting to travel again. However, in recent weeks, tens of thousands of travelers have found themselves stranded at airports due to flight delays and cancellations. And for almost everyone, rising gas prices and travel costs in general have become a major obstacle to taking that dream vacation.

Luckily, upstate New York families can get away to budget vacation destinations that aren’t so far away that they devastate an already dwindling bank account. There are many amazing and some world class places to visit locally. Whether you crave an adventurous getaway, a relaxing lakeside beach, unparalleled fishing, great entertainment, or a few days of luxurious living, you can make just about any vacation summer you want here. And you can enhance your travel experience by researching local destinations in advance.

Sometimes we forget that we live in an area with literally millions of acres of publicly accessible land. We have amazing parks, recreation areas and stretches of state land nearby, many with inexpensive campsites, and a few that still offer free backcountry camping.

Adirondack Park alone covers over 9,000 square miles and contains approximately 3,000 lakes, 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, and 2,000 miles of hiking trails. Hikers can climb one of 46 mountain peaks above 4,000 feet or enjoy several short trails leading to magnificent views and hidden natural wonders. And throughout the region, there are also hundreds of towns and villages to explore.

There’s no need to travel great distances, when we live in an area known around the world for its majestic mountains, scenic rural landscapes and world-class outdoor recreation. In fact, the Adirondack North Country is not just a place where people go, it’s a place where people experience relaxation, as well as exhilarating activities, delicious restaurants, a exciting nightlife, intriguing points of interest and a wealth of opportunities to discover the off-the-beaten-path places where the locals go.

Vacationers can hike, drive or boat through scenic landscapes in and around Adirondack Park or along the St. Lawrence River and/or Lake Ontario, as well as Lake Champlain and/or Lake George . And what about canoeing or kayaking on one or more of the countless other lakes, ponds, rivers and streams that are here to enjoy.

Cornell University students hiking in the Adirondacks. (Picture Cornell University)

There are countless tourist sites and museums in the area for tourists and history buffs to explore (eg Ausable Chasm, Fort Ticonderoga, The Wild Center and Wild Walk, Lake Placid Olympic Museum, John Brown Farm, Uihlein Sugar Maple Research and Extension Field Station, Almanzo Wilder Homestead, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake (Adirondack Experience), The Saranac Laboratory Museum (Trudeau Laboratory), North Creek Depot Museum, The Alice T. Miner Museum, Hyde Collection Art Museum and Historic House, Akwesasne Cultural Center Museum, Adirondack Sky Center and Observatory).

For less thinking and more fun, there are casinos offering games, meals and live music. There are summer music series and festivals featuring everything from bluegrass to jazz, chamber music to zydeco (e.g. Songs on Mirror Lake, Norwood Village Green Concert Series, Alexandria Bay Summer Concert Series, Potsdam Community Performance Series, Lake George Music Festival, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, County Fairs, The Great New York State Fair).

There are also water parks and amusement parks nearby (eg Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark, Thunder Island Amusement Park, Lake George Expedition Park, Santa’s Workshop).

The variety of food and beverage businesses in the region is vast and diverse. You can discover great craft beverages from North Country microbrewers, winemakers, and distillers, chat with artisan owners about their operations, see up close how great beer, wine, and spirits are made, and buy directly from producers. .

Or, you can enjoy their mindfully crafted products with a meal at a local restaurant. Almost every town has at least a few local restaurants and/or restaurant bars. Look for those that use local ingredients. Also select these places for takeout. And while you’re there, check out the locally made baked goods. And buy your produce and meat from local farmers. Buying food locally is one of the best ways to support local economies.

Visit and shop at local businesses. Check out local galleries. And, before you leave, take home a souvenir made by a local artist or artisan.

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) recognizes the value of building and maintaining strong, vibrant communities across the state. And CCE educators always strive to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the counties they serve. They know that where and how we choose to spend our hard-earned dollars can actually dictate whether we strengthen local economies, resulting in more prosperous communities; or reduce opportunities for small business growth and development, which inevitably devastates local economies over time.

As a retired CCE educator, I would like to encourage everyone to vacation locally this summer. And to support local small businesses and, in doing so, play a part in building and maintaining strong, vital and vibrant local communities that work well for everyone.

Top photo: Climbing in the Adirondacks. (Picture Cornell University)

A guide to the past on traveling to get an abortion

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The Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – canceling the constitutional right to abortion extended by Roe vs. Wade and return jurisdiction to the Stateswill increase the need for women to travel far from home to have an abortion. This, of course, was already happening. The abortion provider in Jackson at the center of the Dobbs case was the only remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, requiring many people to travel across the state to obtain services. However, the situation promises to get worse with the federal protection of roe deer now gone.

Proponents of legal abortion have been preparing for this outcome for months. In southern Illinois, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are bracing for an increase in the number of Missouri women seeking care across the state line. Lawmakers in New York, Oregon and California have preemptively appropriated millions of dollars for abortion providers in their states, with New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) tweet in april that her state “will always be a haven for people who need abortion care.” Facebook groups have also filled with messages from individuals eager to accommodate those who need to “visit” their state, no questions asked.

Women traveling for abortions are nothing new. Before 1973 roe deer there were state-to-state travel in power, as well as highly organized transnational networks to guide women across borders.

Mexico, for example, was a major destination for American women needing abortion services from the 1940s through the 1960s, when clinics near the U.S. border in Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez operated with little resistance from Mexican police. local. American women of modest means have used referral services to connect them with reliable abortion providers across the southern border, often traveling thousands of miles to access care.

Those who were better off could fly to Europe. In 1970, an abortion referral service, the London Agency Inc. of Springfield, Mass., offered American women transportation, passports, health certificates, hotel rooms, and entry to a private hospital in London that could provide an abortion for $1,250.

In the late 1960s, another option for American women to obtain safe abortions abroad emerged – an especially convenient option for women living in the Northeast. In 1968, Canadian abortion practitioner and activist Henry Morgentaler began openly offering abortions in Montreal, although illegal under Canadian law. Her clinic received referrals from across Canada and eventually from the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion in the United States, a group of Protestant ministers and Jewish rabbis committed to referring women to doctors for safe abortions. But the clinic has faced ongoing legal challenges. Montreal police raided Morgentaler’s clinic in June 1970 when the boyfriend of a woman traveling from the United States to have an abortion tipped off the FBI in hopes of securing a lighter sentence for possession of marijuana. The FBI in turn contacts the Montreal authorities.

In 1969, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau (father of the current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau) reformed the criminal code to legalize abortion in certain limited circumstances. An abortion would be permitted if a woman could prove that carrying the pregnancy to term would be harmful for physical or psychological reasons – a process that required a referral from a physician and an evaluation by a panel of physicians responsible for determining whether the physical condition or the mother’s psychological mental health would indeed be threatened by the pregnancy. Although American women can still travel north for abortions, these extra bureaucratic steps could be daunting and require additional resources and valuable time. Morgentaler continued to offer abortions without the approval of local boards and was repeatedly sued until 1988.

After abortion was decriminalized in New York in 1970, the flow of women across the border reversed direction. The state’s new abortion law allowed women to get an abortion for any reason up to the 24th week of pregnancy, and there were no restrictions based on age or gender. marital status. Significantly for Canadian women and those from across the United States, there was no residency requirement; if you could get to New York, you could get a legal abortion there. About 70 percent of women who had abortions in the state in the first year after the law went into effect did not reside in New York State. In 1970 alone, the state offered abortions to 1,649 Canadian women. This number rose to 6,000 the following year. New York has become the number one destination for legal abortion for women in America and neighboring Canada over the past few years. roe deer was decided in 1973.

In a time before the Internet, women arranged abortions based on information provided by friends and acquaintances, university and college student support groups, and the mainstream press, which in Canada published numerous articles. on women crossing the border to terminate a pregnancy. Canada’s most popular English-language women’s magazine, Chatelaine, ran an advice column in 1972 that read, “New York State is much more humane toward women.” [than Canadian physicians and authorities] and they will accept Canadians without question.

Non-profit and for-profit organizations have sprung up to connect Canadian women to clinics in New York. The Betty Farhood Center was a major abortion referral agency in Montreal, and once New York legalized abortion, it opened branches in Ottawa, Quebec, and Chicoutimi. The agency offered information in English and French and organized trips and referrals to US clinics. Hospitals in western New York have been inundated with inquiries from Canadian women. A Rochester obstetrician said he and his associates receive an average of seven calls a day from doctors in Canada (as well as other US states).

Abortion clinics have sprung up in communities near the border to take advantage of the proximity to the Canadian market. A center in Montreal regularly referred women to a facility in Schuyler Falls, NY (near Plattsburgh, about an hour’s drive south of Montreal), where a converted farmhouse advertised itself as the Plattsburgh clinic. The community of Plattsburgh had a population of approximately 18,500 people in 1970, compared to Montreal’s population of over 2.5 million. The Plattsburgh Clinic eventually opened its own referral agency in Montreal.

The possibility of Canadian women traveling for abortions was so well known that in 1970, the University of Toronto student newspaper created a fake Monopoly game about student life. The game featured a Community Chest card that informed players, “You end up pregnant. If upper class, fly to England for an abortion. Pay $500. If you’re middle class, go to Buffalo and pay $300. If lower class, have the baby. Pay $500 in medical bills, sell your property, and give up.

With the Dobbs decision, the tides of abortion access have turned again. US states are now free to restrict access to abortion, while Canada will remain more open. This will affect Americans living in restrictive states as well as Canadians. Karina Gould, Canada’s Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, acknowledged that Dobbs will negatively affect people in his country who do not live near a major city in Canada and who depend on access to abortion in the United States.

But people will always seek abortions, legal or not. History has taught us that making abortion illegal does not eliminate abortions. Limiting access simply pushes people to seek abortions elsewhere, sometimes far from home and across international borders – the lucky ones, at least, who can afford to travel.

Flight Center signs historic agreement with Rex as pilots prepare for industrial action – Travel Weekly


Rex has unveiled a series of new deals with major travel agency groups, including a landmark 10-year deal with Flight Centre.

The airline has signed several agreements with major travel agency groups, including Flight Centre, Helloworld, Webjet, Consolidated Travel and Corporate Travel Management.

In particular, Rex’s historic agreement with Flight Center ensures that the regional carrier will be Flight Center’s partner of choice over the next decade.

The agreements are expected to result in Rex’s annual domestic aircraft revenue doubling in FY23 from its current annualized domestic aircraft revenue with no increase in fleet size.

The revenues of its regional network should also be improved.

“As we continue to grow our network, our travel agency community is critical to this success and we look forward to working closely with them,” said Ann Elliott, Rex’s Chief Sales Officer.

“These new partnerships are a testament to our growing reputation as a safe, reliable and affordable full-service airline with growing support for its passengers.”

The news comes as Rex pilots voted in favor of a protected industrial action from Tuesday.

Over 90% of Rex Saab pilot members of the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) have voted to approve a series of eight legally protected industrial actions which include a number of work bans and, potentially, work stoppages up to four hours each.

The PIA ballot opened on June 15 and closed on June 22, 2022, during which time a total of 230 of the 247 AFAP members (or 93%) who were eligible to participate submitted a vote. on line.

The results show support for the eight forms of industrial action put to a vote, including a ban on refueling and off-duty route/port briefings, allowing pilots to wear non-uniform clothing, bans to work less than 10 hours since their last shift when not at home base and 12 hours when at home base and prohibited from operating aircraft with deferred defects.

Members also voted in favor of 4 hour work stoppages.

AFAP informed Rex that the members would begin acting on the tanking and uniform issues starting tomorrow.

A Rex spokesperson said Weekly trip the airline has mitigation measures in place to ensure its regional services are operating normally and has confirmed that its domestic 737 services will not be affected in any way.

“The union and the company are aligned in our desire not to impact the traveling public, particularly during school holidays when airports are expecting massive delays,” the spokesperson said.

“Rex passengers can expect minor changes in service delivery, for example the uniform worn may not be the standard one.”

Earlier this month, Rex Vice Chairman John Sharp said it was “incredible” that his cohort of pilots had turned down his last salary offerwhich the airline said was “substantially better” than the offer accepted by the union on behalf of QantasLink pilots in 2021.

AFAP said Australian Air Force the agreement would have meant “a reduction in real wages of more than 5%” over four years.

The airline also has expressed concerns on the president of AFAP, Louise Pole, pilot at QantasLink, working for the main competitor of Rex.

Rex pilots have been trying to negotiate a new company agreement since early 2018 (prior to the June 30, 2018 expiration of the 2014 regional express pilots company agreement).

Image source: iStock/Ryan Fletcher

Summer of Air Travel Hell: Delayed Flights, Labor Shortages


Hello, I’m Matt Turner, Business Editor at Insider. Welcome to Insider Weekly, a roundup of some of our best stories.

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But first : On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that legalized abortion in the United States. We highlight some valuable reading from across our newsroom.

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Our continuing coverage of Roe v. wade

Demonstrations against abortion

Activists march along Constitution Avenue to the U.S. Supreme Court on May 14, 2022.

Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Friday’s SCOTUS ruling reverses nearly 50 years of legalized abortion nationwide — and soon, the United States will see a domino effect of legal, social and economic changes. Follow Insider’s live updates on the decision here. And to help you navigate it all, here’s a look at some of the important articles we’ve published.

Now onto this week’s top stories.

Air travel will be hell this summer

Summer will be a travel nightmare, showing flight delays, cancellations and travelers waiting at the airport

Darron Cummings/AP; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images; Ole Berg Rusten/Getty Image; NurPhoto/GettyImages; Alyssa Powell / Insider

This year has been particularly bad for air transport. In fact, 2022 had the highest percentage of delayed flights and the highest percentage of canceled flights in the last eight years. (And think of all the headlines from last weekend’s air travel chaos…)

Dozens of different factors add up to a hectic summer for travel, but they all mean one thing: if you’re flying this summer, prepare for a travel nightmare.

Here’s what you need to know.

“Generalized misery” among lawyers

A sad face in a suit with scales of justice instead of eyes

iStock; Rebecca Zisser/Insider

Being a lawyer can seem glamorous on TV — an industry of high achievers in high-paying jobs with clear paths to promotions. But in recent years, lawyers have started to speak out more about something: they are miserable.

Many lawyers are deeply dissatisfied with their daily work. Some who wanted to change the world feel like they only serve as butlers to capitalism. In fact, lawyers are so miserable that a bunch of coaching services have sprung up to help them escape their careers.

Here’s why so many lawyers hate their jobs.

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Here are the best CMOs of 2022

Most Innovative CMOs of 2022, left to right: Carla Hassan - CMO of JPMorgan Chase, Kofi Amoo-Gottfried - Chief Marketing Officer at DoorDash, Natalie Guzman - Co-President and Chief Marketing Officer of Savage X Fenty, and Carl Loredo - Chief Marketing Officer at Wendy's

JP Morgan; DoorDash; Wild X Fenty; Wendys; Initiated

For Insider’s seventh annual “Most Innovative CMOs” list, we consulted with industry experts and took nominations from the marketing community to identify 31 executives who are driving their business forward.

Executives from brands like Adidas, DoorDash and Savage X Fenty were on the list, but they all have one thing in common: they’ve risen to the challenges posed by the pandemic, economic jitters and privacy shifts.

Meet the 31 most innovative CMOs.

Inside Amazon’s Executive Reshuffle

An employee of AnAn handles parcels at Amazon's warehouse in Brétigny-sur-Orge in France.

THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images

On Tuesday, Amazon announced the appointment of Doug Herrington as the company’s new retail CEO, replacing the recently deceased Dave Clark.

Shortly after the company’s announcement, Alicia Boler-Davis, senior vice president of global customer processing, and David Bozeman, Amazon’s vice president of transportation services, announced their resignations, marking the departure of two of Amazon’s top black executives.

What we know about Amazon leadership changes.

Plus, read Herrington’s first memo to employees:

This week’s shipment:

Doodles at NFT.NYC

Doodles at NFT.NYC

Phil Rosen / Insider

Hi! Phil Rosen here – I write our 10 things before the opening Bell markets the newsletter. I just wrapped up NFT.NYC, a conference where over 16,000 digital asset enthusiasts converged for a week of festivities.

Those with the most splashy NFTs in the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection – which are worth more than six figures even in a

bear market

— showed up in droves this week. I met someone who bought an Ape a year ago for $1,700, and he’s already made almost 100 times his investment. Another pair of Ape owners told me their digital assets had become part of their very identity.

Even though the crypto markets are all red and NFT sales have plummeted, few people have talked about it.

I went to a party on a megayacht, I coasted Metaverse CEOand took the pulse of a movement that sees itself as the future – and made sure to write all about it.

Here are two of my favorite stories:

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The Eastern Townships of Quebec are counting on residents to revive tourism

After a rather slow start to the season, players in the Eastern Townships tourism industry are hoping for a busier summer.

Simon Proulx is the owner of Minton’s restaurant and co-owner of a food truck in Hatley, Quebec, a township in the Memphremagog Regional County Municipality. He said this spring has been a disaster for both of his businesses, and despite the easing of pandemic restrictions, things are not looking up for him yet.

“Unfortunately the season is starting very slowly. I think there are a number of factors involved, including the price of petrol, which is very high and slowing people down,” he said.

Despite this, tourism operators are confident they will see an upsurge in visitors in the coming months. The Eastern Townships are known for attracting people from outside who come to enjoy the region’s panoramic views, numerous parks and trails, heritage sites, local businesses and the abundance of outdoor recreation. air.

“We do not have precise data on the reservation rate of American customers. What we know from the past is that they arrive a little later in the summer, unlike the Ontario clientele we’ve already heard about here,” said Annie Langevin, General Manager of Tourisme Cantons- from the east.

A spokesperson for Destination Sherbrooke, the city’s municipal tourism department, shares those sentiments.

“We believe that the tourist season will be interesting, very beautiful. It’s a slow start, but that’s nothing new for Sherbrooke. Often, we see that it starts around July 5, 6, or even July 10, ”said Amélie Boissonneau.

Rely on locals

If Destination Sherbrooke affirms that sports tourism and the many festivals offered in the region should attract visitors, its objective is also to keep Sherbrooke residents in the city.

“They want to go out, so we are in seduction mode with them. Moreover, we recently launched an attraction passport campaign, a kind of package with lots of activities, to tell people to stay in Sherbrooke, because there is a lot to do. “, said Boissonneau.

Foreign visitors now represent only 5% of tourism in the region, which is why tourist operators say it is important to think about domestic tourism.

“I think during the pandemic, people in the Eastern Townships have rediscovered their region, found activities, favorite things to do that they will continue to do,” Langevin said.

“You have to remember that in the Townships, 95% of our four-season tourist clientele comes from Quebec.

Which travel cards have the most valuable benefits


Gasoline prices finally fell last week after a month of climbing, helped by inflation. With the onset of summer and the end of school, those already desperate to travel are stocking up, fearing the numbers will soon rebound.

Meanwhile, gas isn’t the only increased travel expense. The new CDC rules no longer require air passengers traveling from a foreign country to the United States to present a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of COVID-19 recovery before boarding their flight. So now airfare, hotels and Airbnbs, food, parking and incidentals. It’s not enough to find the best deals on flights – everything gets more expensive.

You need the best deals. Here are the cards with the best deals and benefits.

Experts say luxury travel cards are the way to go

Travel blogger Sea Lau of LivingOutLau, says that as a frequent traveler, these travel maps are like best friends.

“After going through several of them, I finally settled on the new Visa Capital One Venture X card,” Lau said. “It’s one of the cheapest luxury travel credit cards, costing $395 per year.”

Lau says the benefits far outweigh the cost. With this particular card, you earn 75,000 miles for every $4,000 spent in the first three months after opening the account.

Starting on your first birthday, account holders get 10,000 bonus miles (equivalent to $100 for travel) each year. Plus, you can receive up to $100 credit on Global Entry or TSA PreCheck®.

With the card, you can receive up to $300 in statement credits for bookings through Capital One Travel, where you’ll get the best prices on thousands of options.

“Only on these two benefits, you can recover the cost of the card,” Lau said.

The Capital One Venture X card also provides complimentary access to Capital One lounges and lounges in the Priority Pass network.

“The best feature is that you can have up to 4 authorized users, which means you can have four other people who can enjoy lounge benefits and other card benefits,” Lau said.

The Venture X card is also a Visa Infinite card, which comes with many different types of insurance such as travel, theft, etc. The list of benefits of the Venture X card is long, but the main ones already cover the cost in monetary value. The annual card fee is $395.

“Not only does the card give me many benefits when I travel, but knowing that I can be protected while traveling is priceless,” Lau said.

Earn a welcome bonus with these cards

Bank Of America Travel Rewards: Earn 25,000 online bonus points, $250 credit value for travel or dining, after making at least $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days of opening Account.
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card: Earn 60,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 on purchases within the first three months of account opening. It’s $750 when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.
US Bank Altitude Connect Visa Signature Card: Introductory Offer: Earn 50,000 bonus points when you spend $2,000 on qualifying purchases within the first 120 days of account opening. It’s a $500 value redeemable for travel, gift cards, cash back, merchandise and more.
Discover it Miles: Discover will match any Miles you have earned at the end of your first year.
Hilton Honor American Express Card: Earn 100,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points after spending $1,000 on card purchases within the first three months of card membership. Plus, you can earn up to $100 in statement credits on eligible purchases made with the card at any of the Hilton family hotels during the first 12 months of membership.
Travel guides have their favorites

Jordan Morgan, founder of On Arrival – Personalized Travel Guides, has been traveling overseas with his wife KT Maviglia-Morgan for eight years. Their company is a travel agency and start-up specializing in personalized travel recommendations.

“My travel card is my American Express Platinum card for several reasons,” Morgan said.

The first thing Morgan points out is that Member Reward Points are worth 2.0 Centers per point, which is twice the value of many Travel Points.

Morgan says they are flexible and can be used to book travel or transfer to a partner.

“If you book travel directly with American Express using their travel portal, you earn 5 points per dollar,” Morgan said.

Other card benefits include a $200 Uber credit. An annual airline credit of $200 is granted for the airline of your choice. There’s a $200 annual resort credit for their Fine Hotels and Resorts program, as well as on-site perks like complimentary upgrades and $100 resort credits.

“If you’re smart, the card eventually pays for itself,” Morgan said.

Morgan adds that the point often overlooked by cardholders is that AMEX Platinum cards come with travel protections such as travel and rental car insurance when you use your card to book.

“I travel internationally often, and many places outside the United States don’t accept American Express, so my daily use card abroad is my Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless,” Morgan said.

With this card, you can earn points quickly at Marriott properties (up to 17 points per dollar). You can also earn 3x points for gas, groceries, and meals. Plus, you get 2 points for every other dollar spent.

“As someone who loves a good Marriott property, those points add up really quickly,” Morgan said. “We recently used them for one night at the St. Regis Venice, and it was, in a word, amazing.”

The essential

Travel and everything else has become outrageously expensive. For the average family feeling the stress of inflation, it can be hard to justify spending what they don’t need.

If you feel like getting away from it all this summer, consider getting one or two travel rewards credit cards, depending on how many trips you plan to take. Just beware of the welcome bonus threshold, so you don’t lose any advantage. With these considerations, you might be about to take that trip this season that you’ve been waiting two years to take.

Check your credit score before applying for a new credit card, so you know where you stand and be sure to check your budget as well as your luggage before any trip.

ANNABEL BONNEY: I’m passionate about encouraging people to excel


Annabel Bonney, a “serial” entrepreneur and travel specialist, life coach with experience in lifestyle, fashion, TV presentation/production, customer service and founder of Travel Africa and Travevo Travel and Migration Agency, spoke to ANDREW IRO OKUNGBOWA about his time in the world of travel


Annabel Bonney has a mixed heritage as she has a Nigerian mother from Cross River State and a Ghanaian father from Cape Coast. She had her primary and secondary education in Cross River State while her university education was in Ghana where she studied Human Resource Management at the University of Cape Coast, supplementing it with a number of courses in certificate from a few institutions such as Event Academy certifications. and Chartered Institute of Marketing UK and Lagos Aviation Academy. In addition to describing herself as a “serial” entrepreneur, she says; ”I am a travel consultant, real estate agent, humanitarian, author and speaker. I’m also an adrenaline junkie, it’s just safe to add that.” Bonney says she is too; ” Committed to promoting the well-being of others through charitable or philanthropic work and by donating time and resources to good causes. ”In 2017, she founded Travevo Travel and Migration Agency to help families and groups, including corporate entities, explore the world, or also migrate through study and work permits. Given her mixed heritage, over the years she has become a true lover of Africa and a promoter of her beloved continent, as she believes in the growth and development of Africa and is passionate for the world sees the authenticity and richness of resources, culture and people. from Africa. To that end, she founded Travel Africa, a travel agency specializing in Afro tourism and connecting black Americans in the diaspora to their roots. She welcomed in a short time more than 80 black Americans in Lagos and more than 160 in West Africa. She paints a colorful picture of her continent and how best to explore its tourist wealth, saying; “Africa is beautiful, untapped and the next big thing, we need collective synergy between people and government to address

The love of adventure fueled by my sailor father

Growing up in two different worlds but on the same continent, for her, was very interesting but more than that, having a sailor father, with whom she formed close affinities, ignited the adventurous muse in her. ”Growing up was very interesting, I grew up in a small family but a big extended family. I had a very simple and happy childhood. My mum was a businesswoman and my dad a sailor, that’s probably where I got my adventurous line from,” she says.

A balance of two worlds

Her trajectory in life has been impacted beautifully by the merging of her two worlds, as she says, “Oh, I think I have a balance between the two worlds. A German friend once described me as having the integrity of a Ghanaian and the work ethic of a Nigerian. I loved it because it was pretty accurate. ”Nigerians have a tenacious work ethic but can be very cunning in various ways always trying to outdo themselves while Ghanaians are more laid back but very truthful people. So I get the chance to embody both characters and more like being caring, respectful and hospitable,’ she says of her personal traits. These latter traits, in addition to her love for adventure, inspired her choice of travel company as she tells you her inspiration was; ”my love for travel, adventure, food diversity, people and cultural diversity.”

Breaking into the travel business has been the hardest thing for me

However, establishing a foothold in the travel business, she said, was not like a walk in the park. ”Not easy at all, the first year of Travevo Consulting was the most difficult, typical of any new start-up. But I persevered, we started to gain good traction and referrals in our third year in business.

It is an extremely profitable business

Having gained popularity and recognition as one of the travel specialists for your one stop travel solution, she claims that tourism is highly profitable, saying; “extremely profitable, however, the travel business is a numbers game for you to break even and be sustainable. ”

I am passionate about encouraging people to be the best

She explains why she offers migration services, saying; ”I really encourage our young minds to migrate to study abroad if they can afford it because unfortunately they are better appreciated abroad, our cost of living may be low but our minimum wage is terrible. ”These children can work in a white collar job and earn peanuts compared to their counterparts abroad, emigrating abroad gives you the opportunity to build wealth quickly. You feel better compensated for your knowledge and your time. For me, I’m passionate about encouraging people to be their best selves. Thus, we are able to advise you and process the admission according to your tastes and your budget. Her response is quite revealing as she outlined a number of them, starting with funding and visa processing, which are close to her heart; ”I feel like there is a vendetta against the Nigerian passport holder going on among embassies and consulates, and anyone looking for information can check it out. Visa assurance for the holder of a Nigerian passport has dropped significantly, a Nigerian will need to prove and reprimand to easily obtain the same visa that another national is applying for. ”Most embassies treat Nigerian applicants with such disdain and nonchalance. Nobody does anything about it, nobody cares, you can’t treat an American or German citizen like that in their country.

“Even our government doesn’t value our lives and property, so why should any other government care?”

Many Nigerians are starting to engage in travel business especially domestically organized tours. Bonney says this is quite commendable, explaining the reasons for this development. ”It’s two things, either the love of adventure or the money. For the most part, when they see a package costing between 200,000 and 1.5 million naira or more, they feel that most of the money goes to the agent.

They think you have to make a lot of money, so they come and see it’s not that fast. It takes time to build trust, get volume and all that, and then they get tired and give up on the job. His advice to these young, aspiring millennial tour operators is: “Tour for love and fun; Be a good ambassador for change because sometimes you visit most places that have great tourism potential but they don’t know what to do with it so you have the knowledge to come up with solutions on how they can try to add value to their strengths. ”I did this for Obudu Mountain Resort, I am currently doing the same for the Makoko community.

This is the same community that the previous Lagos State government wanted to destroy. “How do you want to evacuate and destroy a tourist paradise like Makoko? The houses on the silts are tourist attractions on their own. Ghana has it, Benin has it, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and even Veneto in Italy have it. People pay millions to go and experience these places. I have plans for Makoko by the grace of God because I want to make it a tourist paradise. The dice are cast, it’s my dream and everyone is welcome to join the movement.”

I’m addicted to fun and adventure

It would have been different if Bonney wasn’t an adventure lover given that she shines when she explores and has found ways to draw others into her world of cutting-edge adventures, because she tells you that going on an adventure relaxes her. ”I’m a fun and adventure junkie. I like good vibes, I like to always be happy. I like to be in a positive state of mind. You would find me at the nearest beach and look at me. The water calms me and makes me think or I travel or I dance salsa or I find a chic lounge to dine and drink wine. I like to try new dishes or restaurants.”

The ambience of Obudu Mountain Resort would always leave you amazed

For her, Obudu Mountain Resort remains her top rated destination in Nigeria not because it is Cross Riverian but for the sheer awe and natural flatness of the enclave. “I’m not even biased because I’m Cross Riverian but because it’s the truth. The atmosphere in Obudu always leaves you in awe,” she said. While she tells you that Dubai is her number one outgoing destination; “Due to endless adventures, you cannot exhaust Dubai adventures even on your 30th visit, every time you return there is always something new to do or see.” For the future, she chooses the plateau of Mambilla as an essential destination for her. ”It must be Mambila Plateau in Taraba State. A few of my colleagues have been there and the pictures just don’t do it justice. Some destinations just have a way of leaving you lost, found, or pondering. You learn to appreciate the greatness of God. It’s incredible.”

I derive satisfaction from putting smiles on people’s faces

Its fulfillment does not come from corporate gold and pomp, but rather from putting smiles on people’s faces and helping them achieve their ambition, a better life and the adventure of a lifetime. ”When someone calls to say thank you, I have horses or I have arrived in a particular country, it gives me all the joy in the world because I believe I have helped change the trajectory of life from someone.

I had a student I helped get admitted to Poland, in five months he changed jobs; from factory worker to multinational then banker. “He is currently working as a junior manager in a bank earning N930,000 per month. He still can’t believe how much his life has changed. I mean come from N200,000 salary to N930,000 monthly salary. “It’s breathtaking,” she enthuses.


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What the characters look like in real life


The cast of Baz Luhrmann Elvis biopic is a diverse cast of talent, new and old, playing real-life icons from the King’s era. Luhrmann is the director of stylistic successes such as Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, Australiaand Gatsby the magnificent, known for his vibrant, kinetic visuals and strong interest in music. Elvis is the director’s first biopic about a famous musician, who had a tough job to do for the film’s casting.

Elvis Presley is the iconic legend who helped define a new era in music, becoming known as “The King of Rock and Roll”. The singer would help popularize the rockabilly sound, which combined country with the R&B and blues of black culture to create music that changed the landscape of the industry. A controversial figure at first, Elvis was also known for his provocative performances, which landed him in trouble with the courts at the time for being considered too lewd for the public. Over time, his music and personality gained acceptance and he continued his rise to fame as a singer, actor and icon around the world.


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Elvis Presley surrounded himself with a number of friends, family members and colleagues throughout his life, who are portrayed in Luhrmann’s film by a talented cast of actors. Representing real-world individuals in the King’s life, the cast ranges from heavy hitters like Tom Hanks to familiar faces like Dacre Montgomery to newcomers like Olivia DeJonge. Check out the cast comparisons in Elvis and their real counterparts.

Austin Butler as Elvis Presley

austin butler as elvis presley

In Elvis, Butler stars as Elvis Presley, the legendary singer from Tennessee who started out as a promising and talented artist who exploded onto the music scene to become one of the most high-profile figures of all time and a true cultural icon . Butler’s most recognizable role to date is that of Wil Ohmsford in The Shannara Chroniclesas well as his role in Quentin Tarantino Once upon a time… in Hollywood, where he played Manson’s murderer Tex Watson. The actor also appeared in Carrie’s notebooks and Arrow. It is said that he will appear next in Denis Villeneuve Dune: part 2 like Feyd Rautha.

Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker

tom hanks as colonel tom parker elvis

Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s controversial manager, who clings to the singer from an early age and stays with him throughout his career, creating opportunities while manipulating the singer’s career. Accustomed to playing real-life roles, Hanks is a multi-Academy Award-winning actor known for his roles in films like Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, and countless others, becoming a Hollywood icon in her own right. Elvis is one of the few films in which Hanks transforms with the use of prosthetics, while playing a villainier character than his traditional protagonists.

Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley

Elvis Olivia Dejonge as Priscilla Presley

Olivia DeJonge plays Elvis’ first and only wife, Priscilla Presley, in Elvis, who first met the singer while he was in the army, stationed in Germany. The couple finally married in 1967 just as Elvis was beginning his career in Hollywood. They had one daughter, Lisa Marie, before divorcing in 1973, though Priscilla later became executor of Elvis’ estate by forming Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPEs) to keep his legacy alive and act as her own. even in The naked gun movies. DeJonge is a relatively new talent, but has built a reputation on projects like TNT Will beby Netflix The societyand the HBO Max miniseries The staircase.

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Richard Roxburgh as Vernon Presley

richard roxburgh as vernon presley in elvis

Roxburgh plays Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley, who would become Elvis’ chief financial officer, helping to take care of business at Graceland and traveling with his son to help manage his career alongside Colonel Tom Parker. Originally from Australia, Roxburgh has been involved in numerous film and television projects, including Mission: Impossible II, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Van Helsing, Hacksaw Ridge, and Catherine the Great.

Helen Thomson as Gladys Presley

Helen Thomson as Gladys Presley in Elvis

Thomson plays Gladys Presley, Elvis Presley’s mother, in Elvis. Gladys came from a poor background and had a very close relationship with her son, which is believed to be partly due to the fact that Elvis was born a twin, but his brother was stillborn. She suffered from alcoholism and struggled with Elvis’ rise to fame, which kept her away from her son until his death at age 46 due to alcohol poisoning. Thomson is best known for her work in her native Australia, including several television shows such as Bad mothers, stupid, stupid men, and Bad cop, bad cop. Elvis is his first feature film since 2004.

Actors and supporting characters of Elvis

elvis dacre montgomery, bb king, luke bracey

Kelvin Harrison Jr. as BB King: Harrison plays legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer BB King in Elvis, the American blues singer-songwriter known as “The King of the Blues” who befriended Elvis in his early days as an up-and-coming musician. Harrison Jr. has been in a number of well-known projects throughout his career so far, including movies like Mudbound, Waves, The Trial of the Chicago 7and Cyrano. It will then appear in Knighta biopic about composer Joseph Bologna, Knight of Saint-Georges.

David Wenham as Hank Snow: Wenham plays Clarence Eugene “Hank” Snow, the famed country music singer who spanned a massive 50-year career and was originally managed by Colonel Tom Parker. Snow initially sought out Presley to play as an opening act at the Grand Ole Opry, but eventually Colonel Tom Parker left Snow to manage Elvis. Wenham had an illustrious film and television career, starring in Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings like Faramir, Zack Snyder 300 as Dilios, and more recently in the Netflix series Pieces of heramong countless other credits.

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Kodi Smit-McPhee as Jimmie Rodgers Snow: Smit-McPhee plays Hank Snow’s son in Elvis, a musician like his father who comes to idolize Elvis as he began his rise to stardom. Rodgers Snow will leave music very early to become a preacher. Smit-McPhee has forged a remarkable career so far, starring in films like The Road, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Alpha, and power of the dog. He also appeared as Nightcrawler in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Luke Bracey as Jerry Schilling: Bracey plays talent manager Jerry Schilling in Elvis, a lifelong friend, manager, and a member of Elvis’ “Memphis Mafia” group of friends, managers, and associates that typically surrounded the singer. Bracey is an Australian actor known for his work in films like GI Joe: Retaliation (as Cobra Commander), the Breaking point remake, hacksaw crest, and the Netflix action movie Interceptor with Elsa Pataky.

Dacre Montgomery as Steve Binder: Montgomery plays Steve Binder in Elvis, a television producer who helped bring the hugely successful 1969 Elvis comeback television special to life, much to the dismay of Colonel Tom Parker. He will also later produce the star wars TV Special, one of the most critical TV specials ever made. Montgomery, another Australian native, is best known as Billy Hargrove in Netflix stranger things as well as the Red Ranger in the Power Rangers film.

Alton Mason as Little Richard: Mason plays singer-songwriter Little Richard in Elvis, dubbed “the architect of rock and roll” for his influence on the genre, including hits like “Tutti Frutti” and “Long Tall Sally,” traveling through the early movement circles with the likes of BB King, Elvis, Buddy Holly, and more. Mason is best known as a male model with Elvis being her very first role in a feature film.

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The Avatar 2 Trailer That Should Have Blown You Away

About the Author

Travel agency executives meet lawmakers on Capitol Hill


Travel agency executives and industry advocates gathered on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC for the American Society of Travel Advisors’ 2022 Annual Legislative Day.

The day is much more than a meeting with legislators. ASTA members traveling to the Hill receive special training on the critical issues facing the economics of business and leisure travel.


trendy now

During the legislative day, members in attendance are present for nearly 200 meetings with members of Congress and staff, the vast majority of them in person.

“When it comes to government, you have a choice: engage in the process or put your head in the sand, leave the field open to the opposition and hope for the best. Beginning long before COVID hit, ASTA and our members have been tirelessly engaged, both in DC and in the states, and we have a string of victories to show for it, including the Biden administration’s recent decision to cancel the inbound testing rule for international travel. said Zane Kerby, President and CEO of ASTA. “By showing Congress who we are, who we employ, and that we care, the government will understand that travel advisors represent the interests of the traveling public. The legislative day is the most important part of this commitment.

Legislative priorities this year included: the Employee Retention Tax Credit Restoration Act (HR 6161/S. 3625) to retroactively restore the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), which was phased out ahead of schedule to pay for unrelated infrastructure spending in November 2021; and the Visit America Act (HR 6965/S. 3375) to establish an Assistant Secretary for Travel and Tourism within the U.S. Department of Commerce and direct the department to develop and implement a disaster recovery strategy for public health COVID-19 to help US travelers. and the tourism industry to recover quickly from the pandemic.

“Policymaking is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Eben Peck, ASTA’s executive vice president of advocacy. “Yesterday, our goal was to raise awareness about our industry and the impact of COVID restrictions on us, and gain support from lawmakers for policies that will help our members’ businesses recover. Legislative Assembly Day is the most impactful thing our members can do to help make that happen.

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Travel advisors take wait-and-see approach after A&K Travel Group purchases Crystal brand : Travel Weekly


Crystal Cruises will be relaunched by Abercrombie & Kent Travel Group next year, but what that means for travel advisors with unpaid commissions and customers holding future cruise credits is unknown.

A&K Travel Group will take over the Crystal brand and its two luxury cruise ships, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony.

The ships, which were purchased for a total of $128 million, are set to return to service as Crystal Cruises next year after undergoing extensive refurbishments.

A&K Travel was known to be a contender for Crystal ships. Its owners include Heritage Group, whose chairman Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio had publicly expressed an interest in Crystal following the liquidation of the line’s former parent company, Genting Hong Kong.

“I am thrilled to begin this new chapter and to be back in an industry that has always had, and always will have, a special place in my heart,” said Lefebvre, whose family founded Silversea Cruises. “When the opportunity arose to acquire Crystal Cruises, I didn’t think twice about it.”

Cristina Levis, CEO of A&K Travel Group, will oversee both Abercrombie & Kent and Crystal Cruises. In a statement, she called the acquisition “extremely difficult, but the satisfaction of having this gem in our family is the best reward for all the hard work and effort of the A&K team.”

A&K, which specializes in private and small group tours and luxury vacations, offers private jet charter tours, chartered river and small boat cruises, and chartered expedition cruises.

The fate of Crystal’s expedition ship is still unclear. Reports say it was sold to Silversea. Levis said A&K was not interested in Crystal’s riverboats.

Unpaid commissions and customers with FCC

What the agreement means for travel advisors with unpaid commissions and guests holding future cruise credits (FCC) is still unknown.

Levis did not respond to a June 22 request for information on how the company plans to approach customers and travel agents who lost commissions and credits after Crystal collapsed in February.

Signature Travel Network CEO Alex Sharpe said A&K and Lefebvre are well positioned to revive the brand, but there are “bigger fences to mend” with agents and guests on these lost commissions and potentially worthless FCCs.

“To truly resurrect this brand, it will take a lot of work on all fronts for us to endorse and support the ‘new Crystal,’ but I look forward to those conversations with our old industry friend,” Sharpe said de Lefebvre.

Dallas-based luxury agent Dennis Nienkerk said he personally lost a $7,000 FCC and doubted he would ever get it back. Crystal enjoys immense customer loyalty, he said, but he said he thinks the older Crystal ships – the Symphony was built in 1995 and the Serenity in 2003 – will have to compete in the upmarket segment with Oceania and Azamara rather than in the luxury sector against more recent tonnage at Seabourn, Silversea and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

“If A&K can duplicate the Crystal standards and I hear good feedback from cruisers, I’ll market them, but I won’t make any special effort because there are so many other things that are better,” Nienkerk said.

Can they get the crew back?

Tom Baker, president of CruiseCenter in Houston and one of A&K and Crystal’s top producers, called the partnership “spectacular.”

“I couldn’t think of a better alliance,” he said, adding that A&K’s land assets in nearly 100 countries will enable it to deliver high-quality excursions and unique land experiences.

He added that he was in “wait-and-see mode” about whether he would support the new Crystal. “I want to see what the blueprint is and what they’re telling us they’re going to do, and I’m going to look at the deliverables.”

Questions remain, he said, about whether the new owners can deliver the Crystal product.

“Ships are beautiful,” he said. “They’re going to refurbish them and probably do some really amazing things. Will they be able to get the crew back together? The entertainment, who was the best in the business? If they can get the entertainment and the right members returning crew, they will have a winning combination.”

The interest of Baker’s Crystal customers is already piqued.

“This morning I had clients write to me, some of them had a few choice words and said, ‘I won’t touch it until I get my 100,000 back,’ and then a few other people have written to me and said like as soon as they have the trips let me know I’m good to go.”

An industry consultant predicted that A&K would not attempt to honor commissions, deposits, or FCCs.

“They had nothing to do with Crystal and what happened,” said Anthony Kaufman, a cruise consultant who worked for Carnival Corp. “Manfredi is highly respected and forward-looking. However, for good business reasons, they will want to keep everyone happy and may give some form of incentive to former Crystal customers, and I’m sure they will. will target other ways to get them back.”

Nicole Edenedo and Johanna Jainchill contributed to this report.

The six-year battle to expand Akaroa’s giant house continues – now everyone can have a say in its future

Giants House owner Josie Martin hopes to get permission to create a more accessible entrance and build a new cafe.

John Kirk-Anderson / Stuff

Giants House owner Josie Martin hopes to get permission to create a more accessible entrance and build a new cafe.

For six years Josie Martin has been trying to expand her popular tourist attraction of Akaroa – now the whole town of Banks Peninsula can have a say too, in fact anyone can.

The artist owns The Giant’s House, a unique mosaic garden in the seaside town, which regularly attracted 30,000 visitors a year before Covid-19.

But some people were unable to visit the garden because the entrance is via a steep driveway, which the elderly and people with reduced mobility find difficult to cross.

“They look down the aisle and think ‘I can’t walk up there’ and they walk away,” Martin said.

* The happiest garden in the world in Akaroa
* 48 hours in Akaroa: dolphin watching, original art and scenic walks in a French-inspired town
* Consent costs skyrocket in battle to expand Akaroa’s giant house

Six years ago, Martin’s son bought an adjoining property, so Martin could create a more accessible entrance and build a new café.

But before work can begin, resource consent is required.

After several years of back and forth with Christchurch City Council, Commissioner David Mountfort ordered in December 2020 that consent be given public notice.

He believed 23 properties would be affected by the expansion.

A design proposal for the new cafe in the sculptural garden of Giant's House in Akaroa.


A design proposal for the new cafe in the sculptural garden of Giant’s House in Akaroa.

Public notification opened this week and now everyone can have their say on the expansion.

Mountfort was concerned about the loss of privacy for some residents and the noise from traffic and visitors that could be generated.

He believed there was a realistic possibility of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians, which could result in serious injury.

However, a few adjustments have been made to the plan since then. Martin’s application, submitted by city planners Davis Ogilvie & Partners, says the negative effects of the proposal were acceptable and no more than minor.

The latest application said the proposal would have notable positive impacts.

“The proposal will increase the overall sensory experience for site visitors, while increasing the efficiency of site operations and providing a greater level of accessibility for all,” he said.

Josie Martin has spent 26 years developing her mosaic garden.


Josie Martin has spent 26 years developing her mosaic garden.

“The Giant’s House is considered a major tourist attraction in Akaroa and will continue to have economic benefits for the district.”

The cafe and entrance building would also require additional staff, creating more jobs in the city.

“The Giant’s House also contributes culturally and socially to the local community,” the app says.

Martin said the main purpose of the expansion was to provide better access, which has been a recurring problem for several years.

New Zealand gardener

Sculptor, painter and horticulturist Josie Martin has created what she calls the world’s happiest garden, right here in New Zealand.

She hoped the request would receive support.

Martin started developing the attraction from scratch 26 years ago. It has been recognized by the New Zealand Garden Trust as a garden of international significance.

“I no longer have a place at the top. I want to continue creating the garden.

People have until July 19 to bid on the expansion.

Central Florida Bonding Releases Newest Article on Safety While Traveling This Summer


Florida laws may be different from those of an individual’s home state. It’s easy to have fun and make rash decisions, like drinking too much. This could result in a DUI or mugging and battery drain if your temper takes over and you end up in a fight with a fellow traveler.

Central Florida Bonding announces its latest feature entitled “Tourism and Crime”. This Orlando, Florida bonding agency encourages travelers to be vigilant when traveling.

Hadi Khouri, owner of Central Florida Bonding, says, “After two years, people are finally traveling again this year. Central Florida is home to major theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Typhoon Lagoon, Volcano Bay, and Aquatica. Many travelers come from across the country and overseas to spend time at nearby theme parks and beaches. Locals love to explore their own backyard and enjoy a staycation. Whether you’re planning to cross the country or just stay nearby and have a staycation, our travel tips can help you and your family stay safe.

Central Florida Bonding offers these tips when traveling:

• Upon arriving at the airport, collect your luggage as soon as possible. Also watch your belongings closely and do not leave your luggage unattended

• If you rent a car, obey all traffic rules. Keep doors and windows locked

• If you use a ride-sharing service or a taxi, don’t share too much personal information with the driver.

• If you use public Wi-Fi, beware of its security. Hackers can hack and steal credit card information

• Keep hotel doors locked. Do not admit people who are foreigners

• Use the hotel safe to secure your valuables

•Do not post travel information or photos on social media.

•Do not leave valuables in the stroller. Don’t forget to pick up the bags if they are on the ground for a photo shoot

• Pack light when sightseeing. Take only what is necessary. Keep cash and credit cards separate. Leave extra cash and credit cards in the hotel safe

•Drink responsibly

• Do not drink and drive

• Be open to new things, but don’t engage in risky behaviors such as buying or using drugs

These tips and more are available online at: https://cfborlando.com/tourism-crime/

Khouri adds, “Travel can be wonderful, but people have to obey the law. Florida laws may be different from those of an individual’s home state. It’s easy to have fun and make rash decisions, like drinking too much. This could result in a DUI or mugging and battery drain if your temper takes over and you end up in a fight with a fellow traveler. If you or a family member ends up in jail, please call us at 407-841-3646 to initiate the bond process.

Central Florida Bonding has released clients from jail on bail for numerous charges such as impaired driving, assault, battery, drug possession, identity theft, drug trafficking, road rage, and more. To start the bond process, please call 407-841-3646. Central Florida Bonding is licensed to post bond throughout the State of Florida and with affiliated agencies throughout the United States.

A bonding agent is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All Central Florida Bonding surety agents are experienced, knowledgeable, and licensed. They are willing to help with paperwork, can explain the ins and outs of the bail process, and can answer questions about the criminal justice system.

This Orlando surety agency serves all of Central Florida, including Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia, and Lake counties. Defendants have benefited from the expertise of Central Florida Bonding since 1979. Khouri says, “We have been helping Central Floridians for many years. We can help you too! Please rely on our experience and expertise to guide you through this stressful experience.

Central Florida Bonding is located at Cox Plaza at 2911 39th Street, Suite 300, Orlando, Florida. To learn more about this surety agency, visit online at https://cfborlando.com/, or call 407-841-3646.

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NJ TRANSIT ‘Re-Imagining’ Bus Service in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties


The landmark study represents the first time the travel company has taken a holistic approach to its tri-county bus service. Recommendations from the first draft are expected after Labor Day.

By Matt Skoufalos | June 21, 2022

NJ Transit Newton Ave bus facility in Camden City. Credit: Matt Skoufalos.

For the first time in its history, NJ TRANSIT “reinvents” its BCG bus network, which serves Burlington, Camden and Gloucester countiesand solicit feedback from riders and the general public during the process.

The study, called “Newbus BCG,” is part of the agency’s broader 10-year strategic plan, and comes at a time when transit agencies nationwide are “actively revamping their bus networks to respond to emerging travel needs,” director of media relations for NJ Transit. said Jim Smith.

Cities like Houston, Omaha, Jacksonville, Columbus and Baltimore have already redesigned their bus systems, according to the New York-based TransitCenter Foundationand SEPTA in Philadelphia is currently undertaking a similar process.

Why is this happening now?

To begin with, NJ TRANSIT never undertook an in-depth study of the BCG regional bus network, Smith said. Many of the 27 routes that make up BCG have operated on the same corridors for decades, inherited from older tram and bus networks that are no longer in service.

Adapting the NJ TRANSIT bus network to better meet the needs of its riders in the future will mean “evaluating the performance of existing routes, identifying new areas of travel activity and actively engaging with regional stakeholders, customers current and mainstream travel needs,” Smith said.

The agency surveyed cyclists along its routes last fall and plans to involve public stakeholders throughout the process.

Another major reason to undertake reinvention now is that transit agencies are beginning to recover from declining ridership during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Transit agencies that had already seen a drop in ridership amid growth in telecommuting and ride-sharing services have been hammered during the pandemic, said Greg Krykewycz, director of transportation planning for the Transportation Commission. Delaware Valley Regional Planning (DVRPC), with regional rail services losing about 90 percent of passengers, and regional bus services losing about 40 percent.

“Local fixed-route bus ridership has been among the most stable during the pandemic,” Krykewycz said; “people who had to go to work all the time to keep the lights on for office workers who had options.”

NewBus BCG operates 27 bus routes between Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties. Credit: NJ TRANSIT.

Who rides?

NJ TRANSIT riders tend to be low-income earners who do not have access to a personal car and may rely on bus service four or more times per week.

Persons under the age of 18 represent 2% of all users in the BCG study area; another 15 percent are students.

According to the agency, 60% of BCG runners identify as non-white and 40% come from economically disadvantaged households. There are also large groups of cyclists among the elderly and people with disabilities.

Importantly, Krykewycz also pointed out that people who take the buses “often have fewer travel options”, making them regular customers of the service and, in many cases, entirely dependent on it to access important destinations in the tri-county area.

“Buses are the bread and butter of our regional transportation system,” he said. “They have the most ridership and the most stable ridership of any mode. They are essential elements of the regional transport network.

Greg Krykewycz, director of transportation planning for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC). Credit: Greg Krykewycz.

Objectives and Obstacles

The main challenge of the BCG reimagining exercise will be to balance issues of equity of access with efficient road design. In dense areas like Camden City, Burlington City, Glassboro and Paulsboro, the need for frequent service is clear.

Connecting commuters far from major transit hubs to the services they desperately need is more difficult.

“Commuter bus lines are becoming vital bus lines,” Krykewycz said.

“But you end up with these long, slow, circuitous routes in some places that take a lot of time instead of driving.

“How can public transit improve the quality of life of its user base as efficiently as possible and serve its ridership as quickly as possible? ” he said.

“It will be a choice between as much service as possible, so that everyone has something, or less service, but concentrated in places to serve the most people effectively.”

Ultimately, the improvement of the BCG bus lines aims to create a service that approximates the proximity and comparable costs of the regional rail system.

“It’s something to aspire to,” Krykewycz said. “The trade-off could be that some places that now have service might have a lower level of service.”

Some of these service interruptions or deletions can be overcome by smaller on-demand microtransit systems, which are smaller vehicles with flexible routes. Such solutions are difficult to establish, but certainly in demand, Krykewycz said.

“Smaller vehicles ferrying people to Walter Rand is what’s happening now, providing connections to Philadelphia or the Pureland industrial complex [in Swedesboro],” he said.

“There are a lot of people trying to get into these freight and warehousing jobs, which are some of the fastest growing jobs we have in our area: good jobs that pay good wages, but which are difficult to serve by public transport.

In the final calculation, the success of any changes implemented will be measured by NJ TRANSIT gaining new passengers, stabilizing revenue, and achieving a greater degree of travel fairness throughout its service area. However, Krykewycz notes that regardless of their preferred mode of transportation, every traveler has a stake in the success of route re-evaluations like these.

“No infrastructure is profitable,” he said. “The roads, the trains are not self-financing. There are consequences for everyone if these things don’t work as well as they should.

These are the 3 best destinations in Mexico for American tourists this summer

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Last update

It looks like Mexico’s friendly attitude towards tourists through Covid won’t be soon forgotten. Although other countries are open for travel againit is the freedom-loving Mayan heartland, where tourism has been allowed uninterrupted throughout the pandemic, that continues to draw a record number of visitors.

Woman relaxing at the beach on a beach lounge, beach vacation concept

Therefore, Three Mexican Cities Now Featured in Allianz Travel’s Top 10 International Summer Destinations, the maximum of all countries listed. In fact, Mexico fully lays claim to the first two, asserting its status as the king of tourism – a title that won’t be in question anytime soon, despite the return of Aruba, Jamaica and others.

Ready to discover which mexican cities won the heart of the nation? Here are Mexico’s top 3 destinations for American tourists this summer:

Male traveler holding US passport before international travel

Puerto Vallarta, Pacific Coast

Puerto Vallarta is arguably the The jewel in Mexico’s Pacific Coast crown, home to the best nightlife in the country, as well as countless sandy beaches and natural sites near major urban centers. It’s not just a summer one, but a year-round favorite for vacationers, and ranks at number six on Allianz’s annual summer travel picks.

Up 3 spots since last year’s ranking, when it had already entered the top 10 of the ranking at a respectable number 9, Puerto Vallarta continues to grow in popularity with American travelers, in particular due to of the recent increase in connections between the Mexican hub and several American cities, and the state of Jalisco unrivaled tourist offer.

Aerial view of well developed modern Puerto Vallarta Marina, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco State, Pacific Coast of Mexico

With Covid being treated as endemic in Mexico, and Vallarta tourists should no longer follow pandemic-era regulations, like mask-wearing and social distancing, the city is poised to climb even higher on future lists. According to Allianz, it is already the third summer destination in Mexico for American travelers.

San Jose del Cabo, Pacific Coast

Colorful historic center of San Jose Del Cabo, Pacific coast of Mexico

Number two on the Allianz list for one more year, San Jose del Cabo has been a permanent feature on the bucket list of millions due to its extensive collection of clear water beaches and picturesque colonial-style architecture. Plus, it’s one of the few places in Mexico where history and sightseeing buffs converge with laid-back beachgoers.

Cabo really has it all: from world-renowned art galleries and Spanish-era missionary churches, to beautiful nature reserves where birdwatching activities are widely promoted and, of course, kilometer-long sandy beaches adorning the coast. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in Mexico’s rich past or simply enjoy a day in the sun, this is the place to go.

Young female traveler enjoying a day at the beach in the Caribbean

Fortunately, despite being a major entry point for Americans visiting Mexico, Los Cabos International Airport serving San Jose has not experienced the same level of congestion as Mexico City or the wait times longest from Cancun airport. It is also only two and a half hours departing from most cities in the southern United States, making it an ideal summer break.

Cancun, Caribbean

Aerial view of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexican Caribbean, Mexico

Claiming the coveted spot of America’s favorite vacation for the sixth consecutive year, Cancun widens the gap again between itself and all other Mexican and non-Mexican destinations listed by Allianz. Of the 40 million visitors expected in Mexico this year, a significant portion of Americans have chosen Cancún as their destination for 2022.

According to Cirium, one of the world’s largest providers of aviation data, there are currently 831 weekly connections between the United States and Cancun International, making it by far the busiest and most beloved summer destination in Mexico. Now that a beach near Cancun has been named the best in all of Mexico, we expect those impressive numbers to rise even further.

Traveler couple checking phone at airport before international trip

Cancún is widely recognized as the gateway to Mexico’s Caribbean coast, dotted with white sand beaches and Mayan ruins of priceless cultural significance. Cancun International serves not only Cancun, but several smaller resorts around the metropolis, such as Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres off the mainland.

What other international destinations are on the list?

The Allianz list of this year’s top 10 international summer destinations is available in full below:

Plane survails the tropical sea at sunset
  1. CancunMexico
  2. San Jose del CaboMexico
  3. Oranjestad, Aruba
  4. Montego Bay, Jamaica
  5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  6. Puerto VallartaMexico
  7. Nassau, Bahamas
  8. Liberia, Costa Rica
  9. Providenciales Island, Turks & Caicos
  10. Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands

But how was Allianz able to establish this? In sum, the researchers examined data from more than a million trips to be made by their own customers during the summer season, especially those who have purchased Allianz Partners travel insurance between 5 and 8 days. Unsurprisingly, Mexico came out ahead of all other competitors with the most planned routes.

For those wary of restrictions, all of the above destinations welcome US tourists without any health-related requirements, with the exception of Nassau in the Bahamas and the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Both of these countries require travelers to be fully vaccinated or present a negative Covid as valid proof of entry when unvaccinated.

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Travel insurance that covers Covid-19 for 2022

American Airlines launches new flights to Cozumel, Mexico and 2 destinations in Jamaica

CDC issues high-risk travel warning for Mexico

Why Mexico is still America’s favorite vacation destination

Mexico’s new Mayan train project suspended

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A local guide to Hamburg: concerts, cocktails and shipyard cuisine | Holidays in Hamburg



If you like to try traditional food and you’re feeling very brave, you’ll want to try labskaus. Originally created to provide sailors with all the nutrition they needed, the dish doesn’t look particularly appealing. Once you get over how it looks (or just close your eyes), this mix of corned beef, onions, potatoes, beets, and eggs is actually quite enjoyable. My favorite place for labskaus served with fried eggs and rollmop herring is Oberhafen-Kantine in the new district of HafenCity.

Built in 1925 to accommodate port and shipyard workers – Hamburg has one of the largest ports in the world – the canteen has been battered by storms and floods over the years. In 2000, shortly after its closure, the building was declared a historical monument. It has since been refurbished and reopened – but retains its wonky charm.


It goes without saying that the Elbphilharmonie, which celebrated its fifth anniversary this year, is one of our city’s greatest modern successes. Despite all the controversy surrounding the building’s much-delayed completion and skyrocketing costs (it went well over budget), we couldn’t be more proud of it, and every time I play there, I savor the pleasure of playing in what is now one of the finest concert halls in the world.

If you can’t get tickets to a show – they sell out fast – head to the public viewing platform, or “Plaza”, which offers spectacular views of the harbor and city.


The Schanze is one of Hamburg’s liveliest neighborhoods: cool, central, colorful and crazy. Start your afternoon at one of its cozy cafes, soak up the neighborhood vibe and explore its small fashion boutiques – try Edited for women’s fashion, Kauf dich

Glücklich for a mix of Scandinavian fashion and design, and Scarpovino for an offbeat shoe and wine combo. There is also an incredible amount of street art to admire.

In the evening, soak up the atmosphere of cozy bars such as 10 and Counting and Mutter, and trendy restaurants like Bullerei, founded by celebrity local chef Tim Mälzer in a former slaughterhouse.

Green area

A beach on the Elbe.
A beach on the Elbe. Photography: calado/Alamy

Burgers – I admit I had trouble with that term for city dwellers when I lived in London – love water. On Sundays or public holidays we will enjoy a walk along the Elbe. The city center gets very touristy and crowded, so I recommend taking the ferry from Landungsbrücken to Teufelsbrück and starting your walk from there to the quaint western suburb of Blankenese. If you buy a day pass for public transport (around €6), the ferry ride is included.

For those who like to jog, the outer Alster lake in the heart of Hamburg is surrounded by an eight kilometer path – the perfect length for running, and it’s also beautiful.

Night life

I like to take visiting friends to Skyline Bar 20up, a rooftop bar near the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s nightclub and red light district. It is an ideal place to have a drink while enjoying a panoramic view from 90 meters high.

If you’re not a fan of heights, try Le Lion, probably my favorite bar in town. Centrally located near City Hall, it doesn’t look much like a bar from the outside, which reminds me of the hidden bars I enjoyed during my years in London. You should definitely try the Gin Basil Smash, which was invented here.

Oh what if someone ever says “Hummel, Hummel!“over to you while you are in Hamburg, just answer”Die, die!”. Do not ask why – you will certainly make yourself popular.


The intimate Henri Hotel has a great central location with 65 stylish rooms and a rooftop spa (doubles from €118).

Alexander Krichel moved back to his hometown of Hamburg a few years ago and lives close to the city’s Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

LVCVA resumes marketing efforts to attract foreign travelers to Las Vegas


Posted: June 19, 2022, 2:58 a.m.

Last update: June 19, 2022, 2:58 a.m.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) has approved the reopening of foreign travel offices to encourage foreigners to travel to Las Vegas. Offices are located in Canada, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

The iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign
The iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Efforts are underway to encourage more foreign tourists to come to Las Vegas. (Image: KSNV)

The LVCVA will spend $2.5 million annually on international marketing for Las Vegas over the next three years, KVVU, a local television station, reported. The move comes as this weekend is the first full weekend that foreigners do not need a negative COVID-19 test to travel to the United States. The requirement was lifted on June 12.

Las Vegas now receives about 80% of the passenger volume from foreign airlines seen before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft. KVVU said. International travel accounts for about 13% of travel in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, he said.

We have to make sure that we fight for these visitors. You can’t take it for granted that they will come,” Naft told the TV station. “They represent more dollars spent, more destinations visited and more time spent here.”

Additionally, repeal of the testing requirement could drive an additional 5.4 million visitors to the United States and an additional $9 billion in travel spending through the end of 2022, according to research by Morning Consult. for the US Travel Association, an industry group.

Industry backs lifting the test

“Waiving this requirement will allow the industry to lead the way toward a broader recovery of the economy and jobs in the United States,” Roger Dow, president of the US Travel Association, said in a statement. . He called the move “another big step forward for the resumption of inbound air travel and the return of international travel to the United States.”

Another industry group, Airlines for America, also supported the move. A4A President and CEO Nicholas E. Calio said in a statement that it will benefit American communities “who rely heavily on travel and tourism to support their local economies.”

Last month, international air travel to the United States was 24% below 2019 pre-pandemic levels, according to Airlines for America data cited by The Associated Press.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said ending the testing requirement had become possible “thanks to the progress we have made in our fight against COVID-19”. Last month, he tested positive for the virus.

Brett Snyder, a travel consultant who writes for CrankyFlier.comsaid the US testing requirement has led some potential foreign travelers to postpone their flight to the United States.

It’s not that they’re afraid of getting sick, they don’t want to get stuck,” Snyder told the AP. Lifting the requirement could lead to an increase in the number of foreign travelers to the United States, he predicts.

Shortage of American pilots

The requirement is ending as several US airlines face pilot shortages. There have been some delayed and canceled flights recently among US airlines.

The Best Places to Find a Celebrity in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the land of stars, and if you plan your itinerary correctly, you just might spot one.

Sure, you might run into a celebrity while shopping at a HomeGoods store in Burbank or a Whole Foods in Silverlake, but your likelihood increases if you visit some of the hotspots listed below.

TCL Chinese Theater

Movie premieres are a surefire way to spot one of your favorite celebrities. “Since 1927, the TCL Chinese Theater has hosted the most important movie premieres and special events on the red carpet. This is where Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars come to watch their movies! Plan your visit around a premiere and watch some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities walk the red carpet.


The restaurant serves American and vegan fare and has been a celebrity favorite since it opened in 2011. Big names like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Paris Hilton, George Clooney, and former President Bill Clinton have dined there. According to Celeb Map, Madonna gobbled down the vegan spaghetti bolognese and mushroom truffle pizza.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Adam Sandler, RuPaul and Zac Efron are just a few of the guests Jimmy Kimmel has had on his show. You can see it in person by signing up for free tickets here. Pro Tip: Look your best because you can be seen on TV and sometimes audience participation is necessary.

Nobu Malibu

The seaside Japanese restaurant is a hotspot for influencers and celebrities. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are some of the famous faces you can spot here.

The Grove

The outdoor mall and famous Farmer’s Market are celebrity favourites. Stars like Zachary Levi and Audrina Patridge of “The Hills” use the venue’s Barnes & Noble for signings. “Pretty Little Liars” alum Shay Mitchell recently stopped by to check out her pop-up shop Beis Motel.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

For over a century, this hotel has been a staple in the town of Tinsel for Hollywood stars and world leaders. Former President Obama has stayed here several times. The late Elizabeth Taylor is said to have spent six of her eight honeymoons here. Head to the hotel’s famous Polo Lounge and you might spot Nicole Kidman or Nicolas Cage.

TMZ Tour

If you’d rather have someone else take the reins of your celebrity journey, look no further than TMZ. The celebrity gossip entity has its own tour bus that takes tourists through Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood and Hollywood. People have spotted big names like Rihanna, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Legend and Dave Chapelle along the route.

tower bar

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Aniston have been spotted at this restaurant at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. The site hosted the elite Vanity Fair Oscar party for five years.

Dolby Theater

Home of the Oscars, selected fans can purchase tickets to watch some of Hollywood’s biggest names walk the red carpet from the nearby bleachers ahead of the awards show. The theater also hosts various musicals, plays, comedy shows and concerts throughout the year.


The West Hollywood restaurant is an A-list original. If you grab a bite to eat at the rose-filled restaurant, you might spot Elton John, Victoria Beckham, John Travolta or Paris Hilton!

Runyon Canyon Park

If you’re a multi-tasker and want to get some fresh air while spotting celebrities, you might be in luck at Runyon Canyon Park. LaLa Anthony, rapper The Game, Karlie Kloss and Ellie Goulding are among the celebrities who have walked here.

Match Day Guide: Round 15 vs. Wests Tigers


Nothing beats Sunday afternoon football against a city rival.

Celebrate the Members’ Round in the best possible way at CommBank Stadium as we take on the Tigers on Sunday, June 19.

Book your seats now to be part of the action.


Premiership NRL Telstra 2022

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs v Wests Tigers

Sunday, June 19, 2022

CommBank Stadium, Parramatta, NSW

Doors open at 1:30 p.m.

NSW Cup kick off at 1.40pm

NRL kick-off at 4:05 p.m.

Share your game day experience with the hashtag #proudtobeabulldog


All ticketed members can scan the game at CommBank Stadium using Membership cards.

Reserve headquarters members will be allowed sit in their assigned seat.

General Admission members can choose a seat within the assigned lane range indicated on the membership card.

Flexi 4 members will be able to use their membership card to digitize in at four home games in Sydney throughout the season, including this Round 15 game.


Tickets are on sale via Ticketek now!

From only $20* for an adult ticket bring the whole pack to CommBank Stadium to watch our Round 15 matchup against the Tigers.

If you have selected mobile tickets, be sure to download your ticket before you arrive. You must share your tickets with the accompanying group or party prior to your arrival. Mobile Ticket Sharing FAQs.

*Excluding Booking Fees


It is strictly forbidden to enter the field of play at any time during the event.

Violators will be prosecuted by NSW Police with lifetime bans from NRL events and fines of up to $5500 to apply.

This is to ensure the safety of all customers, staff and players.


Family fun area

Descend to the Family Fun Zone in the compound outside Gate B from 1:00 p.m. for the Family Show!* Take the kids into a world of pre-game excitement with the following activities offered free of charge;

  • fairy thread
  • Big bouncy castle
  • Mechanical football
  • Activating Carroll & O’Dea
  • Toxic Elimination Challenge
  • Photo opportunities with the sapphires as well as our mascots Bella and Brutus

A VenuesLive Food Village will also be operational in the venue area during this time.

Please note that the Family Fun Zone is weather dependent*

Member Appreciation Round Activations

Members who attend our game against the Wests Tigers this Sunday at CommBank Stadium will have the chance to be rewarded with freebies, special offers and experiences.

One lucky member will be randomly selected to be part of our honor guard along with 3 members of their choice.

Additionally, one randomly selected member will have the opportunity to participate in our Round 15 Pre-Game Draw.

At halftime, 8 lucky members will also have a Bulldogs Merch Pack delivered to their place thanks to Carroll & O’Dea.

*Please note that selected members will receive a phone call from a member representative on Friday, June 17, 2022*

Club 18 Members Lounge

Club 18 is open for our clash against the Wests Tigers at CommBank Stadium!

Head to the Northwest Terrace on Level 1 adjacent to Aisle 229 with your membership card to gain access.

Club 18 will be open from 1:00 p.m. until half-time with the option to purchase from a full cafe menu.

Be aware that CommBank Stadium is cashless, with tap and go the only way to purchase items.

Member-exclusive post-match feature

After full time, join us for a post-game function at Club 18 to help celebrate the member appreciation round.

Take the opportunity to hear from current players as well as meet and greet club legends.

*Please note that current players will not be able to mingle with members due to current Apollo restrictions


  • Fans are encouraged to plan ahead and consider all available travel options. Match tickets include train, metro and light rail travel to and from Parramatta.
  • Trains and buses run regularly to Parramatta Station which is a 15 minute walk from the stadium. Some buses also stop outside the stadium on O’Connell Street.
  • Remember that it is mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport and that you will need to use an Opal card or contactless payment card/device. Register your details online at Opal or via the app in advance.
  • If you are driving, travel with your group and use the car park near Justice Precinct Car Park off Hunter Street, Eat Street Car Park off George Street and Parramatta Station Car Park off Wentworth Street. Make it a day and arrive early, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby on Church Street along the recently revitalized Eat Street.
  • Traffic may be heavier than usual as fans travel to and from the event, so allow extra travel time. You can find real-time updates on traffic conditions at livetraffic.com.
  • If you are returning home by taxi or carpool, choose a pick-up location away from the stadium. If you are taking a bus home, keep in mind that the buses will use different stops nearby if road closures are in place, so check the signs at the stops.

Bus service from Canterbury League Club and Lakemba Club

  • A FREE bus service will operate from Canterbury League Club and Lakemba Club to and from CommBank Stadium
  • A bus will depart from Canterbury League Club (26 Bridge Rd, Belmore) at 2.30pm and a second bus will depart at 3.00pm before heading to Lakemba Services Club (26 Quigg St – cnr from The Boulevarde Lakemba) and onto CommBank Stadium, Parramatta .
  • The CommBank Stadium drop-off and pick-up point will be at Prince Alfred Square.
  • At approximately 6:00 p.m. both buses will depart from Prince Alfred Square to the Lakemba Services Club and then to the Canterbury League Club.
  • To reserve your place please complete the registration form by 9am on Friday 17th June, if you are unsure if you have registered please contact [email protected] or 1300 769 164
  • Please arrive early to ensure you have time to be seated
  • Masks will be mandatory on board the bus.


Visit the CommBank COVID Safe page for the most up-to-date information.

Our fans can be sure that the stadium has strong protective measures in place, including:

  • An intensive cleaning regime has been put in place.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available at the entrance and at various accessible locations around the site.

We need your help to keep our stadium safe and protect the health of all customers and workers by following the COVID Safe measures below:

Please stay home if you:

  • Are sick, unwell or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are awaiting a COVID-19 test result.
  • Have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or is awaiting a COVID-19 test result.
  • Are considered a close contact by NSW Health (near contact details)
  • Keep up to date with NSW Health’s advice on wearing face masks in stadiums and on public transport by referring to the latest health orders for stadiums and public transport via the NSW Government link.
  • Where possible, maintain a physical distance of 1.5m from people outside your party – with particular attention when queuing to access the stadium, in food and drink queues and when accessing the toilet.
  • Customers should only sit in their assigned seat or section printed on your ticket or membership card.
  • Entry will be strictly through the gate printed on your ticket.
  • Please be aware that our stadium is cashless, with tap and go the only way to purchase items.
  • Arrive early and limit bags where possible to ensure a smooth entry.
  • Practice high level hand hygiene using the hand sanitizers located around the venue.


Shop the 2022 Bulldogs merchandise line from the Merchandise Van located in the compound outside Gate B or once inside at the North East Merchandise Outlet (near Gate B).

Don’t forget, to recognize our members’ loyalty to the pack and to celebrate the member appreciation round, members are getting 30% off!

A queuing system will be developed at the point of sale to ensure social distancing of 1.5m.

Be aware that CommBank Stadium is cashless, with tap and go the only way to purchase items.


Min: 8

Max: 19

Medium risk (60%) of showers

Click here to stay up to date.


If you have questions on game day, you can get help from a Bulldogs representative at the box office outside Gate B beginning at 1:10 p.m. The staff will be available to answer your questions until half-time.

A membership application booth will also be open inside the stadium at Aisle 221 on Level 1 East.

Flight cancellations top 1,000 on Friday, second day of air travel’s woe


More than 1,000 US flights are canceled as of 11 a.m. Friday and another 1,800 flights are delayed. New York-area airports account for nearly a third of cancellations so far, according to FlightAware, which tracks flights in real time. Headaches come on the heels of one of the worst days yet to travel as the pic the summer holiday season is heating up. More than 1,750 US flights were canceled Thursday.

At New York’s LaGuardia Airport, 15% of flights had already been canceled, followed closely by Newark where 11% of traffic was reduced. Nationally, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have the most canceled flights so far, with their schedules today reduced by 6% and 5% respectively. These figures do not include flights on their regional subsidiaries, which operate under the names American Eagle and Delta Connection.

“The vast majority of this is weather-related,” said American Airlines spokesman Curtis Blessing. He noted that weather conditions in the Miami area were also contributing to the delays.

So far, the summer has been difficult for air passengers. Airlines kicked off the summer travel season by canceling around 2,800 flights in five days around the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.

Thursday and Friday’s issues come following a virtual meeting between airline CEOs and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg – a sign of the Biden administration’s concern over the prospect of blocked airports and unhappy travelers this summer.

IS TRAVEL INSURANCE WORTH IT? :What to know before booking your next trip

FLYER RIGHTS:What the airline owes you when your flight is canceled or significantly delayed

“I’m letting them know this is a time when we really rely on them to reliably deliver to the traveling public,” Buttigieg told NBC News.

During the meeting, which was held via videoconference, Buttigieg asked the CEOs to outline the steps they are taking to operate smoothly during the July 4 holiday and the rest of the summer, according to a person familiar with the matter. call but not authorized to discuss it publicly. .

Buttigieg also pushed airlines to consider whether they could manage the schedules they published and to improve customer service, the person said.

Airlines for America business group chief Nicholas Calio said in a statement that industry officials appreciated the opportunity to speak with Buttigieg and “discuss our shared commitment to prioritizing safety and the safety of all travellers”.

Airlines are grappling with shortages of workers, especially pilots, which are hampering their ability to operate all of their scheduled flights. Pilot unions at Delta, American and Southwest said their airlines were too slow to replace pilots who retired or took furlough early in the pandemic.

DELTA COUPE 100 DAILY SUMMER FLIGHTS:What to know if yours is one of them

Two Senate Democrats said this month that the holiday weekend performance “raises questions about airline decision-making.” Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Edward Markey of Massachusetts said delays and cancellations “occur so frequently that they become a almost scheduled part of the trip.”

The airlines blame bad weather and the Federal Aviation Administration, a branch of the Department of Transportation that manages the nation’s airspace. In a letter to senators, Calio ticked off a long list of FAA delays and personnel issues over the holiday weekend.

Airlines jousted with the FAA this spring over delays in Florida, where air travel has recovered faster than in many other parts of the country. After meeting with airline representatives in May, the The FAA has agreed to increase its workforce at an air traffic control center near Jacksonville and make other changes.

Concerns over flight issues come as the number of air travelers to the United States exceeds 2.2 million a day. That’s still about 300,000 fewer per day than in mid-June 2019, but crowds will grow over the next few weeks and will almost certainly break the pandemic-era record set on the Sunday after Thanksgiving last year.

LONG EXPECTATIONS, GOOD STREETS:What to expect in Europe this summer

ARE YOU ARRIVING AT THE AIRPORT 2 HOURS IN ADVANCE? :You might need 3 in some cases

Bottlenecks could arise at airports of entry where travelers enter the United States. Last weekend, the Biden administration waived a 16 month requirement that people test negative for COVID-19 before boarding a flight to the United States The move should boost international travel – United Airlines said on Monday it had seen an immediate increase in searches for overseas flights.

Another threat: the FAA is urging airlines to quickly upgrade equipment that could be vulnerable to radio interference new wireless service. The agency’s acting administrator, Billy Nolen, told airlines on Wednesday that Verizon and AT&T plan to turn on hundreds of C-band 5G transmitters near airports on July 5.

Grim predictions of fallout of the wireless companies’ initial C-band service did not materialize earlier this year. Still, Nolen said the FAA can’t promise there won’t be problems with some planes. He said industry officials have found a way to retrofit many planes with problematic equipment by the end of the year and more in 2023.

Shares of the six largest U.S. airlines fell between 6% and 9% on Thursday as jitters about the economy dragged the broader market down.

Contributor: Zach Wichter, USA TODAY

NASA Astronaut Helped Pixar Find the Space Guard’s New Look in ‘Lightyear’

June 17, 2022

– Tom Marshburn may not be the real Buzz Lightyear, but the space ranger – at least as he appears in the new ‘Lightyear’ movie – wouldn’t be the same without the NASA astronaut .

What began several years ago as an unrelated interaction with Pixar, the Disney-owned animation studio behind the “Toy Story” and now “Lightyear” franchises, led the 61-year-old doctor-turned-SpaceX pilot to become the leader’s guide. to the world of NASA and space exploration.

“I was recommended to talk to a crew that was doing a space movie. That’s all I knew,” Marshburn said in an interview with collectSPACE.

About five years ago, Marshburn made the trip to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California, where he met director Angus MacLane and the core team behind what would become “Lightyear.”

“I talked to them about life in space and spacewalks and just answered all their questions about what it was like to be an astronaut and to live and work in space” , said Marshburn.

As it happens, it was just what the Pixar team needed to start transforming their instantly recognizable astronaut toy into the character that inspired him. “Lightyear,” now in theaters, is the big-budget fiction film that gave birth to the action figure that was then central to the early “Toy Story” movies.

In “Lightyear”, Buzz is not a toy, but a vulnerable human space explorer (voiced by Chris Evans).

“We had to incorporate some of the toy’s ingredients into the design,” production designer Tim Evatt said in a statement released by Disney. “But almost like we brought it to NASA and worked with experts who actually do space travel and add that authenticity of space to the mix.”

In fact, that’s more or less what they did. While training for his final flight to the International Space Station (ISS), Marshburn arranged for the Pixar team to visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

“I was able to show them how astronauts train,” Marshburn said. “They met other astronauts, they met people who work here and saw the facilities: the neutral buoyancy laboratory where we practice spacewalks, the hangar where we have our T-38 jets with which we train and a lot of simulators.”

“It turned out to be a very busy, but very fun, day-and-a-half trip,” Marshburn said.

The visit helped shape Buzz Lightyear’s look in “Lightyear.” Combined with a virtual meeting with a spacesuit design consultant and reference materials from the Smithsonian, the visit provided sewing and simulation supervisor Fran Kalal with the information and inspiration needed to create not one, but several generations of Buzz Lightyear’s space suits.

Buzz’s first costume in the film, for example, evokes material from the early days of human space exploration, emphasizing function over form.

“The trunk is bulky and secure with a webbing harness,” Kalal said. “The oxygen hose is loose and unwieldy. The wrist communicator is attached to the suit. The suit has padded knees, elbows and shoulders to protect Buzz from jostles in the ship and to allow mobility.”

“The utility belt is bulky with large metal buckles. And the boots, gloves and neck rings all allow rotation but are heavy and a bit bulky,” she said.

With each mission, Buzz’s suits get sleeker, with better mobility and built-in tech.

“We tend to be a bit research-obsessed at Pixar,” said producer Galyn Susman, who was also on the Marshburn-led tour. “The goal is to take your key creations and expose them to the people, environments and experiences that will impact the design and language of the film.”

“We saw the original control center of the Apollo missions, as well as the one used today to track the ISS. We saw knobs, switches, knobs, dials and badges. We were guided through a replica of the US quarters of the ISS and the We saw vehicles, training aircraft and capsules,” Susman said.

Marshburn consulted Susman and MacLane once more, from an even more appropriate place for the subject: Earth orbit. He spoke to the two filmmakers after he launched to the International Space Station for a 176-day mission that ended early last month.

“Time dilation is real. Because the speed of light is the same no matter who is looking at it, who is observing it, time progresses slower for fast-moving people and objects compared to fast-moving objects. don’t move fast,” Marshburn said. Susman and MacLane, addressing a plot point of the film.

A clip from the space-to-ground call is included in the “making-of” documentary, “Beyond Infinity: Buzz and the Journey to Lightyear,” now streaming on Disney+.

About a month after returning to Earth, Marshburn became one of the first people to see the finished film at the world premiere of “Lightyear” in Hollywood. Although he was unable to single out a particular detail or scene that he directly influenced, he said the film managed to convey a sense of real-life space exploration.

“There’s a lot of reality in the look of the hardware used by the characters,” Marshburn told collectSPACE. “I also think the characters’ personalities are closer to the real thing than other portrayals of astronauts I’ve seen.”

“The respect the film has for science and technology, even though it’s a science fiction film – it’s fiction – I think it can appeal to a whole generation of young people and others who out of their fascination with wanting to see this movie entertainment, start asking what is real, what can I learn about it, and then learn about science, technology, engineering and math,” said Marshburn. “So it’s a wonderful way to open the door to this as an exciting field and that’s the real excitement for me to be a part of it.”

Victoria’s Historic Towns and Iconic Sites by Rail and Luxury Coach | Queensland country life

Victoria’s Historic Towns and Iconic Sites by Rail and Luxury Coach

This is branded content for Travelrite.

See some of Victoria’s most historic towns and landmarks on this discovery tour by train and luxury coach.

Join Travelrite International and The Elder’s Diary to take in the spectacular Great Ocean Road, the dramatic Grampians and the fun and color of Victoria’s big rural gold rush towns.

Starting from Spencer Street Station in Melbourne, the first leg of the journey is by coach to Geelong. After a leisurely lunch, visit the Geelong Art Gallery.

In the afternoon, the tour hits Torquay Beach and Bells Beach before arriving in Anglesea for the night.

The Great Ocean Road is one of the greatest ocean roads in the world. The tour follows the route of the route to the leafy town of Lorne, Apollo Bay and Port Campbell via the Twelve Apostles and London’s Ark en route.

Traveling through the Great Otway National Park and beech forest, Warrnambool is the destination. Step back in time at the Maritime Village of Flagstaff Hill in Warrnambool before heading to the quaint and historic town of Port Fairy.

The spectacular Great Ocean Road, the dramatic Grampians and the color of Victoria’s wonderful rural gold rush towns are on display on this wonderful tour.

Halls Gap, at the center of the breathtaking Grampians, is the stop for the night. Take advantage of the outdoors and embrace the many hiking trails in the region as well as the main tourist sites.

The next morning the tour heads to Ararat and the rail portion of the journey begins with a 1 hour train ride to Ballarat. Learn about the gold rush history of this rural town, founded on a rich gold deposit.

Then be amazed by the works of art displayed in the remarkable Ballarat Art Gallery.

The next day, get lost in Sovereign Hill, a living museum showcasing Ballarat’s history as a gold rush boomtown. Later, explore the famous Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

Sovereign Hill is a living museum showcasing Ballarat’s history as a gold rush boomtown.

A westbound train takes the tour to Maryborough, then by coach to Wimmera’s capital, Horsham.

Heading north towards Swan Hill, the coach passes through small towns, Rupanyup, Minyup, Sheep Hills, to name a few, famous for their painted wheat silos.

Located on the south bank of the Murray River, Swan Hill is explored, including the famous Pioneer Settlement. From Swan Hill, the group takes a train for a two and a half hour journey to Bendigo.

Another impressive rural town founded on gold, Bendigo highlights include the central Deborah Gold Mine, the Bendigo Botanical Gardens and a Bendigo Heritage Tram ride.

That evening the train heads to Echuca where you will visit the gin distillery and cruise the Murray River on a paddle wheel steamer.

The tour ends in Corowa, NSW, before crossing the Murray River to Wahgunyah/Rutherglen for lunch in the vineyards. The next day, take a train from Wangaratta to Melbourne.

With a choice of two departures, October 5-17, 2022 and March 15-27, 2023, the price per person in a twin room is $3,995 with $950 added for a single supplement. For more information call 1800 630 343 or visit www.travelrite.com.au.

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Brazilian police find human remains in search of British journalist, minister says


ATALAIA DO NORTE, Brazil, June 15 (Reuters) – Police have found human remains while searching for British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous expert Bruno Pereira after two fishermen confessed to killing them in the Amazon rainforest , Brazil’s Justice Minister said on Wednesday.

“I have just been informed by the @federal police that human remains have been found at the site where excavations were in progress.” Minister Anderson Torres said on Twitter.

The Federal Police will hold a press conference in Manaus at 7:30 p.m. local time (2330 GMT).

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The two suspects confessed to killing and dismembering the two men, who disappeared on June 5, TV Globo reported earlier, citing law enforcement sources.

Police have identified the suspects as fisherman Amarildo da Costa, known as “Pelado”, who was arrested last week for carrying a weapon, and his brother Oseney da Costa, 41, or “Dos Santos “, who was arrested on Tuesday evening. Read more

The suspects’ family have denied playing a role in the men’s disappearance. Public defenders representing the brothers could not immediately be reached for comment.

Reports suggest a grim conclusion to a case that sparked global alarm, hanging over President Jair Bolsonaro at a regional summit and causing concern in Britain’s parliament on Wednesday.

Phillips, a freelance journalist who has written for the Guardian and the Washington Post, was researching a book about the trip with Pereira, a former remote tribesman and recent contact at the federal indigenous affairs agency Funai.

They were in a remote jungle near the border with Colombia and Peru called the Javari Valley, home to the largest number of uncontacted natives in the world. The area has been overrun by fishermen, hunters, loggers and illegal miners, and police are calling it a key route for drug trafficking.

The brothers were seen meeting on the Itacoai River moments after Phillips and Pereira passed June 5, returning to the riverside town of Atalaia do Norte, a witness told federal police in a report seen by Reuters.

The police report says witnesses heard Pereira say he received threats from Amarildo da Costa. A former head of the indigenous affairs agency Funai, Pereira had been instrumental in stopping illegal gold mining and fishing by poachers on rivers inhabited by indigenous Javari tribes.

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Reporting by Jake Spring and Bruno Kelly Additional reporting by Peter Frontini and Steven Grattan in Sao Paulo and Pedro Fonseca in Rio de Janeiro Writing by Anthony Boadle Editing by Brad Haynes, Diane Craft and Leslie Adler

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

How long will it take for business travel to return to normal | Health


If you’re a former jet-setter who hasn’t been on a business trip in years, hang in there. Business travel plummeted in 2020 and 2021, and it still hasn’t returned.

According to an April report by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, or AHLA, conducted with the hotel analytics group Kalibri Labs, business travel revenue in hotels in the United States for 2022 is expected to be 23 % at pre-pandemic levels.

And it’s not just hotel revenues that are down. A study by the US Travel Association, a nonprofit organization representing the travel industry, estimates that overall business travel spending will decline 24% in 2022 from 2019 levels.


Some cities have been hit harder than others. The AHLA has released business travel revenue projections for 2022, and four major U.S. cities — San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC and San Jose, Calif. — are expected to see revenue declines of more than 50%. compared to 2019. San Francisco is particularly hard hit, with a drop of nearly 70% in revenue.

When will business trips return?

The US Travel Association estimates that domestic business travel won’t return to 2019 levels until 2024, and it’s expected to reach just 76% of 2019 levels this year. International business travel could take even longer to recover (until 2025) and is only expected to reach 72% of its pre-pandemic levels in 2022, according to the organization’s forecast.

For what it’s worth, there’s more business travel than there was in 2020 or 2021. And the business travel landscape in 2022 is markedly different than in pre-pandemic years. There are fewer people attending conferences and face-to-face meetings with clients these days. But there is an increase in other types of business travel.

Team travel, where multiple employees from the same team meet for an event or offsite event, increased by more than 900% between January and May 2022, according to corporate travel agency TripActions.

Data from TripActions also shows that the number of travelers per company has increased. Whereas before, only a few employees constantly traveled to sales meetings and conferences, today more employees travel at least once for work. A spokesperson for TripActions told NerdWallet that while in 2019 engineers made up 9% of bookings, today they make up 13%. Meanwhile, sellers previously made up 51% of bookings, but now only make up 45%.

Data from TripActions also shows that the number of team bookings made was 7% higher in April 2022 than its pre-pandemic peak in 2019.

Changes in Business Travel: Good or Bad for Leisure Travelers?

The decline in business travel (and its slow return) comes with pros and cons for leisure travelers.

Disadvantage: fewer opportunities to accumulate loyalty points and status

For some, personal travel is funded in whole or in part by points earned through business travel.

Business travel can also generate opportunities to gain elite levels of status that a person would otherwise be unlikely to achieve through leisure travel alone.

Spend five nights a month in a hotel for a consulting gig, and that’s enough to win Hyatt’s prominent globalist status. that, in turn, corresponds to MGM Rewards Gold statusunlocking valuable perks in the casino-centric hotel chain, like waiving resort fees, which could save you hundreds of dollars on your Las Vegas vacation.

How to use it to your advantage: You might not be able to rack up as many points and miles through work, but many brands have made it easier to earn or maintain status. Take a closer look at the loyalty programs you belong to, because you could be much closer to achieving elite status than you thought. If you only have one or two nights left or flights running out of status, paying for a mattress may still be worth it.

Pros: Less competition with business travelers for availability

For Tim Leffel, editor of online travel magazine Perceptive Travel, the lack of competition for seats from business travelers has opened up more opportunities for deals.

“As a leisure traveler, I have been very pleased to see that business travel is slow to return, as it means more opportunities to purchase business class seats at a good price,” says- he. “During the pandemic, I ended up buying several business class tickets between Mexico and the United States”

Meanwhile, airlines usually offer seniority-based upgrades to elite status. While a frequent business traveler may have an ultra-high elite status, a leisure traveler with a low level of elite status might ultimately get that upgrade to first class.

How to use it to your advantage: Consider credit cards that offer automatic elite status. While this isn’t necessarily the highest tier, you’re probably not competing with as many business travelers as usual. (And business travelers are more likely than leisure travelers to have elite status.) With fewer business travelers, you’re more likely to get an upgrade to elite status than in previous years.

Con: Lack of business travel could be the reason prices are so high

Some indicators suggest that it is business travel that makes leisure travel cheaper, in part because more business travel means more route availability overall. For leisure travelers, greater route availability means less need to stop for a layover or fly at undesirable times. Business flights also tend to generate more revenue for airlines, as these fares tend to be booked at the last minute, include more flexible cancellation policies, or belong to a higher class of service (or combination of the three).

How to use it to your advantage: Head to destinations that typically rely on business travel. Although San Francisco is still expensive, it could be cheaper in 2022 compared to 2019 given the drop in business travel demand.

The bottom line

Business travel is slowly coming back, but it is far from fully back. The return of business travel could likely take years. And when it does, it probably won’t look like it did before the pandemic.

Expect more company-sponsored trips to meet teammates. In the meantime, you might expect to attend fewer conferences or sales meetings. If you’re a former road warrior, you might find yourself traveling less than before the pandemic. But if you’ve never traveled on behalf of your company before, that might change, especially if you now have teammates spread across the country.

China’s middle class seeks to flee as Covid policies bite


Beijing – Alan Li sees no future for his family in China after strict Covid rules decimated his business, upended his son’s education and left his country at odds with the rest of the world.

He has given up hope of a return to normal after months of closure in Shanghai, and is now considering closing his business and moving to Hungary, where he sees better opportunities and where his 13-year-old son can attend a international school.

“Our losses this year mean it’s over for us,” he wearily told AFP, asking not to reveal his real name.

“We used our own cash savings to pay 400 workers (during lockdown). What if it happened again this winter?

Shanghai’s long shutdown, which has led to food shortages and protests, has caused some to reconsider staying in a country where livelihoods and ways of life can disappear at the whim of the state.

Schools have been closed and exams cancelled, including assessments for applying to US universities.

Li is frustrated that his son’s expensive bilingual schooling has been mostly online for two years, and he worries about how Beijing has tightened surveillance of the program.

“It’s a loss of our children’s youth,” Li said.

Quite well off, he was able to benefit from a European investment program which granted him and his family residence in Budapest.

“A lot of people know that if they sold all their assets they could ‘fall flat’ in a European country,” he said, using a slang expression meaning to relax.

Guo Shize, a Beijing-based immigration consultant, told AFP his firm had seen an explosion in inquiries since March, including a threefold increase in the number of clients in Shanghai.

Even after the lockdown was eased, requests continued to come in at more than double the usual level.

“Once that spark has been ignited in people’s minds, it doesn’t go out quickly,” he said.

– Exit ban –

Censors have sought to suppress discussions of emigration, prompting nimble netizens to adopt the term “running” instead.

Searches for the term on messaging app WeChat peaked during the Shanghai lockdown.

But as more people consider ways to leave, Beijing has doubled down on its strict exit policies for Chinese citizens.

All “unnecessary” trips out of the country have been banned. Passport renewals have been virtually halted, with authorities blaming the risk of Covid being carried into the country.

In the first half of 2021, immigration authorities issued only 2% of passports issued during the same period in 2019.

A woman who emigrated to Germany told AFP she received dozens of messages from Chinese people seeking advice on how to escape.

Emily, who didn’t want to use her real name, tried to help a relative get a new passport to take up a job in Europe, but the request was denied.

“It’s like being a child who wants to go play with his friends but their parents won’t let them go,” she said, adding that she had heard of passports being sold for up to 30,000 yuan (4 500 dollars) on black. market.

– ‘Absolutely crazy’ –

A Chinese freelancer told AFP he was turned away by immigration officials as he tried to travel to Turkey for work last October, despite having already registered.

“My itinerary seemed too suspicious to them. They brought my passport to an office and 15 minutes later told me that I didn’t meet the conditions “to leave, he said on condition of anonymity. “It was completely crazy.

He managed to leave weeks later by entering semi-autonomous Macau with another travel document, before catching a connecting flight.

Some are disappointed with Beijing’s increasing controls, which have been tightened during the pandemic.

“I just want to live in a country where the government won’t grossly interfere in my personal life,” said Lucy, a 20-year-old student at an elite Beijing university involved in LGBTQ and Marxist activism.

Virus policies had “enabled the government to control and monitor everything”, she said.

“Maybe rather than accepting and adapting to this system, we need to go somewhere else and create a new life.”

Getting the most out of your money when traveling abroad

For American travelers going abroad, the growing strength of the dollar is the benefit of a volatile economy. Currently, the exchange rate with the Euro is around $1.04, which means that every 100 Euro will cost around $104. One euro was worth about $1.22 this time last year. The current rate is down significantly from its peak in 2008, when each euro was worth $1.58.

The dollar is also up against other foreign currencies, including the British pound. Currently, $1 buys about 82 pence, so the cost of 100 pounds is about $122. Last June the rate was 70 pence to the dollar, which meant that 100 pounds cost around $143 at the time.

This means spending abroad is cheaper. A €5 glass of wine in Rome in 2008 would have cost around $8, compared to $5.20 today. A 100-euro rental apartment in Paris that cost $104 this summer could have cost $158 when the euro peaked. And a £60 ticket to London’s hit revival of ‘Cabaret’ now costs $73, while a similarly priced show last summer would have cost $85.

But are you better off, given that hotels and flights are also more expensive now? And how do you make sure you get the best price? Here’s what’s driving the market and how to make the most of a strong dollar overseas.

The dollar has appreciated considerably against the euro and some economists believe it could reach parity – something not seen for 20 years – by the end of the year.

Why is it going up? While the Federal Reserve raised interest rates to bring inflation down, the move made investing here more attractive, which is one of the main reasons the dollar is stronger, according to Tom Smythe, professor of finance at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. Additionally, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has upended global economies, sending investors seeking safe havens.

“When bad things start to happen, people tend to go back to US investments and that will strengthen the dollar against other currencies,” Smythe said.

All of this means that US travelers’ dollars will buy more in many overseas destinations. And most experts believe that the dollar will remain strong throughout the year.

Diana Hechler, owner of Larchmont, NY-based D Tours Travel, which specializes in European travel, calls the improved fares a “sweetener” for customers considering Europe this summer and can help them weather the storm. other considerations.

As at home, prices are up abroad, by about 8% among the main trading partners of the United States, according to Mr. Smythe.

“Prices are still going to be high, but compared to six months ago you will be able to buy more,” he said.

It’s not just inflation at work. Strong demand pushed prices up.

At Tourist Journey, an online platform that allows travelers to personalize their trip planning in 20 countries, the costs of a typical trip to Italy are 60% higher than last summer, when European travel was depressed and particularly low prices.

“With many hotels we partner with, no matter the budget, there is simply no availability,” Ben Julius, the founder of Tourist Journey, wrote in an email, noting that the rooms at hotel on the Amalfi Coast were $750. then are now priced around $1,000.

Airfares, normally purchased in US dollars, are also on the rise. Round trips to Europe cost an average of $971, up 13%, according to airline ticket booking app Hopper, but less than the 30% increase in domestic fares, which are currently in average $395 round trip.

The strengthening of the exchange rate partially mitigates the increases in accommodation rates. The average daily rate for a hotel room in Europe in April was 118 euros ($123 using today’s exchange rate), compared to 109 euros ($114) in April 2019, an increase of about 8% since the pandemic, according to STR, a comparative analysis of hotels. solidify. By comparison, the average increase in hotels in the United States during this period was almost 14% and the average rate in April was around $150.

“Generally, hotel rates in Europe are more reasonable than domestic rates, and the exchange rate only contributes to that,” said Keith Waldon, founder of Departure Lounge, an upscale travel agency in Austin. , Texas, who recently spent two months in Florence. “Also, in many cases, restaurant prices have fallen as restaurants attempt to bring demand back.”

With seven Parisian establishments, Orso Hotels posted an average occupancy rate of 85% in June, which is high. Yet management only raised prices slightly in response to demand. His rates per night for the Leopold hotel in the Montparnesse district in 2019, when it had just opened, were 150 to 200 euros. This month of June, its average price is 216 euros.

“While we could increase our rates per night after two years of distress, we have decided not to take this risk because we want people to return to Paris and be satisfied with their trip and have it at a fair price” , said Louis Solanet, the owner. .

Along with his wife, New York marketing manager Danny Groner decided to go to Copenhagen and London rather than Panama this summer when they heard about the favorable exchange rate with the euro. (Since Panama does indeed use the dollar, the cost of travel there will not be affected by the strength of the dollar.) Most of their budget will go to airlines and hotels, but they expect to save on museum entries, tours and food.

“If it costs a little more to get there and settle in, hopefully all the other purchases will be a bargain by comparison,” Groner said.

Ms Hechler, the travel agent, recently returned from a cruise on the Danube where she got off to a good start for Christmas shopping.

“I was used to $1.45 for one euro,” she said. “Why don’t you go shopping now?” »

According to Leigh Rowan, founder of Savanti Travel, a travel management company based in San Francisco, there are three essential financial steps to ensure you get the best possible exchange rate: Pay with a credit card with no transaction fees at abroad (determine this by calling your bank); withdraw money abroad, if necessary, via an ATM in the local currency (and avoid exchange offices at airports, which offer lower rates); and always select the local currency on a credit card purchase if you have the choice between it and US dollars.

By trading in local currency, you avoid what is known as dynamic currency conversion, where a trader lets you see the cost in your home currency and can trade on your ignoring the official conversion rate.

“If you pay a trader in dollars, they mark up their own rate,” Rowan said. “If 100 euros is worth around 108 dollars, they could offer 118 dollars and you will pay more because of your confusion.”

A favorable exchange rate is just an incentive for many current travelers.

“Our travelers have maximized their dollars the most over the past three to six months, visiting countries like Argentina and South Africa,” wrote Kareem George, owner of Culture Traveler, a travel agency in Franklin, Michigan. , in an email. “The incentive for a stronger dollar is compounded by the fact that many of these destinations remain far from their pre-pandemic occupancy levels. Travelers are enjoying major attractions with fewer crowds and are being greeted warmly and attentively by locals eager to bring back tourism.

Elaine Glusac writes the Frugal Traveler column. Follow her on Instagram @eglusac.

Travel guide to Milan, Italy: things to do in town, best hotels, attractions


Milan’s food scene is particularly strong in two areas: fine dining and cheap eats. Try the risotto alla Milanese served with saffron and bone marrow at Ratana, which offers bold twists on classic local dishes. The city offers Italy’s best pizza scene outside of Naples: Pizza AM has a great selection of high-quality slices.

When it comes to culinary prowess, Milan packs a huge and varied punch, with charming family-run trattorias and chic, ultra-modern Michelin-starred restaurants dotting the city in equal measure. For a taste of superb homemade dishes, try Il Solferino in the Brera district, where delicate white truffle-tinged pasta dishes complement the traditional “Milanese” veal cutlet.

For the ultimate in haute cuisine, head to Acanto at the Hotel Principe di Savoia. This is an atmospheric foodie’s paradise overseen by chef Alessandro Buffolino, who offers a menu of old-school Italian dishes with innovative modern twists.

Michelin starred restaurants

There are 15 restaurants in Milan that hold a Michelin star. Top of the menu is Enrico Bartolini al Mudec, which has three. An “elegant and contemporary” restaurant on the third floor of the Museo delle Culture, it offers an original venue and attentive, attentive service. “The apparent simplicity of the menu sets the tone for a concert of dishes featuring extraordinary soloists backed by choruses of ingredients and variations on the same theme,” said Michelin Guide Italy.

Aperitif time…

A pre-meal drink specifically meant to whet your appetite, the style of your aperitif will depend on where you are, Walks of Italy said. Milan is, “by far, the best place for an aperitif in Italy”. The bars are lively and the selection of food and drinks for aperitif is “excellent”.

The appetizer is taken so seriously here. Located in the Citta Studi district, Bar Basso is said to have invented the “Negroni Sbagliato” – a Milanese negroni with prosecco instead of gin. While in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the Campari-owned Il Camparino serves 19th-century style offerings.

Holland America Line (HAL) Offers Travel Leaders Network EDGE Conference Attendees Free Cruises to Alaska


“Holland American Line is an incredible partner,” said John Lovell, chairman of Travel Leaders Group, who was on stage with the cruise line during the announcement. “They strongly believe in the importance of the travel advisor and the travel agency distribution channel, in addition to having a fantastic product. I am so happy that EDGE attendees have the chance to experience it. On behalf of everyone at the Travel Leaders Network, I thank Holland America Line for their partnership and this generous donation.”

EDGE participants will have their choice of HAL Alaska cruises until the end of the 2022 season in October. Holland America Line Alaska cruises are known for their old-world elegance, top-notch service, and Alaska offerings.

“As we celebrate our 75e anniversary this year, we look forward to welcoming Travel Leaders Network advisors on board,” said michelle sutter, vice president of sales for Holland America Line. “The best way to sell a product is to experience it for yourself, whether these Advisors are sailing with us for the first time or the hundredth time, I know they will have a wonderful time on our ships and explore the beautiful and unparalleled Alaskan wilderness.”

About the Travel Leaders Network
Travel Leaders Network (www.TravelLeaders.com) serves millions of leisure and business travelers each year and is one of the largest sellers of luxury travel, cruises and tours in the travel agency industry, with approximately 5,700 travel agencies in through United States and Canada. Travel Leaders Network is part of Travel Leaders Group, a division of Internova Travel Group.

About Internova Travel Group
Internova Travel Group is one of the world’s largest travel services companies with a collection of leading brands providing personal, high-level travel expertise to leisure and corporate customers. Internova manages leisure, business and franchise businesses through a portfolio of distinct divisions. Internova represents more than 70,000 travel counselors at more than 6,000 company-owned and affiliated locations, primarily in United States, Canada and the UKwith a presence in more than 80 countries.

About Holland America Line [a division of Carnival Corporation and plc]
Holland America Line has been exploring the world since 1873 and was the first cruise line to offer adventures to Alaska and the yukon almost 75 years ago. Its fleet of premium vessels visits nearly 400 ports in 114 countries around the world, providing an ideal mid-size vessel experience. A third Pinnacle-class ship, rotterdamjoined the fleet in July 2021.

A leader in premium cruises, Holland America Line ships offer innovative initiatives and a diverse range of enriching experiences focused on destination exploration and personalized travel. The best live music at sea fills every evening at Music Walk, and dining venues feature exclusive selections from Holland America Line’s renowned culinary board of world-renowned chefs.

Find Holland America Line at Twitter, Facebook and the Holland America Blog. Access all social media through the homepage on hollandamerica.com.

Berit Griffin
[email protected]

SOURCE Travel Leaders Network

How to prepare for your dream holiday abroad

It’s been more than two years since the pandemic hit, derailing most people’s vacation plans. But, with travel bans easing around the world, it could be the perfect time for a family vacation. There are challenges, however, and experts say you should consider these six major points to plan a stress-free vacation.

Destination research: This should be the first thing to do before applying for that plane ticket. Research the destination of your choice and the hotel you plan to stay at. Check nearby tourist attractions and look for seasonal activities such as festivals in the area. Plan your route only after choosing your destination.

“Before travelling, it is essential to be aware of the regulations and current events of the destination to which you are heading. There could be events or regulations that could impact your itinerary,” said Cleartrip Chief Commercial Officer Prahlad Krishnamurthi.

Plan your finances: If you’re seriously considering going on vacation later this year, it’s best to start planning your budget now. Hotel and flight reservations will need to be made earlier.

“There is pent-up demand for vacations, which has driven up airfare and hotel prices,” said Anup Bansal, chief investment officer at Scripbox. “Planning your vacation will make it easier to book airfare and hotel rooms. You need to budget a much higher amount (usually more than 30-40%) for last-minute bookings, so it’s better to plan your vacations. vacation in advance. A well-designed plan and the right budget will help you cut down on unnecessary spending and ensure a stress-free vacation. It is important that you plan your vacation at least six months in advance,” Bansal added. .

Invest for your vacation: Once you have decided on your destination and allocated a budget for it, it is time to make investments that will help you achieve this goal without too much hassle. This will help keep you organized and provide you with an alternative to using your savings.

Bansal said: “To get the best rates, reservations need to be made quickly and that will require cash immediately. Investments should be made in safer and liquid fixed income instruments to create a large corpus. This will ensure that you don’t break your bank or your funds for emergency or long-term goals.”

Currency Issues: If you’re planning a vacation abroad, the currency exchange can be a pain. Chances are you won’t get a favorable trade. As a rule, currency exchange offices and currency exchange offices at airports charge additional fees; thus, their rates are not entirely competitive.

Sudarshan Motwani, Founder and CEO of BookMyForex.com said, “It’s no secret that airports are an expensive option for exchanging money. Exchange rates can be 8-15% higher than standard market rates. Online platforms sell forex charts at the exact interbank rate, i.e. no markup on top of the rates seen on search engines, meaning you don’t lose any value when exchanging your money . “

Go digital: The pandemic has transformed individual payment preferences from traditional cash transactions to online payments. “You can enjoy the holidays without having to carry cash and the stress of keeping it safe. However, carrying a small but considerable amount of cash can help in an emergency,” Bansal said.

Vaccination mandates: Keep your covid vaccination certificates handy. Adhil Shetty, CEO of BankBazaar.com, said: “Before embarking on any travel, make sure you are clear on all vaccination and testing mandates. Although most countries no longer require RT-PCR testing, there may still be local variations due to infection spikes. You should also review all cancellation and refund procedures before booking tickets if you cannot travel due to infection or due to last minute travel restrictions.”

Also, make sure you have a travel insurance policy that covers any illness while traveling abroad that requires isolation or hospitalization.

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Between inflation and the falling rupee, travel has become more expensive, and international travel in particular. Prices for food, accommodation, and flights have all gone up, and you need to factor in the extra costs when budgeting.

Plus, due to recent interest rate hikes, using a personal loan to finance your trip will become more expensive than ever. So you have to be prepared not only to shell out more, but also to take on a heavier burden in terms of equivalent monthly payments (EMI).

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Baby on Board? Here’s a guide to flying while pregnant


It is generally safe to fly while pregnant, and air travel will not interfere with pregnancy, especially for women who are not at high risk.

Who doesn’t like to travel the world and the seven seas, as the song says? However, the story becomes different when flying while pregnant. That doesn’t mean people will have to cancel vacation and travel plans. On the contrary, many travel lovers take dozens of flights even when pregnant. Indeed, it is generally safe to fly during pregnancy and air travel will not interfere with pregnancy, especially for women who are not at high risk. However, when carrying a baby, every woman is advised to consult with her health care provider to determine if flying while pregnant is a wise decision to make. For example, some doctors require a woman to postpone her trip until the second trimester of her pregnancy. This is when the smallest emergencies arise. Here’s a guide that provides the best tips for flying while pregnant.

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Flying while pregnant Tips: airline rules

A woman should check the airline’s rules if she is flying while pregnant. She must inform the airline of her situation to avoid any surprises at the boarding gate or at the check-in counter. Generally speaking, the majority of airlines allow pregnant women to fly without problems or restrictions until they reach their 36th week of pregnancy.

However, a woman should check her airline’s rules and inquire about this, as some operators require documentation proving gestational age. The healthcare provider issues this document.

This is why a woman should first check her health with her health care provider to determine if she is allowed to fly while pregnant.

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Here are the best tips for flying during pregnancy

A woman should take precautions and follow these top tips for flying during pregnancy. For example, many women will be concerned about fatigue or morning sickness when flying while pregnant in their first trimester. That’s why they may feel better booking a short flight rather than a longer one. They would also feel more comfortable knowing what to put in a carry-on for a short flight. This is because pregnant women have to pack many items and things when traveling. During the first weeks of pregnancy, women will also be concerned about the safety of their baby. Indeed, according to the NHS, during the first three months of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is higher, whether the woman is traveling or not. Although this issue is not related to stealing during pregnancy, a woman will feel more comfortable discussing it with her doctor or midwife.

The story changes during the second trimester of pregnancy. Women may believe that this is the most amazing time to fly during pregnancy, as they will have overcome morning sickness and regained their energy levels. There is also a very low risk of giving birth during this trimester, which reduces the stress level of pregnant women. It is recommended that they get a pregnancy pillow that makes their life comfortable when flying during pregnancy. As previously stated, pregnant women are advised to obtain a fitness to fly letter from their health care provider to present to the airline in case they request it. Another thing to remember is to put all medical records in your carry-on.

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Tips for Flying During Pregnancy: Dos and Don’ts

There are many do’s and don’ts when traveling pregnant. For example, a pregnant woman should consider wearing compression socks when traveling. She should also make herself comfortable by wearing loose clothing. Water is essential and people need to drink constantly even when they are not pregnant. Thus, pregnant women should drink plenty of water during their flights. Some pregnant women suffer from swollen feet. That’s why they should consider wearing slip-on shoes. A good idea would be to sit just a few rows away from the on-board lavatory when traveling pregnant. Women are also advised to maintain blood circulation while moving when flying during pregnancy. They should also consider reading the in-flight health advice.

On the side of what not to do, there are plenty of tips for flying while pregnant. Women shouldn’t be shy on the plane and they should ask for a seat belt extender if they feel the need. It is against airline safety policy for pregnant women to sit in an emergency exit row. Thus, people should avoid doing this when flying during pregnancy. When women have no one with them to help them, they should consider packing lightly when pregnant to avoid lifting heavy bags.

Mary “Dolly” Bryan | Obituary


Dolly Bryan, 97, of Reamstown, formerly of Doylestown, passed away peacefully on Monday, June 6, 2022, at her home. Born in Philadelphia, she was the daughter of the late James & Ellen (Mahaney) Blackmore and beloved wife of Floyd W. Bryan until his death in 2002.

Dolly was a graduate of Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, class of 1943. For more than 20 years, she was the general manager of the travel agency office Keystone Triple A. Her love of God and family was evident to everyone who knew her. She was a devout member of DPI Church in Ephrata where she regularly attended Mass. Dolly has felt so blessed to live close to her family, which has allowed them to spend so much quality time together, including many treasured memories with her 17 grandchildren. Never to be missed, she always looked forward to trips to her daughter Kathi’s house, Eagles Nest events, celebrations and visits from her loving family. Dolly’s unwavering dedication and love will be sorely missed.

Dolly is survived by four children, Kathleen Murphy (Ken) of Pennsburg, MariaElena Horn (Tom) of Reamstown, Dustin Bryan (Karen) of Denver and Maureen Oniskey of Ephrata; 17 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; and a son-in-law, Mel Bevan of Reinholds. In addition to her husband, Dolly is predeceased by a daughter, Bonnie Bevan; son-in-law, Jude Oniskey; a brother, James Blackmore and a sister, Ellen Ott.

A visitation will be held Tuesday, June 14 from 10-11 a.m. at DPI Church, 330 Church Ave., Ephrata, PA, followed by funeral mass at 11 a.m. Interment will take place the following day, Wednesday June 15 at 11 a.m. at Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine National Cemetery, Doylestown.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to DPI Church, 330 Church Avenue, Ephrata, PA 17522. www.goodfuneral.com

High Gas Prices: Drivers Adjust Routines to Reduce Fuel Costs

Placeholder while loading article actions

The average price of a gallon of gas hit $5 for the first time Friday in the Washington area, reinforcing a change in behavior as motorists increasingly turn to carpooling, public transit and d Other Methods to Find Financial Relief.

Prices in the DC area ranged from about $4.96 in some outer suburbs to $5.24 in the District, according to AAA, reflecting a national increase ahead of the summer travel season. The figures are the highest on record in the region, forcing motorists to seek cost savings amid the steep rise in the cost of several consumer goods.

Travis King, 43, commutes nearly two hours a day from his home in Spotsylvania County, Va., to his health care job in Rockville, Maryland. Unable to reduce his driving, about three months ago he decided to switch to a more fuel-efficient car. The price of fuel has also threatened the income of two family businesses, which his wife operates during the week.

“We had to raise the prices of our products,” he said one recent morning, filling up part of his tank at a Wawa station in Fredericksburg. “If I pay that amount for gasoline, I have to make up for that somewhere.”

Are rising gas prices affecting your travel plans this summer?

Whether he’s driving less or cutting costs elsewhere, King is one of millions of motorists who are adapting their lives to become more fuel efficient as fuel prices rise.

The average price of a gallon of gas Saturday was $4.84 in Virginia and $5.01 in Maryland, while the average in the Washington metro area was $5.04, or about $2 more than a year earlier, according to AAA. Regional gas prices hover about 4 cents above the national average.

California had the most expensive gas in the country, at $6.43 a gallon, while Georgia was the lowest at $4.47 a gallon, according to AAA.

“We have a perfect storm regarding gas prices and the impact on travel,” said Bill Eisele, senior research engineer at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. “We have this pervasive inflation right now in all goods and services – housing is up, groceries are up, and now gas is up.”

Soaring gas prices are stinging drivers nationwide, draining their wallets and their patience

Christopher Knittel, a professor of applied economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management, cited two main economic and geopolitical factors that contributed to the rise of the pump.

“The war in Ukraine injected a lot of uncertainty into the oil markets and led to less Russian oil coming onto the world market, which put upward pressure on oil prices,” he said. declared.

Global oil demand is also rising more than two years into the pandemic, Knittel said, a period that also coincides with a surge in travel demand. Production slowed at the start of the pandemic as drive levels fell, but now supply is struggling to keep up.

AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman Ragina Ali said demand for gasoline continues to grow as drivers fill up for summer trips.

“Despite record high gasoline prices, we’re not seeing a reduction in gas mileage,” she said on Friday. “We have seen, if anything, an increase in the last week.”

Rising gas and energy prices last month contributed to a jump in inflation, which hit 8.6% from a year earlier – the fastest pace in 40 years, according to the Federal data released Friday. Airline tickets, used cars and new vehicles were among the other main contributors to the rise.

Inflation hit a new high in May amid high gasoline prices

There is probably little relief in sight for motorists. Eisele said gasoline prices also tend to rise in the summer due to the switch to summer-grade gasoline — a cleaner, reformulated blend offered by stations during the warmer months that is more expensive to produce.

“It’s another unfortunate layer of this drama unfolding,” he said.

Rising gas prices have led to changes in the way people travel.

At national scale Post-Schar Washington School Poll conducted between April 21 and May 12 — when gas prices in the Washington area were about 57 cents lower — showed that more than 6 in 10 drivers decide to drive less, while more than 3 in 10 said they drove slower, which can increase fuel efficiency. About 2 in 10 drivers carpooled due to rising gas prices.

Khalil Thompson, a consultant who lives in DC, said he avoids filling up his tank completely and tries to stretch $20 worth of gas to last a week – often limiting driving to dropping his daughter off at school. He said he started walking, rather than driving, to the grocery store.

“I don’t go out as much anymore,” Thompson said. “I minimize my driving to the essentials.”

Some commuters who rely on their car for work have reduced their other costs in response to rising prices.

David Chase drove about 100 miles round trip every weekend from his home in Gaithersburg to see his family on the east coast. With rising gas prices, his family downsized the tradition.

Her three housemates have also started to bundle their car trips together to save money. Instead of grocery shopping individually, he said, they will ask each other to pick up items if anyone plans to shop.

“I don’t go out as much to buy groceries or run errands,” Chase said. “As much as we can, [we] compact the trip into a single visit.

Experts also said they expected continued flexibility with remote working, an option made more accessible by the pandemic.

With an 80-mile daily commute to DC, Monica Stearns, a university administrator from Winchester, works from home when she can. To mitigate the effects of higher transport costs, she said she was considering how to provide more flexibility to her staff.

“We use telecommuting when we can, remote work and we are flexible in terms of arrival times so that they can take advantage of off-peak hours,” she said.

Rising prices have led some motorists to take another look at alternatives such as Metro and Capital Bikeshare. While it’s unclear to what extent gas prices are contributing to increased ridership, leaders from both organizations say high fuel costs are making public transportation more attractive.

If gas prices have you considering cycling, this bike ambassador has some advice

Capital Bikeshare recorded its highest pandemic-era ridership in May, as did San Francisco-area Bay Wheels. New York’s Citi Bike neared its all-time one-day record last weekend.

“Bikeshare has always been one of the more affordable options for getting a few miles in the area — and today’s gas prices make it even more appealing,” said Dominick Tribone, managing director of Lyft for Capital Bikeshare, in a statement.

Despite multiple safety and service issues, Metro also saw an increase in average ridership over the spring. Average weekday train ridership increased by 85% from January to May, while average weekday bus ridership more than doubled over the same period. The timing also coincides with an increase in office work, as restrictions eased more than two years into the pandemic. Metrorail passenger numbers are still around 40% of pre-pandemic levels.

Greg Gant, an engineer and YMCA instructor who lives on Capitol Hill, said he switched to public transportation this month to get to work after gas prices got too high. He tracks his gas expenses using an app — paying well over $5 a gallon to fill his tank with premium gas.

He said he hoped to return to driving, but right now the price of gas is “just too high”.

Experts said high gasoline prices could prompt people to seek more environmentally friendly alternatives to their energy-guzzling commutes. Knittel said more people in urban areas are likely to seek public transit options.

“There’s quite a bit of capital cost to learn the system and organize rides,” he said. “I would expect a good number of commuters to start investing time and effort in learning what their best transit options are available to them and then the next response to that is to lobby or certainly to lobbying decision-makers to improve audiences. public transport systems.

Thompson said he plans to continue to limit his driving in hopes that fuel demand will decline in the coming months and lower prices will follow.

“I’m just trying to get through the summer,” he said. “Hopefully something will change by then.”

The Holiday Guru answers your questions about last-minute flight cancellations


The Holiday Guru is always available to answer your questions.

Here he helps readers whose flights and package holidays have been cancelled, letting them know when they need to get a refund or compensation.

Q. What will the airline do and what compensation will I be entitled to if my flight is suddenly cancelled?

The Holiday Guru helps readers whose flights were suddenly canceled

A. Your airline should put you on the next flight to your destination, with another airline if necessary, ideally on the same day. You can request a refund instead, if you prefer. You will also be entitled to compensation, depending on the cause of the cancellation. If you receive less than seven days’ notice, this ranges from £220 per person for flights under 1,500km to £520 for long haul. See “Cancellations” on caa.co.uk.

Q. What happens if the airline cannot find a flight to my destination on the same day?

A. He should arrange accommodation for that night – and others, if necessary – and pay for food. If you cannot get a response from the airline, you can book a reasonably priced hotel yourself and then submit a claim with receipts for that and other “reasonable” expenses, such as food. This is standard procedure.

Q. What if he finds that no other flight is available?

A. You will receive a refund and compensation. You are only refunded if the cancellation is made by the airline within 14 days of your original departure date.

If your flight is canceled at the last minute, your airline must put you on the next flight to your destination, reveals the Holiday Guru

If your flight is canceled at the last minute, your airline must put you on the next flight to your destination, reveals the Holiday Guru

Q. What about the accommodation I have booked at my destination? Will I get a refund for this?

A. You will need to cancel this, if you can, and try to request a refund through them. Unfortunately, some accommodation owners may not offer refunds. An airline will not compensate for this.

Q. In this case, can I claim my travel insurance?

A. It’s unlikely, because you’ll have a contract with the hosting provider and you won’t be able to fulfill your part of that, even if it’s not your fault. But it’s worth asking your insurer, just in case.

Q. If a flight is canceled more than 14 days before departure, am I entitled to compensation?

A. No, but the airline should take you on another flight, ideally the same day, or offer you a refund.

If you are forced to wait overnight for another flight after a cancellation, submit a claim to the airline with receipts for

If you are forced to wait overnight for another flight after a cancellation, submit a claim to the airline with receipts for “reasonable” expenses, such as food.

Q. Will I be charged any fees if I simply return home when a flight is canceled at short notice and then return for the next flight arranged by the airline? If so, how can I claim them?

A. Yes, the airline must cover transportation costs to and from the airport. To submit a complaint, visit the customer complaints section of the website – at British Airways this is ‘Complaints and Complaints’ on ba.com. This can be a more difficult process if the airline requires receipts. Keep copies of all of this and any documents you send, in case they get lost in the mail.

Q. Is compensation due for delayed flights?

A. If your flight of less than 1,500km is delayed for three hours or more, depending on the cause, you are entitled to £220. If a flight of 1,500km to 3,500km is delayed for three hours or more, the amount is £350. If a flight over 3,500km is more than four hours late, you can claim £520. Check the ‘Delays’ page on caa.co.uk.

According to the guru, if your flight of less than 1,500km is delayed for three hours or more, depending on the cause, you are entitled to £220

According to the guru, if your flight of less than 1,500km is delayed for three hours or more, depending on the cause, you are entitled to £220


  • Consider traveling mid-week to avoid busy weekend peaks.
  • Book a fully protected vacation package rather than looking at flights and accommodation on their own.
  • Avoid checking your bags if you can – try to pack light.
  • Check social media and airport websites for up-to-date information on queues.
  • Ask for help if you’re waiting in line and think you’ll miss your flight.
  • Pay for the accelerated security option.
  • Never keep your keys or medicine in checked baggage, in case they go missing.

Q. My package holiday to Spain later this month has been cancelled. Am I entitled to a refund?

A. Under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations (see which.co.uk), you must get a full refund within 14 days of cancellation. This applies to package holidays and where hotels and flights have been purchased together. Responsible companies must make refunds without inducement. If a business misses the 14-day deadline, it is breaking the law and can be taken to small claims court.

Q How can we request refunds if our train journeys are canceled and/or delayed?

A. You can request a full refund if your train is cancelled. It is best to make the claim within 28 days. Railroad websites have complaint procedures, for example, see “Train Ticket Refunds” on southwesternrailway.com.

If a train is delayed for more than half an hour, Citizens Advice advises that “you will usually be able to recover some money”, often up to 50% of the ticket price. You should be refunded the full cost if the delay lasts more than one hour. See ‘Get a refund for a canceled or delayed train’ on citizenadvice.org.uk.


If you need advice, the Holiday Guru is here to answer your questions. Send your email to [email protected]

Visitors slam ‘worst tourist attraction ever’, calling £400,000 venue a ‘waste of money’

The large dome is home to 200 exotic rescue birds and is meant to offer a ‘360 degree viewing experience’ – but visitors say its design makes the aviary too dark to see any of the birds

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Bournemouth: A look at the new £400,000 aviary

Visitors to a brand new aviary which cost over £400,000 have branded it a ‘waste of public money’ because they cannot see inside.

The large dome which houses 200 exotic rescue birds in Bournemouth is meant to provide a “360 degree viewing experience”.

But it was constructed using a double-layered metal grid to prevent people from feeding the birds and to protect their fingers from being pinched.

The top of the dome is also solid metal, which means hardly any light comes through the aviary, with people claiming the facility is too dark for people to see most birds.

The large dome which houses 200 exotic rescue birds is said to offer a “360 degree viewing experience”


Max Willcock/BNPS)

The highly anticipated conservatory, mostly funded by public donations, took 20 years to build and took several months to construct.

Yet after its grand unveiling in Bournemouth, Dorset, visitors were left disappointed.

Dozens of squinting observers leaned near the aviary to take a look at one of its many inhabitants, which includes zebra finches, lovebirds, cockatiels and parrots.

The top of the dome is also solid metal, which means hardly any light comes through the aviary, with people claiming the facility is too dark for people to see most birds.


Max Willcock/BNPS)

Paul Rice, from Marlborough, Wilts, who frequently visits Bournemouth with his partner, Karron Fitchett, said: “The majority of people just walk past now because they can’t see inside.

“£400,000 is a lot of money for that, isn’t it? You can’t see anything – all you can see is shadow.

“All those people who put money into it can’t even look at the birds.”

Ms Fitchett described herself as a ‘bird lover’ but was disappointed with the aviary. She added: ‘You would think they would have had experts looking at the design who would realize.

Birds are hard to see through the grill


Max Willcock/BNPS)

John Holmes, 70, and his wife Nina, also had difficulty seeing. He said, “It’s very difficult to see the birds. You can see the usefulness of the double grid but you need some light from the top of the cage”.

Giran Bhardwas, 65, from London, said: “I was trying to take pictures on my phone to show my granddaughter but I couldn’t see anything.

“I don’t think it was worth £400,000 – they should have spent the money on more public toilets.

Paul Rice and Karron Fitchett


Max Willcock/BNPS)

“It’s the double cage – the narrow holes make it difficult. If they were a bit bigger with a transparent top to let the light in, it would have been better.”

Tripadviser reviews of the new aviary were similarly unflattering, with one visitor writing that it was not worth looking at.

They said: “The gardens are still beautiful but we were so disappointed with the new aviary, although a bird sanctuary it’s certainly not an attraction, you can’t see the birds properly because the cages that hold them surround obscure the view.

“It’s a pity that the architect could not find better. During our visits, we always went to see the birds, but it is no longer worth seeing”.

Tripadviser reviews of the new aviary were similarly unflattering, with one visitor writing that it was not worth looking at.


Max Willcock/BNPS)

Others have urged the architects who designed it to “fix it.” One wrote: ‘The new aviary is very poor – the birds are very difficult to see through the two layers of mesh. It really needs an overhaul.’

Another reviewer said: “Very disappointed – couldn’t see the birds. Hope the designers will fix it”.

Comments on Facebook were even more scathing, with some decrying it as “ill-conceived horror” reminiscent of post-apocalyptic film Mad Max’s “Thunderdome”.

Visitors struggle to take photos


Max Willcock/BNPS)

Chris Grant said it was “a great idea but an awful design” while Bev Lloyd described it as “total pain in the eyes”.

Moni Chai said: “The extra cage ruins the view and no one seems to want to fix it – what a shame. Not enough thought but I bet a lot of money was so we’re stuck with this view c **p”.

Named the Coopper Thompson Rescue Aviary, it was funded by £266,255 in public donations – as well as a community infrastructure levy of £150,000 from the BCP Council and the Parks Foundation, a local charity.

A room in the center of the aviary


Max Willcock/BNPS)

The Parks Foundation described it as a “historic structure” offering more space for birds to fly and a “360 degree viewing experience”.

They said it had been built to “higher welfare standards” using “sustainable” materials.

Derek Heritage of Bournemouth Aviary, the volunteer-run organization that runs it, said: “It’s been over 20 years since plans were made to permanently remove the old aviary.

“Now we celebrate the working relationship between the council, the Parks Foundation and a group of volunteers and the continued support of United Taxis who helped us raise much needed funds to rebuild the aviary.”

Nina and John Holmes


Max Willcock/BNPS)

Responding to concerns from visitors that they cannot see inside the aviary, a council spokesman said they would test various “options” to improve visibility.

Councilor Mark Anderson, portfolio holder for Environment and Place, said: “The new Bournemouth aviary has been designed to keep the birds safe, which is why we have a double layer of mesh on the outside .

“It prevents people from feeding the birds, which can be harmful to them, and helps protect the fingers from being pecked. It also provides variable shade for the birds.

The Parks Foundation described it as a “historic structure” offering more space for birds to fly and a “360 degree viewing experience”.


Max Willcock/BNPS)

“We want everyone who visits to enjoy a 360 degree view of the birds and recommend standing close to the mesh to see the birds, however, we realize that not everyone can see through the double mesh layer.

“Taking this feedback into account, we will be testing various options in the coming weeks that will allow for better visibility from outside the aviary.

“The aviary is an important part of Bournemouth history having been there in one form or another since the 1930s. This new structure provides more flying space for the birds and we are delighted that they will settled into their remarkable new surroundings quickly, making the morning birdsong a little louder – and we hope that all residents and visitors to Bournemouth will once again enjoy seeing the birds in their new and improved habitat.”

Read more

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CDC removes Monkeypox mask record from travel advice


The CDC removed a recommendation to wear a mask from its monkeypox guidelines for travelers earlier this week, saying it was “causing confusion,” according to an agency statement shared with MedPage Today.

Orientation originally stated: “Wear a mask. Wearing a mask can help protect you against many diseases, including monkeypox.”

But this statement no longer appears on the CDC’s “Travel Health Advisories” for monkeypox.

“Late Monday, the CDC removed the mask recommendation from the travel health notice regarding monkeypox because it caused confusion,” the CDC statement read.

The statement adds that in “countries where there is a current outbreak of monkeypox, the CDC continues to recommend masking in high-risk situations, including for household contacts and healthcare workers, or for other people who may be in close contact with someone who has been confirmed. with monkeypox.”

The retraction comes as World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, PhD, said during a press briefing on Wednesday that “the risk of monkeypox becoming established in non-endemic countries is real”.

However, it is not too late to change things, WHO officials said. There is “still a window of opportunity to prevent the spread of monkeypox among those who are currently most at risk” and bring the virus under control, said Rosamund Lewis, MSc, WHO technical lead on monkeypox, during the briefing.

Still, scientists have expressed legitimate concerns that the virus could become endemic in the United States by potentially establishing itself in an animal population here. If that happens, the United States could face repeated human outbreaks, according to a press article in Science.

There are currently no animal reservoirs outside of Africa, where rodents are thought to be the primary animal host, according to Science.

Questions have also been raised about modes of transmission of monkeypox, and a recent New York Times article noted that the virus can be airborne, “at least over short distances” – which comes as no surprise to infectious disease experts. Although airborne transmission is not considered a major factor in the spread, Time reported that “there are no firm estimates regarding its contribution”.

It is widely accepted that the primary mode of human-to-human transmission is through very close contact, especially directly with lesions; and that, at least in endemic areas, it is much more often transmitted from an animal to a human host.

That’s one of the reasons Grant McFadden, PhD, a virology expert at Arizona State University, said masks probably aren’t needed at the population level yet.

“Masks make sense for people in close contact with people infected with monkeypox, but they shouldn’t be needed for general use by the public to protect against this disease,” McFadden said. MedPage today by email.

The CDC did not respond to further MedPage today questions about forwarding and masking, but the agency is now tracking and publicly report monkeypox cases in the United States daily. As of Thursday, June 9, there were 45 cases in 16 states, according to the CDC tracker. On Wednesday, the WHO confirmed more than 1,000 cases in 29 countries outside West and Central Africa.

Jennifer McQuiston, DVM, deputy director of the Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology at the CDC, told reporters at an Association for Health Care Journalists fellowship meeting on the CDC campus earlier this week that Canada has moved to a preventive vaccination strategy in some cases. .

“They recently made a change, because they have a big outbreak in Montreal with a lot of cases … and it’s probably that they had so many cases that they couldn’t do contact tracing effectively,” McQuiston said. .

Earlier this week, the province of Quebec in Canada reported a total of 90 confirmed cases of monkeypox and began offering a smallpox vaccine to certain close contacts of infected people, according to Radio Canada. So far, 813 people have been vaccinated, according to the report.

“If we see something like this happen in the United States,” McQuiston said, “we might make a similar decision.”

She added that CDC scientists are developing risk models to inform the CDC when it would be appropriate to flip that switch and make the vaccine more widely available.

Amanda D’Ambrosio contributed to this report.

  • Kristina Fiore leads MedPage’s corporate reporting and investigative team. She has been a medical journalist for over a decade and her work has been recognized by Barlett & Steele, AHCJ, SABEW and others. Send story tips to [email protected] Follow

Patience key when traveling by plane due to pandemic regulations


Content of the article

Travelers are advised to exercise patience as they navigate the increasingly frustrating reality of airport delays and flight cancellations.

Content of the article

Sarah Hupalo, owner of Elite Travel Windsor, said demand is strong but travel has changed since the pandemic.

“It’s a different world and people have to really, really be patient and realize that things aren’t going to go the way they used to,” Hupalo said. “It’s going to take a while to get back to some sort of normalcy, but ultimately we’re blessed to be able to travel and have these experiences.

“And sometimes it pays to be a little exasperated to make that dream come true.”

I’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s definitely a different world to navigate

A longtime travel consultant says many clients are looking to fulfill their dreams and tick off their “to do” list.

“Things that people thought they would do on the list one day maybe become now,” she said. “But again, my advice to anyone traveling is to be patient.”

Travelers wait in line at Terminal 3 at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, Thursday, May 9, 2022. Photo by Peter J. Thompson /national post

Hupalo said at least a week before departure, travelers should start checking flight status and continue checking through to departure, including Toronto Pearson International Airport.

“And they should, if they come out of Pearson (to) check in at Pearson,” she added. “They should arrive at least three hours before the flight, even if their flight is at 7 a.m. because of the problem with customs and the lack of staff and all the processes that have been put in place.”

Recent reports from the Canadian Press indicate that the federal government is working on new measures to help reduce delays at major airports which, in many cases, are causing a domino effect of canceled flights elsewhere.

Content of the article

People traveling through Canadian airports have experienced long lines and flight delays as post-pandemic travel intensifies, particularly at Toronto’s Pearson airport. Slower processing times have been blamed on COVID-19 restrictions and labor shortages.

Mark Galvin, general manager of Windsor International Airport, said there had been flight cancellations and delays, but he was not always aware of the reason for a cancellation, adding that it could be due to backups at Pearson, problems with a plane, or stormy weather.

Given Windsor is a smaller airport with spread out flights and few connecting flights, Galvin said travelers don’t have the same issues getting through security and boarding planes – although delays elsewhere sometimes affect Windsor.

“There was definitely an impact. And it’s a spillover effect from the hubs, like Pearson,” he said.

  1. People line up to check in at Toronto Pearson International Airport on May 12, 2022.

    Government working on measures to end airport delays, federal ministers say

  2. The Windsor Airport control tower is shown June 1, 2022.

    NAV Canada proposes to reduce air traffic control hours at Windsor

Early Thursday afternoon, Galvin said only one Air Canada departure had been canceled, but all other flights were on time.

“But again, that’s always subject to change. As you go through the day, sometimes those things come back and it can be kind of a cascading effect,” he said.

“I would also always suggest that a traveler check with the airline, check their own individual flight to see how that flight is going.”

Hupalo shares the same advice.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s definitely a different world to navigate,” she said.

In the event of a delay or cancellation, she advised travelers to contact their travel agent or the airline directly.

“They should constantly check the entry requirements to know where they are going. If they have a delay or anything, they should check the flight status all the time.

[email protected]


Ambitious plans for roller coaster and Lake District tourist attraction

Ambitious plans to create an ‘adventure tourism experience’ at a Lake District quarry are set to be put forward, it has been learned.

Burlington Stone wants to turn the Elterwater quarry into a tourist attraction with high ropes courses and roller coasters. ‘Viewpoints’ around the quarry would allow non-participating members of the public to watch and learn the history of the site and the slate industry.

But, according to a district councilor in the area, the groundswell of public opinion is against the plans.

More: New car ferry planned to replace Windermere transport

“This part of the world is very busy,” said Cllr Malcolm Lamb. “It’s expanding in terms of infrastructure, roads, parking, and that’s only going to make this problem worse.”

The stone company, based in Kirkby-in-Furness, says it has ‘taken the decision to focus its quarrying on fewer quarries’ and that the tourist experience project is a way to preserve the site of Elterwater and its caverns underground.

“These experiences will provide guests with a fun way to appreciate and enjoy the environment, without having to alter or change the existing landscape,” a spokesperson said. “This will allow visitors to get a real sense of the quarry’s rich history dating back to the mid-19th century.”

The spokesperson said the ‘Cavern Coaster’ would be an ‘eco-friendly toboggan style’ ride that would take passengers through wooded areas and reclaimed quarry land, culminating in an underground section through the caverns .

Would you like the attraction? Comment with your thoughts below

“The development will be primarily contained within the quarry void and caverns, complemented by sympathetic landscaping around the site,” he said.

The company also plans to create a new car park at the quarry to avoid putting additional pressure on the parking supply in the area.

“It is hoped that this facility can also alleviate existing problems in and around the village of Elterwater,” the company spokesperson said.

“As a company already operating in the Lake District National Park, we are aware of the long-standing traffic issues that exist, particularly during peak periods. We have started early discussions with key stakeholders to help us develop a sustainable transportation strategy. The shutdown of quarry operations will, in itself, remove vehicles – especially large utility vehicles – from the local road network.

Charging stations for electric vehicles and bicycle storage would also be set up on the site. Burlington Stone says its intention is to create “sustainable jobs for local people”. However, Cllr Lamb, who lives in Chapel Stile and is building a house in Elterwater, described it as a “complete mistake”.

He felt that the surrounding area did not have the number of people available to provide staff and that it was not an area in which staff members could afford to live. He said other companies had been forced to bring in workers from further afield. and expected that to happen with Elterwater Quarry.

“This project is anything but sustainable,” he said. “It will attract more tourists, which we already cannot cope with, to the detriment of the environment in this region.”

Burlington Stone says it is currently developing a career planning app for Elterwater and liaising with various organizations and local authorities.

A spokesperson for the charity Friends of the Lake District said: ‘We have already had an informal on-site discussion with Burlington and have highlighted some initial thoughts and potential areas of concern for them, including the generation and traffic management, how biodiversity and rights of way could be incorporated and, of course, how the proposal will fit into the landscape.

Dallas’ 10 Best Tacos Worthy of a Special Trip


Updated: June 8, 2022

IIf you’ve lived in Dallas long enough, you know there are a ton of great taco restaurants. You also know that it is difficult to name a single favorite. To help you find your tortilla-wrapped match, we’ve focused on the absolute best taco spots in town. From crowd favorites to hole-in-the-wall gems, these are the best taco spots in Dallas.

A grilled octopus taco from the Revolver Taco Lounge.

Taco Lounge Gun

2701 Main Street, Suite 120

This Deep Ellum spot opened in 2017 in a small space of just 49 seats. Since then, it’s made its way to a permanent spot on lists of the best tacos circulating around Dallas. Owned by Regino Rojas, the corn tortillas are homemade and as fresh as possible. The tacos are served on simple, monochrome plates, highlighting what really matters. The al pastor is the must here. For $8 you can try the imported Monterey Cabrito, as seen on Weird Foods Americawhich contains kid goat, oven-roasted Michoacan-style birria, onion, cilantro and salsa.

Mami Coco Best Tacos Dallas
Mami Coco in East Dallas was named one of the Top 100 Restaurants in Texas by Yelp this year. (Courtesy of Mami Coco)

Grandma Coco

4500 Bryan Street

Opened by Gustavo De Los Rios in 2018, this east Dallas taco spot recently earned a spot on Yelp’s Top 100 Restaurants in Texas. Don’t miss Taco Tuesday, where you can get five tacos and a canned drink for just $8.99. Mami Coco’s favorites include shredded beef, barbacoa, beef tongue, and chicken. The enchiladas (with your choice of meat) are also very tasty.

Taqueria Dallas Resident Tacos
Resident Taqueria is one of the best places in Lake Highlands to eat tacos. (Courtesy)

Taqueria Resident

9661 Audélia Road, Suite 112

Founded in 2015 by Andrew Marc Savoie, this Lake Highlands restaurant offers some of the most unique tacos in Dallas. The chef-led menu includes pecan-smoked chicken (with marinated sofrito, crushed peanuts, and salsa macha), braised beef short ribs, and resident braised pork shoulder. Vegetarian options are a simmered mushroom or a caramelized cauliflower taco.

Tacos La Banqueta Dallas
Tacos La Banqueta is a popular taco in Dallas. (Courtesy of Dianna N. via Yelp)

La Banqueta Tacos

Locations in Dallas (1305 Carroll Avenue, 7233 Gaston Avenue), Arlington (1021E Pioneer Pkwy, 2007 Southeast Pkwy) and Fort Worth (2007 southeast drive)

This hole-in-the-wall spot serves up some of the best Mexican food in town. Taco options include al pastor, bistek, cabeza, tripa and more. You will also find breakfast tacos with chorizo, bacon and potatoes with eggs.

Austin-based Tacodeli brought two taco shops to Dallas, The Hill and West Dallas.


1878 Sylvan Avenue, 8031 ​​Walnut Hill Lane

With two brick-and-mortar Dallas locations (The Hill and West Dallas), Tacodeli has a quiet stronghold in our city’s breakfast taco scene. It looks like Papas, Egg and Cheese, Migas and The Jess Special are offered at any local cafe. The Austin-based spot offers a great taco for beef lovers, the Frontera Fundido Sirloin, the El Conquistador is for those who love pork, and the Papadulce is a great vegetarian option. Breakfast tacos are available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and all day on weekends.

Taqueria La Ventana
Taqueria La Ventana makes authentic, no-frills tacos.

Taqueria La Ventana

3847 Cedar Springs Road, 1611 McKinney Avenue and 920 S. Harwood Street (suite 140)

Known for its funky, laid-back vibe, this taqueria offers everyday Mexican street tacos, with white corn tortillas and fresh handmade salsas daily. There are three Taqueria La Ventana locations in Dallas, including one at the Dallas Farmers Market, so take your pick for lunch or dinner.

The menu offers more than 10 meat and vegetable options. Taco meat choices include steak, chicken, pork, carnitas, shrimp, beef tongue, barbacoa, and brisket. Pair it with a side of guacamole or elote. Breakfast tacos are also served throughout the day.

El Come Taco
El Come Taco offers adventurous taco options.

El Come Taco

2513 N. Fitzhugh Ave.

Founded in 2013, El Come brings Mexico City roots to Dallas, serving up traditional tacos. Located in the Henderson area, the counter taco shop has many taco options. From meat lovers to more adventurous tacos, like sesos, veal brain, taco, there’s something to eat depending on your mood.

If you’re feeling adventurous, slip into neighboring La Vuida Negra, also run by owners and El Come brothers Javier and Luis Villalva. Disguised as a wedding shop from the outside, this moody little mezcal bar has quickly become a local favorite.

Tacos bites and beats Dallas
Tacos, Bites & Beats has taken over the former Taco Stop spot in the Design District. (Courtesy)

Tacos, bites and rhythms

1900 Irving Blvd.

After popping up as a food truck since 2017, this taco shop opened its first physical location in the former Taco Stop space in the Design District last year. The street taco concept now serves breakfast (7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.) and lunch (10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.), with a variety of tacos including chicken tinga, beef, vegetarian and carnitas.

Milagro Dallas Tacos Mariachi
Tacos Mariachi owner Jesus Carmona has reopened his beloved taco shop as “Milagro”. (Photo by Megan Ziots)


440 Singleton Boulevard, Suite 100

Tacos Mariachi is back in West Dallas. Well, it has a new name – Milagro Taco Cantina – but the beloved taco spot’s original menu is back with some new highlights. Owned by Jesus Carmona, both Tacos Mariachi locations closed during the pandemic. Milagro, which means “miracle” in Spanish, is the result of these experiments. The menu is relatively the same as the Guy Fieri taco shop featured in “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” in 2018. The popular pulpo (octopus), smoked salmon and shrimp tacos remain hits. There is also a new tostada ceviche on the menu – the shrimp was a personal favourite.

Legacy food hall
You can also find chilango tacos at Legacy Food Hall.

Chili Tacos

10777 Harry Hines Blvd, Suite 130

This is a newer location in North Dallas. It’s a Chingona Mexico taqueria transported to Dallas. It was created from the idea of ​​going back to basics and offering the most natural ways to serve tacos, as if you were in Mexico. The menu has everything from al pastor to hongos and you can even ask for an off-menu surprise taco. Carne asada tacos are another favorite, along with barbacoa. They also have frozen Jarritos in different flavors and horchata to wash down all those tacos.

Dacha instead of Dubai: Russia’s tourism industry is turning inward


In Russia, it is common to own a dacha – a summer house that can vary in size from a small cottage to a large house, often with a fruit and vegetable garden. From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, historically, many residents of Russia’s major cities have relied on these rural plots of land to weather food crises and other hardships. During the pandemic shutdowns, many Russians have used their dachas as refuges. Today they are increasingly used as holiday homes for many people who would have already traveled abroad.

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Since Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Russian tourists have found it difficult to travel outside their home country. European skies are currently closed to Russian planes, while Russian airspace does not allow European planes. Many Russian travelers cannot – or do not want to – make long and expensive detours.

And because Russia has been excluded from the international money transfer system SWIFT and Western credit institutions like Visa and Mastercard, Russian tourists can only pay their bills abroad in cash – although some countries accept the Russian payment system Mir. In any case, paying for a vacation has become much more difficult.

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Popular river cruises

Those who find their dachas too confined have sought new national vacation destinations. Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area and offers great geographical variety. River cruises are a particularly popular vacation option right now, Anastasia Kisilyova of St. Petersburg-based travel agency Infoflot tells DW. “We are seeing a 40-50% increase in bookings for the next few months compared to last year.” Kisilyova says this year’s numbers are the highest in 15 years. Additionally, 30% of all customers have booked a river cruise for the first time.

Cruises around the so-called “Golden Ring” are particularly popular. This tourist route passes through the old Russian cities northeast of Moscow. Established between the 11th and 17th centuries, the settlements were the scene of important events in Russian history and have many popular churches and monasteries to visit.

Tourist guide Anastasia Androsova from the city of Samara on the Volga is delighted with this. In an interview with DW she says that more and more Russians are discovering their own country. “Even the people of Samara suddenly want to rediscover their own city.” The same goes for Russia’s Black Sea coast in the Krasnodar region, which is usually a high-demand location – although most airports have been closed since the start of the war.

The situation is different for trips to Crimea. Up to a third of all hotels and guesthouses will not be able to open in the summer, estimates the Russian newspaper Kommersant. Many tourists do not travel to the peninsula annexed to Russia because its airport was closed after the start of the war and because they are afraid of war in neighboring Ukraine, according to the Kommersant report.

Fewer Russians go on vacation abroad

Prospects are not good for Russian tourism abroad. Restricted flights and significantly higher prices have led to a sharp drop in the number of Russian tourists. There were, for example, four times fewer Russian tourists in Turkey in March, according to the Russian Union of Travel Agencies. This also applies to luxury tourists in Russia: there were three times fewer five-star and business-class hotel tourists from Russia than last year in March and April.

At the same time, the so-called VIP tourism industry – that which caters to the super rich – has remained stable, Maya Lomidze of the Russian Union of Travel Suppliers told Forbes. The number of very wealthy Russians who want to travel abroad for longer periods has increased, she said.

With the rise of domestic tourism and the decline of tourism outside Russia, parallels have been drawn with 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and the West responded with sanctions. Moscow, in turn, introduced counter-sanctions, which included banning imports of foreign foods such as cheese and apples.

The domestic food industry was thus helped when the Russian government invested in it. Russian consumers initially missed the French camembert, but quickly got used to the new locally produced cheeses. Whether this inward orientation can now save the country’s tourism industry remains to be seen. Either way, traveling to Europe is likely to remain a challenge for most Russian tourists for the foreseeable future.

Few foreign tourists in Russia

Domestic tourism is booming, but few foreign tourists come to Russia and tourism providers are feeling the pinch. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February, there were many cancellations, Marina Levchenko of travel agency Tari Tur told Russian tourist information site TourDom.ru. “Unfortunately, we have to conclude that the summer season is about to collapse,” she told the platform.

After the International Travel Fair in Madrid at the end of January this year, there was still hope for the industry, Levchenko said. “We saw that Europe was waking up. We also saw an interest in Russia,” she said. “Unfortunately, however, politics has put the final nail in the coffin. The summer is going to be tough. It’s just sad.

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Travel Prices for Super Regionals

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – The Diamond Hogs have clinched their ticket to super regionals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

However, due to airline pricing, Razorback fans in Arkansas will have a much harder time supporting the team.

Marsha Fuller is a local travel consultant here in Fayetteville. She says for a family of two looking to compete in super regionals; you should be prepared to pay around $2,000 in airfare alone.

“We haven’t had a lot of calls for flights to super-regionals, which is very shocking,” Fuller says.

Alex English of Northwest Arkansas National Airport says gas prices, pilot shortages and overall demand play a role in those prices.

However, she thinks it may be more than airline prices that play into people’s ability to get to super-regionals.

She says that even before the Razorbacks beat OSU, there might not have been any airplane seats available.

“Many of these flights are already full; our availability is limited because we don’t have as many seats available due to pilot shortages,” says English.

We did the math for anyone wanting to make the 15 hour trip from Fayetteville.

An average sedan will set you back $350 round trip, gas prices being what they are; an SUV will be in the $640 range.

It would be above a hotel if you can’t drive 15 hours in a day and the average ticket price of $320 for the game itself on Saturday.

Prime Minister of Tasmania – Continue to support our iconic tourism industry

June 7, 2022

Guy Barnett, Minister for State Development, Building and Housing

Tasmania is blessed with scenic locations, food and wine, an iconic heritage and a distinct seasonal climate, and our tourism industry has been able to capitalize on these unique and natural advantages.

The expression of interest process for tourism opportunities in Tasmanian Government National Parks, Reserves and Crown Lands (EOI) is being improved to ensure a continuous pathway for private operators to develop sustainable, sensitive and appropriate tourist attractions across the state, to finalize the implementation of the Auditor General’s 2020 report and consider additional information on its operation.

We take our responsibility to manage Tasmania’s parks and reserves seriously and we also understand the importance of our tourism industry to our local economy, communities and families.

Tourism remains one of our largest industries and remains essential to our economy and our jobs.

The Tasmanian Government remains committed to implementing the Tourism EOI process and the important role it plays in delivering job-creating tourism projects in regional areas of the state while maintaining natural and cultural values.

The tourism EOI process incorporates a first-level filter of projects at the “design stage” to ensure that an accessible, fair, consistent, and statewide approach is maintained in the evaluation of tourism proposals. commercial tourism on public lands.

Since we began our Tourism EOI process in 2014, he has made a valuable contribution to realizing the Tasmanian Government’s vision to grow the tourism industry so that it continues to create jobs and economic benefits throughout the state.

When fully realized, the projects that have been approved through the process will invest over $85 million to attract more tourists to Tasmania, creating approximately 274 permanent jobs for Tasmanians.

From Maydena Bike Park in the Derwent Valley to the Blue Derby Pods Ride in the North East, we’ve seen big projects become big successes with the help of the tourism EOI process.

A comprehensive review was undertaken of the Tourism EOI process which included recommendations from the September 2020 Auditor General’s Report and incorporated input from the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania (TICT), the Tourism Assessment Committee EOI and the Tasmanian Department of Natural Resources and Environment. (NRET).

The Auditor General’s review of the tourism EOI process found it to be effective, consistent and transparent. We are committed to further improving the process and are implementing all of the Auditor General’s recommendations and other changes, including:

  • increase accessibility by requiring current and new developers to advance their projects in a timely manner;
  • the redesign of the composition of the evaluation panel of the EOI of tourism;
  • seek additional advice at an early stage on proposals from relevant Aboriginal organisations, extend the current practice of seeking advice from Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania, and
  • increase the amount of information made public on existing proposals.

Through the continuation and improvement of the tourism EOI process, we are helping to revitalize regions by attracting more visitors, helping to ensure that visitors stay longer, spend more and travel more widely.

Details of existing proposals and summary statistics can be found on the Co-ordinator General’s website – cg.tas.gov.au

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The New Dream List: 12 Once-In-A-Lifetime Travel Goals


Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, and the Taj Mahal once held the top spots on many people’s bucket lists. But the “to do list” – a term I’ve always despised – is giving way to a general desire to dream big, splurge on an adventure, and pursue dream experiences. now, because we’ve all been repressed for too long and because we’ve all seen how quickly plans can change, how quickly opportunities can disappear.

Moreover, for various reasons, visiting places that receive millions of visitors every year is less attractive than before. We want to have mind-blowing experiences in stunning places, but without the crowds. The pandemic is not over, overtourism is back and we don’t want to be part of it either. Here is better dream fodder.

The ends of the earth in a fishing village in Norway

Earlier this year, high-end travel company Blue Parallel, which began nearly 20 years ago as South America’s premier luxury travel expert, broadened its horizons. Very importantly: their new polar initiatives include the wide open spaces above or below the 66th parallel. In Norway, this includes immersions in Viking history, private rib boat safaris on the bird island of Runde, hiking and biking along the Geirangerfjord and a stay in a fisherman’s hut in the beautiful Lofoten archipelago, above the Arctic Circle.

The size and scale of NIHI Sumba and the island it sits on

Regularly – and deservedly – named the best hotel in the world, NIHI Sumba occupies 500 hectares on a sparsely populated island where local animist traditions have remained largely intact. “It’s an hour east of Bali and Java, the most populated island in the world, and it’s a completely different island,” says hotel partner and CEO James McBride. Initially a surfing destination with a mythical break, it has since been transformed into an experience of totality, with a herd of 24 horses for rides at sea, a “safari spa” in which a couple alone relaxing all day in a wellness sanctuary, waterfalls, palm trees, organic food grown on site and cooked over fires, and plenty of space — “the ultimate dream,” says McBride.

Heli-jump on a private tour of Iceland

Blue Parallel Polar also takes guests to increasingly remote parts of Iceland, away from the crowded Golden Circle and onto glaciers (and the Westman Islands, one of the country’s best kept secrets, and scuba diving (brrrr!) in the Silfra fissure, a fault between the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia, and home to fascinating cold-water marine life.

Sail the Turquoise Coast in a Turkish Gulet

Word turquoise comes from the old French for “Turkish stone”, but it applies just as well to the waters around the country’s southwest coast. A week on board a traditional Turkish gulet (sailing boat), eating delicious food, sunbathing, swimming and admiring the beautiful bright colors of the water is pure fantasy. A great way to make this a reality is to book with ScicsSailing, a company that has been providing hassle-free, all-inclusive voyages to the bays around Bodrum for decades, both for guests booking a single cabin on a “comfort “yacht and for those who privately charter a “luxury” yacht, which has hotel-style amenities.

Adventure in the Gobi Desert

Ride a horse in front of bushes of sassoul, black-tailed gazelle and ibex. Mountain bike along ancient desert roads past dramatic canyons and cliffs. Camp in the shadow of the Gobi Altai Mountains and later sleep in a glamorously appointed yurt. These are some of the things that come to mind when thinking of Mongolia’s vast empty playground. Earthtones, a startup focused on immersive nature travel, has put together a program that includes all that and more, like rides on the famous Bactrian (two-humped) camels of the desert.

Meet the women of northern Kenya who are saving African elephants

When Katie Rowe founded Reteti in 2016, she brought in nine rangers and sitters from the local community to help care for a growing brood of orphaned elephants. Reteti is unique in that the Samburu women who support him are as respected and valued as the male elephant keepers. They’re paving the way for women in conservation everywhere, which is one of the reasons adventure travel company Uncharted sends guests on their journey. Reteti is open to visitors, who can see the elephants and talk to the keepers while staying in the charming new Reteti House, a private retreat for exclusive use.

Diving in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Halfway between South America and Africa, that is to say far from it all, the hyper-protected Brazilian island has transformed from an underdeveloped military outpost to a natural paradise with strict limits on tourism and a massive commitment to preservation. It is an ecological sanctuary, a place that marine research uses as a control group, unlike the developed beaches of the mainland. It’s a unique trip for divers (something Blue Parallel can also arrange), not only for its warm, clear waters and abundant marine life, but also for its laid-back Brazilian island vibe.

The ultimate New Zealand soft adventure

Experimental travel agency Hiking New Zealand recently organized a 15-day experience they call New Zealand Uncut. It covers the vast and varied landscapes of both islands as it makes its way from north to south without the rigors and discomforts of, say, the Milford Track. Rather, it’s New Zealand for those who aren’t camping, a series of day hikes and short walks – from strenuous alpine treks to beach strolls – in remote areas where the majesty of the islands shines.

A flying tiger safari in central India

Royal Expeditions is a luxury travel agency founded by the Princess of Jodhpur, who was an MP and Minister of Culture. The outfit created a flying tiger safari (in a Pilatus jet) above the wilderness of central India – Rudyard Kipling’s inspiration for The jungle Book. On land, naturalist guides show visitors the national parks in open-top vehicles, it is possible to take special full-day photography permits, which allow access from sunrise to sunset.

Glorious alpine picking in Slovenia

An increasingly well-known secret, Slovenia is one of the world’s last great forest havens, full of beautiful places to visit and bursting with delicious things to eat. Wanderlux Journeys’ journey takes guests to Velika Planina, a settlement of shepherds in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. It is only accessible on foot or by cable car during the day, which makes slowing down part of the program. The trip features chef Bine Volcic (known for her daring zero-waste cuisine at Monstera Bistro in Ljubljana) and famous forager (yes, that’s a thing in Slovenia) Katja Rebolj, and there’s hiking, foraging , a hands-on cooking workshop and a night in a cottage above the city lights.

Off the beaten track in Tanzania

The Serengeti has many selling points, but solitude is not one of them. Fortunately, Tanzania is a big country, with a number of game reserves that are still remote and untouched. To the south is Ruaha National Park, the best park you’ve never heard of and Tanzania’s ‘best kept wildlife secret’, with impressive numbers of elephants and even more lions. The Great Ruaha Landscape has one of six lion populations of over 1,000 in the world and is now home to around 10% of the world’s lions. Another corner of Tanzania worth exploring is Mahale National Park on the western border and Greystoke, where visitors can spot wild chimpanzees. Cartology The journey can be one or the other for life.

Puma tracking in Torres del Paine, Chile

The main predator of southern Chile, the Patagonian puma, calls Torres del Paine home. Going to find them with professional wilderness trackers – something Earthtones offers – adds a whole new dimension to a trip to this majestic end of the earth. The hikes are accessible, short in duration and of low difficulty, and end with starry nights in a mountain ecolodge.

5WPR Miami Expands Technology Team


NEW YORK, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 5WPRone of the largest independent public relations firms in the United States, today announces the expansion of its technology communications practice division with expanded capabilities and a dedicated team of professionals available from 5WPR Miami Desk. The expansion is in response to Miami continuous technological boom.

An established leader among technology PR firms, 5W’s technology practice has always been recognized for its ability to create stories for clients that propel them into mainstream news, establishing brand resonance through focused media campaigns. on the results.

“Over a year ago, we extended 5WPR with a Miami office because we had the foresight that many industries would grow out of town,” said CEO of 5WPR, Matthieu Caiola. “We have seen businesses and employees packing up and moving Miami for years – I was always convinced it would be the next big business city. 5WPR is ready to fully bring our technology services to Miami.”

Last January, 5WPR launched a dedicated CBD and Cannabis PR division from 5WPR Miami Desk. Other teams operating from 5WPR Miami include travel, hospitality and a dedicated NFT-focused cryptocurrency team.

About 5WPR

5W Public Relations is a full-service public relations agency in New York known for its cutting-edge programs that interact with businesses, issues, and ideas. With more than 250 professionals serving B2C (Beauty PR & Fashion, Consumer Brands, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Travel & Hospitality, Technology, Nonprofit), B2B (Corporate Communications and Reputation Management), Public Affairs, Crisis Communication and Digital Marketing (Social Media, Influencer, Paid Media, SEO). 5W was awarded the PR Agency of the Year 2020 award and offers large companies an ingenious, bold and results-oriented communication approach.

Media Contact
Ronn Torossian
[email protected] / 212-999-5585

SOURCE 5W Public Relations

Houghton County to SkyWest: A contract is a contract | News, Sports, Jobs

HOUGHTON – The Houghton County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on Friday to reject SkyWest Airlines’ request to reduce service to Houghton County Memorial Airport, keeping it to two flights a day until SkyWest’s essential air service contract expires at the end of January.

SkyWest gave 90 days notice in March to end flights at Houghton and 30 other airports it serves under the federal Essential Air Service program. SkyWest said it was unable to provide service due to continued pilot shortages.

The Department of Transport blocked the withdrawal, ordering SkyWest to provide 12 flights a week until another carrier signs on.

SkyWest presented Houghton County with a revised proposal for one flight per day. That would continue until SkyWest could be certified as a Part 135 carrier, airport manager Dennis Hext said. They could then fly with an aircraft with 30 seats or less. These pilots also require fewer hours in the air than under the Part 121 certificate that SkyWest currently has.

“Going down to a flight during the summer months, which is our busiest time, would kill us,” said Hext. “But they told me that if we didn’t agree to that they would stay with two flights under their contract as they are supposed to but leave as soon as possible. If we go on a flight, they will work with us.

Hext drew up a counter-proposal, asking SkyWest to stay with two flights until November 1. They could then fly until SkyWest can use the 30-seat plane. By September, he said, a slowdown could reduce air travel, which could ease the shortage of pilots. Several airlines are also looking to enter the EAS space after seeing the withdrawal of SkyWest.

Fuel prices and pilot shortages could also mean higher government subsidies for the next contract, although SkyWest has remained unresponsive at this stage, Hext said.

“I don’t think it would hurt us much by doing this now because if they agreed to this it would cover our summer,” he said. “In September we would go back to bidding, which means that would give us time to work with them to find a better solution, or possibly bring another airline back to offer us.”

It was Hext’s favorite option of the three he presented on the board. Another option was SkyWest’s proposal to immediately switch to one flight per day. A third option was to deny SkyWest’s request and tell them to serve out the remainder of their contract.

Hext said he doubted SkyWest would give up sooner than necessary because the same program that administers EAS is responsible for approving SkyWest’s application to fly the 30-seat planes.

Houghton has been flying with SkyWest since 2010, the year the airport entered the Essential Air Service program, which subsidizes flights to smaller communities to provide at least a minimal amount of air service.

Of the 31 cities SkyWest has filed termination notices with, Houghton had the fourth-largest passenger traffic in 2021, with about 50,000 passengers.

“Compared to the EAS world, we are very attractive”, said Mike Mooney, who works with Houghton as a consultant. “In terms of United or Delta excitement, we’re not going to do that, especially given the challenges of driver shortages and fuel.”

Only one airline filed a proposal in April: Boutique Airlines, which offered three flights a day with a nine-seater plane. The Houghton County Airport Board rejected the bid because it did not include a twin-engine aircraft, a requirement of the EAS contract.

However, several airlines, including Contour Air, have signaled they are looking to expand into the EAS markets SkyWest is leaving, Hext said.

Board members frowned on moving to one flight a day after November, which would leave the airport underserved during the Christmas travel season.

“I don’t feel like I’m taking a hard stance” said board chairman Tom Tikkanen. “I think that’s a pretty reasonable position. They have a contract. We’re doing our part — the airport is open, it’s maintained, it’s well managed. We are simply asking them to complete their contract. We are not talking about a period of years, we are talking about a period of months.

Commissioner Glenn Anderson was leaning towards the second option before Friday. But he became convinced SkyWest’s need to approve his application could keep it in line. Vice Chairman Roy Britz had expressed concern that there was no enforcement mechanism to keep SkyWest in the contract. But Tikkanen’s point swayed him, he said.

“It’s not us who are tough” he said. “I still believe in contracts… I’m going to stand up and say you touched me on that one.”

Also at Friday’s meeting, council approved $1,128,105 in individual correspondence with nine townships in Houghton County for road projects. The money comes from the county’s American Rescue Plan Act funds. The deadline for formal acceptance is February and construction must be completed by February 2026.

Projects in Calumet, Laird and Portage townships are ready for this year, county engineer Kevin Harju said.

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We went to Yorkshire’s ‘cheesiest’ tourist attraction and it was the perfect day

Yorkshire’s ‘cheesiest’ tourist attraction draws thousands of visitors each year, so I’ve come down to judge for myself.

Wensleydale Creamery, based in the market town of Hawes, is surrounded by the finest panoramic views in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and has a fascinating story to tell. We all love the timeless and traditional Wensleydale Yorkshire cheese and the award-winning visitor center allows customers to learn about the history and provenance while sampling the iconic creamy, crumbly classic.

It has a 1000 year legacy of master cheese makers whom you can watch making the much loved food. Guests can take a descriptive walk through time to find out where it came from, where it was developed over the years, and watch the process in action.

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The Wensleydale Creamery is famous for its Wensleydale Yorkshire cheese

Demonstrations run throughout the day – if you’re lucky enough to join the 2:30 pm demonstration, you’ll be able to sample chutney pairings with the cheese. They are trying to incorporate this into all demos, but they are currently setting schedules.

The creamery has lots of tasters and samples set out in the cheese shops for customers to try – my favorite was the apricot. They also offer pairings, such as chutneys that they created based on each cheese. Sandra Bell, Marketing Manager, says, “We know what works well together, we’re the experts.”

Many guests are returning customers vacationing in Hawes town or locals who come to enjoy the beautiful cafe. Over 300,000 visitors come to the creamery each year and with such good cheese, it’s not hard to see why. Many people come to stay in Hawes to enjoy the market which has proven to be very popular.

Cafe and restaurant

What could be better than enjoying a delicious cheese while admiring breathtaking views of the North Yorkshire countryside? Better yet, imagine the café menu being totally cheese-themed. 1897 Coffee Shop, located at Wensleydale Creamery, has the cheesiest menu you’ve ever seen. From the ultimate cheese on toast to cheese scones, toast, daily specials and specials.

Of course I had to end my visit with a Yorkshire Wensleydale and apricot cheese scone – it was served warm with a slice of Yorkshire Wensleydale and apricot cheese, Yorkshire butter and sticky fruit chutney, one of the pairings specially acquired by the dairy. Without bothering my grandmother who bakes heavenly pastries, this was the best scone I have ever tasted, the flavors and crumbliness were perfect.

The outdoor cafe overlooks the beautiful Yorkshire Dales
The outdoor cafe overlooks the beautiful Yorkshire Dales

If I hadn’t filled up on my scone I would have loved to sample more from the menu, I really had a hard time deciding on one thing as everything looked so tasty. Even better, I was able to enjoy it on the beautiful patio which overlooks the scenic Yorkshire Dales – a place of beauty where I could have spent hours.

The dairy also has a restaurant which offers a cheese-themed menu and also a Sunday lunch menu. Wensleydale Creamery is so dedicated to making everything as cheese-focused as possible that they even send cheese to their local butchers to add to the sausages.

The restaurant, café and creamery itself sources local produce from local dairy farms, butchers, vegetables and even artists who sell their work in the gift shops. Sandra Bell said: “We want to help and give back to the local community by keeping the business local.”

All in all, I’d recommend a trip to Wensleydale Creamery – pop into the lovely town of Hawes while you’re there, preferably on market day.

You can find Wensleydale Creamery at Gayle Ln, Wensleydale, Hawes DL8 3RN.

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From Melbourne to Glasgow: A brutally honest guide to getting around the world


If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that moving to another country is a joyful and stress-free experience.

Another thing I’m sure of is that it’s hard to detect sarcasm in the print media. I moved from Melbourne, Australia to Glasgow, Scotland at the end of 2019. It was incredibly difficult in many ways.

Shipping personal effects, finding an apartment, and the visa application process caused what little hair I had on my head to turn gray or fall out. That said, I learned a lot about what it takes to uproot your life on the other side of the world.

These tips will not only save you money, but also an incredible amount of frustration.

So here’s how I did it.

What to bring and how to ship your stuff overseas

The hardest part of moving abroad is knowing what to pack and what to throw away.

The excess baggage charges you will be charged at the airport are exorbitant. So, in most cases, it makes more sense to purchase items once you’ve arrived at your new destination.

Being brutally honest about what you can do without will save you a lot of money. I found out the hard way about the hidden charges with international shipping.

I told my children to make a bunch of toys they absolutely couldn’t live without. I realized it was a stupid decision on my part because they put every one of their toys in the pile they supposedly couldn’t live without.

I’m not proud to admit it, but when my kids fell asleep, a quarter of their toys mysteriously disappeared in the process.

It cost 176 Australian dollars (about £100 or €117) to send two very large boxes of toys from Australia to the UK.

But what I didn’t know was that I had to pay almost £100 (€117) extra customs charges when I collected the boxes. If I had ordered each of their toys from Amazon once they arrived in the UK, I would still have enough money left to buy groceries for the next 2 months.

How to find accommodation in your new country

Find an apartment in another country can be incredibly difficult. All you can do is post photos on websites and real estate agents giving you a face-to-face visit.

Even if you take a virtual tour, there’s no way to tell if the apartment smells like tuna and rancid feet.

I was lucky to have a friend who lived next to the apartment I wanted to rent. He made an appointment with the real estate agent and confirmed that it was in a nice location, in a quiet cul-de-sac and didn’t smell of tuna or feet.

The process of applying for a flat in the UK is very different from that in Australia. The biggest difference is that you need a guarantor.

In Australia you only need a guarantor if you are buying a property. I was lucky that my friend who visited the property was also able to vouch for me. At first, I didn’t know if I should go through a real estate agent or go through a private landlord. English gov.uk The website was incredibly helpful for information on renting a property in the UK.

In the end, I felt more comfortable going through a registered real estate agent.

Is it difficult to get a visa?

They say there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. But the third should understand that a visa application is not possible for the average person. I cannot overstate this point.

A friend of mine suggested that I make an appointment with an immigration lawyer to help me clarify the visa application that I should apply for. I’m a so-called know-it-all, so I disagreed.

How hard could that be? I said to myself. I would find out later that it would be extremely difficult.

My partner at the time and my children were British citizens. So I naturally assumed that I would apply for a spouse visa. I went to the UK visa site and applied online. It took over six months of my time to gather the supporting documents for this particular visa. It was incredibly intense.

I needed my family’s birth certificates, payslips, five-year-old rental applications, and so on. It was over 120 documents in all. The plan was to apply six months before we left Australia, so hopefully the visa would be approved once we got to the UK. This meant that I could work practically straight away. As I mentioned, that was the plan – but the reality was quite different.

Two months after my arrival in the UK, I received a letter saying that my visa application had been rejected for a technicality. Now was the time to see an immigration lawyer.

Like most people, I look at customer reviews before booking a service. There was an immigration law firm in Glasgow that had many 5 star reviews so I booked the next available appointment. It was called Southside Immigration.

The lawyer was super helpful and immediately reassured me. He said there are different rules when applying for a visa inside and outside the UK. Apparently I should have applied for a parental visa as my children were British citizens. I wrongly assumed that I should have applied for a spousal visa. Keep in mind that there are a huge amount of visa applications you can apply for, depending on your situation. Not only was the parental visa cheaper than the spouse visa, but it also required only a quarter of the supporting documents.

This would have saved me over £3,000 (€3,523) in total.

After following his advice, my visa was approved several months later. It enabled me to work and become a UK resident.

Although moving to another country can be daunting, I realized there were many benefits too. Freezing Scottish weather was a bonus (again with sarcasm). But I’m glad I made this life-changing decision. I now have a great quality of life, where people are friendly and my children can visit castles in real life instead of just seeing them in fairy tales.

Reasons to reject your hotel room: Noise, unsanitary conditions, etc.


An overpowering smell of stale urine greeted Chris Emery when he checked into a hotel chain in southwestern Virginia. But he was so tired after a day on the road that he did what most travelers would do: Instead of rejecting his hotel room, he opened a window, hoping the smell was only temporary. This was not the case.

“I went to reception and informed the clerk of the problem,” says Emery, who posts a outdoor travel website. “Instead of immediately offering us a new room, the employee reached behind the counter and put boxes of air freshener and Febreze on the counter. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say.”

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This sparked a debate in Emery’s family that is happening more often lately. The pandemic has hit the accommodation industry hard, leaving many hotels in desperate need of refurbishment. But when do you say “no” to a hotel room? What do you do afterwards? And, is there a way to avoid a hotel with a room you would reject?

“As we slowly begin to travel again, we are less likely to overlook the inadequacies of hotel rooms than before,” says Carla Bevins, who teaches corporate communications at Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business.

When to lower your room

So when should you reject your bedroom? For Emery, a combination of smelly neighborhoods and a dismissive hotel clerk made the decision easier. He packed up with his family and went to a relative’s house.

Dangerous or inaccessible installations. If you are traveling overseas, you might come across a hotel that is not as accessible as you might find in the United States. That’s what happened to Mark Beales, a retired mortgage banker from Mill Creek, Washington, during a recent visit to Florence, Italy. “The bedroom had a double bed in a very small room that required you to climb a steep flight of stairs after entering the bedroom,” he recalls. He asked for another room without stairs. The hotel obliged.

Unsanitary conditions. If the hotel room is not habitable, find another one. Stefan Loble must have done this when he recently tried to check into a hotel room at the Los Angeles airport. “The sheets were wet,” recalls Loblé, who runs a clothing manufacturing company At New York. “Like, really wet. I could tell as soon as I lay on top of the bed on the duvet.” Loble phoned reception and they handed over the key to a new room.

Noisy neighbors. That’s what happened to Mitch Krayton during his recent visit to Las Vegas. “People next door were loud,” recalls Krayton, owner of a travel agency in denver. “They were arguing and playing music without caring about anyone else.” He called security and the music stopped for a minute, then continued. Krayton asked to be moved to another room.

Elvis left the building: Some Las Vegas chapels have been ordered to stop Elvis weddings

What to do after rejecting a room

Don’t just walk away from the hotel. If the room is unusable, let the hotel know and give them a chance to resolve the issue. When Mike Sweat, a retired geologist from Lansing, Michigan, checked into a hotel chain in Cheyenne, Wyoming, he found a ball of hair on the floor.

“We saw it when we closed the curtains,” he recalls. “There was also hair in the shower.”

Sweat called reception, who quickly dispatched a cleaning crew. He also composed one of his nights as an apology.

“I was very pleased with the response,” he says.

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Hotels don’t always get it right the first time. Do you remember Loble’s ill-fated hotel room in Los Angeles? The second bedroom wasn’t much better, he told me.

“When I walked into that room, it took two seconds before I knew the room was off limits as well,” he recalled. “It completely smelled of cigarette smoke.”

The hotel delivered a key for another room, and this time he was satisfied. The entire episode was about 20 minutes from start to finish, and Loble says the hotel could have done better.

“I thought all the changes would have been a great opportunity to get me a nicer room,” he says. “They did not do it.”

What if you had to check?

If the hotel cannot work things out and leaving is the only alternative, what is the best way to do this? I’ve had thousands of cases where people left early, and I can tell you there’s a right way and a wrong way.

The right way? Politely inform a manager that you are unhappy with the hotel’s resolution and that you are checking out early. A competent manager will apologize and offer another room. If there are no more rooms, the hotel should offer to escort you to another property and pay for your first night’s accommodation. And the wrong way is to shout, threaten and storm off.

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“A courteous, non-threatening face-to-face conversation with a manager is often the best route to resolution,” says Bevins, the corporate communications expert.

One more thing: don’t forget to document the problems. Take photos and videos, and document the names of people you spoke to at the hotel about your room issues. Keep all follow-up emails between you and the hotel that document your dissatisfaction. Ultimately, you may need to discuss this with your credit card issuer, who will ask for written proof.

I feel lucky to have never had to leave a hotel. But I have requested a new room several times, including last year at a large resort in Orlando, Florida. They gave me a room next to the elevator and I couldn’t sleep. This falls into the “noisy neighbors” category, I guess.

I hope I never have to leave a hotel because of a substandard room. But when I do, I won’t hesitate – and neither will you.

How to avoid having to refuse a room

Careful research. If a hotel gives you a smoky room, you can bet it’s not the first time. You can find a list of offenders online (these are the ones with one star reviews).

Expert help. A qualified and knowledgeable travel consultant will never book you into a hotel with a bad reputation. And if you do find yourself with a problem, like noisy neighbors, a call to your travel agent can find a way to resolve it without you having to engage in lengthy negotiation. Find a good agent at American Society of Travel Advisors website.

A reasonable budget. Buying at the lowest price can land you in trouble. Sure, you can find a lower rate, but you get what you pay for.

Google Street View places the Taj Mahal among the most visited tourist sites in the world

Celebrating 15 years of completion, Google Street View allows a user to discover faraway places with just a tap. It was launched in 2007 and since then it has successfully collected 220 billion images, 100 countries that are over 100 miles in diameter and its territories.

The Street View has listed the places and landmarks the world has come to love lately. Google’s blog post reads: “With so many places and landmarks at your fingertips, three places in particular have piqued your interest over the past year.” The Taj Mahal is one of the three most visited monuments. It is the third most sought-after monument on Street View. “Our special collection of images from the Taj Mahal in India,” the blog post read.

Unlike other famous cities where crowds are equally drawn, Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates takes the top spot. The tallest building in the world has aroused the interest of tourists on the internet. The Eiffel Tower in France occupies the second position which offers travelers a breathtaking view of Paris.

According to reports, Indonesia marks the most virtually visited country on the platform. Indonesia is known for its Komodo dragons. Other countries on the list are the United States, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, France, and the United Kingdom.

The Taj Mahal is the finest example of Mughal architecture. In 1983 it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site said: “The jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of world heritage. The Taj Mahal is an amalgamation of Persian, Indian and Islamic architectural styles. The biggest attraction is the white-domed marble mausoleum. In 2015, the Taj Mahal was listed among the top ten tourist spots on Google Street View.

2022 Dodgers Travel Guide: Eli(zondo) and Adric in Phoenix


The following is not a Guide entry, as I am still going through my notes on how best to fully experience Chase Field in Phoenix. That said, Eric suggested that we could always use more content regarding my experience on the road. #JuniorCircuit.


I had a blast traveling this Memorial Day weekend for my “second” adventure of the year—

[Dramatization may not have happened.]

I never thought I’d be one to embrace memes, but here we are. I suffer from a few forms of arthritis which I treat (successfully) with medication. Generally, I am able to function relatively normally without too much pain or discomfort. However, when my condition is terrible, I’m basically bedridden. So I called to cancel my trip to Philadelphia and Washington DC. I lost a few deposits and had to sell my tickets at a loss, but it was the right decision.

After last year’s debacle in Miami (where I dodged a tropical storm and juggled traveling to just one game), I realized that sometimes stealth is the best part of bravery. A few people have asked about my process for planning these trips and this information is worth sharing at a later date.

The weather cooperated with this trip, as it was warm but not unbearable. Luckily, I was treated to two entertaining games in parts of the ballpark that I hadn’t visited before this trip.

May 28, 2022

My view of Saturday, May 28, 2022
Michael Elizondo / TrueBlue LA

Therefore, moving the start time of this game from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. really messed up my plans. I originally planned to do the tour of Chase Field, as I have a standing rule that if I get the chance to tour a venue, I will. As the game has been moved for a national audience, the latest start time for any tour here has been moved to the literal time of my flight to San Francisco.

As a result, I had just enough time to get to my hotel, get changed, and take a hotel shuttle to the ballpark. I then had to get to my seat with less force as my legs bothered me to the point of being uncomfortable.

What struck me the most during this match, apart from the live-tweet, was the continuous maturation of Tony “I am not a cat” Gonsolin.

Last year’s Gonsolin continued to snack in the strike zone and continued to walk people around to the point of being ineffective. Like I said before, Tony Gonsolin is probably my favorite Dodger, and if the current comment system wasn’t terrible, I’d link to this story. As such, it was interesting to see the turnaround from last year’s performance.

Either way, it was a good entertaining game that could have gone either way.

May 29, 2022

Get out with the bullpen. Hunting field. May 29, 2022.
Michael Elizondo / TrueBlue LA

I don’t normally arrive late at the ballpark, but as previously discussed, I wasn’t 100%. I finally got to my seat at the end of the first run, and the game accommodated me because nothing really happened. Sitting near the Dodgers’ bullpen at Chase Field wasn’t as interesting an experience as sitting next to them in St. Louis or San Francisco because they were literally ten feet away. you at any time. But sometimes fate gives you the opportunity to see something good:

I could complete the official recap, but there are two things I would like to share about this game from my perspective. There was a moment in the final innings when Mookie Betts threw a ball into the right field bleachers where the ball ricocheted off the seats directly in front of the wall, which looks like a fun place to sit. At a time when the Diamondbacks were appealing a decision on the field, Mookie Betts took a moment to joke with people who ended up with the ball he threw. I thought it was a really good time.

Mookie Betts, man of the people. May 29, 2022
Michael Elizondo / TrueBlue LA

While the Dodgers won, thanks to a few timely strikes and Craig Kimbrel not falling from the tightrope (Again), this game was also quite entertaining, although difficult to watch due to my distance. However, it’s not like I haven’t had a decent view of certain actions.

The main point to remember is who I doesn’t see: Justin Matthew Turner. Like I said before, I saw Justin Turner in all 31 games I played last season. I did some checking and went back to September 2018, every Dodger game I went to, 37 total Justin Turner played (last game I went to in San Francisco – Game 161, both games in 2019 (San Francisco – including “Go get it out of the bay”), and all three games so far, before this one.

Alright, I think this article served its purpose as a palate cleanser, so I’ll cut it short here. The next report will be in less than a week when I report to you on (checks the weather report) Chicago cloudy and rainy at Guaranteed Rate Field and Wrigley Field (always worth visiting the confines if only for a visit if the we’re in town).

Great. I will bring diapers. See you later.

Travel Agency Software Market Size, Scope and Forecast | Key Players – Lemax Technoheaven, Rezdy, Traveltek, PHPTRAVELS


New Jersey, United States,- The Global”travel agency software Market“The report provides insight into global trade along with valuable facts and figures. This analysis study intimately explores the global market such as industry chain structures, product suppliers, and production. The travel agency software sales market examines the major segments of the GPS bike computer scale market. This good study provides historical knowledge as well as a forecast from 2022 to 2028.

The entire price chain and demanding downstream and upstream components are examined during this report. This market report covers the technical knowledge, production facility analysis, and provided item analysis for the Travel Agency Software business and conjointly explains the product has the best penetration, profit margins, and share Steps.

Click the link for a sample copy of the report: https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/download-sample/?rid=416793

Main Drivers and Obstacles:

High-impacting factors and rendering drivers are studied in the Travel Agency Software market report to aid in reader perception of the development. Additionally, the report contains restrictions and challenges that will fulfill the gamers method. this can make it easier for the user to listen and build informed professional choices. The experts have jointly verified the following trading prospects.

Market segmentation :

Key players:

  • The maximum
  • Technoparadise
  • Rezdy
  • travel technology
  • Dolphin dynamics
  • Toogonet
  • Travel Connection Technology
  • Tenet Enterprise Solutions
  • teenyoffice
  • Trawex Technologies
  • WebBookingExpert
  • TravelCarma
  • SutiSoft
  • Inc.
  • tramado
  • Axis Softech Pvt Ltd
  • eTravos
  • Saber

Segment by types:

Segment by applications:

Get | Discount on the purchase of this report @ https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/ask-for-discount/?rid=416793

Scope of Travel Agency Software Market Report:

Report attribute Details
Market size available for years 2022 – 2029
Base year considered 2021
Historical data 2018 – 2021
Forecast period 2022 – 2029
Quantitative units Revenue in USD Million and CAGR from 2022 to 2029
Segments Covered Types, applications, end users, and more.
Report cover Revenue Forecast, Business Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
Scope of customization Free report customization (equivalent to up to 8 analyst business days) with purchase. Added or changed country, region and segment scope.
Prices and purchase options Take advantage of personalized purchasing options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchase options

Regional Analysis For Travel Agency Software Market:

The global Travel Agency Software Market research report details current market trends, development outline, and several research methodologies. It illustrates the key factors that directly manipulate the market, for example, production strategies, development platforms, and product portfolio. According to our researchers, even minor changes in product profiles could lead to huge disruptions in the factors mentioned above.

North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy)
Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Post-covid-19 outlook:

Readers of the section will understand how the travel agency software market scenario has changed across the globe during the pandemic and post pandemic. The study is carried out keeping in mind the changes in aspects such as production, demand, consumption and supply chain. The market experts have also highlighted the key factors which will help create opportunities for the players and stabilize the overall market in the coming years.

What insights does the Travel Agency Software market report provide readers?

➜ Fragmentation of travel agency software based on product type, end use and region
➜ Comprehensive assessment of upstream raw materials, downstream demand and current market landscape
➜ Collaborations, R&D projects, acquisitions and product launches of each travel agency software player
➜ Various regulations imposed by governments on the consumption of retail travel agency software
➜ Impact of modern technologies, such as big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and social media platforms on the global travel agency software market.

Buy the full report: https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/select-licence/?rid=416793

There are 13 Sections to show the global Travel Agency Software market:

Chapter 1: Market Overview, Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities, Segmentation Overview

Chapter 2: Market Competition by Manufacturers

Chapter 3: Production by regions

Chapter 4: Consumption by Regions

Chapter 5: Production, by Types, Revenue and Market Share by Types

Chapter 6: Consumption, by Applications, Market Share (%) and Growth Rate by Applications

Chapter 7: Comprehensive Profiling and Analysis of Manufacturers

Chapter 8: Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Raw Material Analysis, Manufacturing Expense by Region

Chapter 9: Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers

Chapter 10: Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders

Chapter 11: Market Effect Factor Analysis

Chapter 12: Market Forecast

Chapter 13: Travel Agency Software Market Research Findings and Conclusion, Appendix, methodology and data source

Finally, the researchers shed light on the precise analysis of the global travel agency software market dynamics. It also measures enduring trends and platforms that are driving market growth. The degree of competition is also measured in the research report. With the help of SWOT and Porter’s five analyses, the market has been thoroughly analyzed. It also helps in dealing with the risks and challenges faced by businesses. Also, it offers in-depth research on sales approaches.

To note: All of the reports we list tracked the impact of COVID-19. The upstream and downstream of the entire supply chain were taken into account during this operation. Additionally, where possible, we will provide an additional COVID-19 update supplement/report to the third quarter report, please check with the sales team.

Most Popular Reports:

Global Rotary Hydraulic Actuators Market

Global Oil-Water Separator Market

Global offshore inflatable boat market

Global Underblanket Market

Global Hydraulic Sand Fracturing Equipment Market

Global Cbm Drilling Rigs Market

Global home fragrance market

Global gantry waterjet cutting machine market

Global System Etc Market

Global compact street sweeper market

About Us: Market Research Intellect

Market Research Intellect provides syndicated and customized research reports to clients across various industries and organizations with the aim of providing functional expertise. We provide reports for all industries including Energy, Technology, Manufacturing & Construction, Chemicals & Materials, Food & Beverage, and more. These reports provide an in-depth study of the market with industry analysis, market value of regions and countries, and industry-relevant trends.

Contact us:
Mr. Steven Fernandes
Market research intelligence
New Jersey (USA)
Tel: +1-650-781-4080

Email: [email protected]

Website: –https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/

Experts say FDA enforcement remains unchanged, use of alternative tools to grow

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will continue to focus on data integrity practices and closely examine OTC companies’ testing programs, either through on-site inspections or by using other inspection tools in fiscal year 2022, according to experts who spoke with Regulatory guidance on short-term enforcement trends.

Additionally, industry should expect to continue to respond to requests for electronic records as the agency’s use of this alternative inspection tool is expected to grow. Pending user fee legislation would codify this tool and extend its use to device inspections, a legal watcher said.

Experts discussed these trends in the context of a significant decrease in the number of FDA inspections, a consequent drop in warning letters for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) violations, and the growing reliance of the agency to the use of alternative tools to carry out inspections.

Overall drop in execution letters

In March 2020, the FDA announced that it would end all domestic and foreign on-site inspections, except for critical inspections, as pandemic-induced travel restrictions prevented personnel from traveling to sites in the whole world. (RELATED: Coronavirus prompts FDA to cancel trips, postpone inspections and meetingsRegulatory guidance March 10, 2022).

For all regulated products, the number of domestic inspections increased from 14,725 in fiscal year 2017 to approximately 4,500 so far in fiscal year 2022, and the number of overseas inspections fell from 3,166 in fiscal year 2017 to 135 so far in fiscal year 2022, according to FDA inspections. Data Dashboard.

This resulted in a similar drop in warning letters. In fiscal year 2021, the FDA issued 42 drug GMP warning letters, a significant decrease from the 106 letters issued in fiscal year 2020, according to an analysis of drug GMP warning letters. FDA Drug GMPs for fiscal years 2021 and 2021 conducted by consultant Barbara Unger.

OTC focus will continue

Despite declining warning letters, the FDA will continue to focus on data integrity breaches and testing programs at OTC businesses, whether through on-site or remote inspections. predicts the experts.

Unger’s analysis found that in fiscal year 2021, nearly 80% of warning letters sent to drug manufacturers, excluding compounding pharmacies and contracting facilities, were been sent to OTC companies. She predicted that going forward, OTC firms will continue to receive the bowl of warning letters.

“With over-the-counter drugs, everyone has a medicine cabinet full of them, so they affect everyone, it’s not like prescription drugs, which have a narrow subset, so if you look at the public health, they affect many more people. A few years ago the FDA inspected a few of these sites and it was like “oh my god, they’re out of control”. I guess the profit margin of these drugs is quite narrow. They don’t have a lot of things that prescription drugs have, like a quality system, that would develop those requirements.

Unger said lack of testing of incoming raw materials, inadequate qualification of suppliers, and failure to establish the validity of suppliers’ certificates of analysis are some of the major GMP violations cited in the letter. warning to OTC manufacturers. She said it was “basic stuff” and added that “prescription drugs were in this place 20 or 30 years ago, and the over-the-counter manufacturers are right behind the game.”

wolf step out the door

Robert Pollock, consultant at Lachman Consultants, said data integrity will be an area of ​​continued focus for the FDA.

“If you narrow down the issues, the data integrity will be very high. In my opinion, the natural course is for people to get a little lax when the wolf isn’t at the door, and the wolf hasn’t been been on the door for a few years. He added: “I don’t think it was intentional because it may have to do with a drop in training and things of that nature.”

The number of warning letters with data integrity issues has increased over the past three years, from 47% of warning letters issued in fiscal year 2019, to 51% in fiscal year 2019. fiscal 2020 and 65% in fiscal 2021, according to Unger.

Attorney Anne Walsh of Hyman, Phelps and McNamara agreed that data integrity will continue to be a priority during inspections.

“I think that’s definitely an area that we will continue to focus on from the FDA. They know what to look for now, data integrity issues will continue to come up.”

She added: “Even if there is no outright fraud, we will continue to see data integrity issues… I don’t see this going away, where you can see it on the spot, you can see it see on paper, the agency was able to do both.”

“Gone are the days when you would see papers being thrown out of the dumpster behind the facility, this stuff probably doesn’t happen anymore as pharma companies are hopefully better trained in data integrity” , she said.

Cross contamination: a persistent problem

Another recurring theme seen by Pollock in the warning letters is cross-contamination issues. “There were sterility issues and the clean rooms weren’t as clean as they should be. This has been prominent themes in warning letters issued over the past two years.

Pollock said some of the fiscal 2021 warning letters showed failures to prevent cross-contamination and issues he had “not seen in a while,” such as companies not paying attention to facility maintenance, such as cleaning air ducts. The FDA’s June 11 warning letter to Lupin’s subsidiary Novel Laboratories revealed inadequate equipment cleaning and maintenance procedures, including inspection of air ducts. (RELATED: The FDA warns the subsidiary of Lupin, aesthetic practiceRegulatory guidance June 29, 2021).

The FDA also continues to focus on compounding pharmacies, Pollock said. “There have been a ton of warning letters” sent to compounding pharmacies. “There have been issues with sterility and all sorts of things, like clean rooms not being as clean as they should be.”

Of the 42 warning letters issued by the FDA in fiscal year 2021, 12, or about 25%, were directed to compounding pharmacies, according to Unger’s analysis.

Remote reviews aren’t going away

Walsh said the industry should expect more inspections through electronic record requests, as proposed House user fee reauthorization legislation would further codify the FDA’s authority to request recordings or other information in the context of remote monitoring.

Walsh said that under the legislation, “they codify their authority for this, it would be a permanent tool in the FDA’s bag of tricks.”

The proposed legislation also directs the FDA to issue guidance “concerning circumstances under which the Secretary intends to issue requests for records or other information before or in lieu of an inspection under the Section 704(a)(4) of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. The legislation directs the FDA to issue draft guidance on the matter within one year of its adoption.

The guidance would address processes for responding to requests, either electronically or in physical form, and the factors used to assess “whether such records and other information is provided in a timely, reasonable manner and in a reasonable manner, depending on resources. and other limitations that may exist, including for small businesses.

Walsh said remote inspections have advantages because they “give [FDA] the ability to peek at more sites, and for industry seeking drug approval, having a drug reviewed remotely by inspectors can get a drug approved sooner than if you had to wait that the FDA inspects on the spot.

Walsh advises retraining

With the resumption of on-site inspections by the FDA, Walsh advised the industry to step up training efforts on how to conduct internal audits and guest inspections.

“Because the regulatory teams lack a bit of practice during inspections, they have had a break for the past two years. Retraining on how to conduct inspections and respond to the FDA could be timely not only for the FDA but also for subject matter experts at the facility. This could be useful to ensure they have their A game when FDA inspectors come on site.

© 2022 Society of Regulatory Affairs Professionals.

Best Travel Buying Guide: Jet Set Summer Essentials

Welcome to Jet Set. Below, check out our favorite travel gear and accessories right now. Annie Sheehan for Observe

Welcome to Jet Set, a recurring feature where we highlight our favorite accessories and travel essentials, perfect for any type of trip. Travel is starting again, and whether you’re already packing for your next adventure or just starting to consider adventuring again, we’re here to help with all your jet set needs. From a white linen dress and terry camp shirt to a stackable beauty trio and a perfectly pink lip gloss, here are the travel pieces we’re loving and coveting right now.

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  • Echo.

    Echo Terry Camp Shirt

    A white short-sleeved button-up shirt is a summer staple, and this relaxed terrycloth version is perfect for the season; it’s so easy to wear to the beach on a warm weather getaway, but you can also pair it with matching shorts or pants for an edgier look.

    $79, shop now

  • Build.

    Make a beauty serum balm

    Good lip color is essential for any vacation, and a bright pink shade is so fun for any summer trip. I’m not usually a big fan of lip gloss, but this lip serum from Make is a complete game-changer: it doesn’t stick or dry out your lips; instead, it’s super hydrating and conditioning, as well as plumping.

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  • Beauty Kaja.

    Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow Trio

    For a variety of makeup looks without having to pack your go-to huge palette, try Kaja’s adorable beauty bento sets, which come with three different eyeshadow shades in one ultra-portable stack.

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  • National Agent.

    Agent Nateur Holi(Rose) N4 Natural Deodorant

    I’m always looking for a good natural deodorant, and Agent Nateur’s aluminum-free version has quickly become one of my favorite formulas; not only is it effective, but the scent of sandalwood and rose is so pleasant.

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  • Who What Wear Collection.

    Who What Wear Cristina Collection Button Front Spaghetti Strap Dress

    A white linen dress is the ultimate summer uniform, and you’re sure to wear this breezy lace-up dress time and time again.

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Jet Set: The Ultimate Summer Travel Uniform

Travel Agency Software Market Trend and Forecast | Key Players – Lemax, Technoheaven, Rezdy, Traveltek, PHPTRAVELS – Industrial Computing


New Jersey, United States,- The Global”travel agency software Market” provides global trade information along with valuable facts and figures. This analysis study intimately explores the global market such as industry chain structures, product suppliers, and production. The travel agency software sales market examines the major segments of the GPS bike computer scale market. This good study provides historical knowledge as well as forecast from 2022 to 2028.

The entire price chain and demanding downstream and upstream components are examined during this report. This market report covers the technical knowledge, production facility analysis, and provided item analysis for the Travel Agency Software business and conjointly explains the product has the best penetration, profit margins, and share Steps.

Main Drivers and Obstacles:

High-impacting factors and rendering drivers are studied in the Travel Agency Software market report to aid in reader perception of the development. Additionally, the report contains restrictions and challenges that will fulfill the gamers method. this can make it easier for the user to listen and build informed professional choices. The experts have jointly verified the following trading prospects.

Click the link for a sample copy of the report: https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/download-sample/?rid=416793

Market segmentation :

Key players:

  • The maximum
  • Technoparadise
  • Rezdy
  • travel technology
  • Dolphin dynamics
  • Toogonet
  • Travel Connection Technology
  • Tenet Enterprise Solutions
  • teenyoffice
  • Trawex Technologies
  • WebBookingExpert
  • TravelCarma
  • SutiSoft
  • Inc.
  • tramado
  • Axis Softech Pvt Ltd
  • eTravos
  • Saber

Segment by types:

Segment by applications:

Get | Discount on the purchase of this report @ https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/ask-for-discount/?rid=416793

Scope of Travel Agency Software Market Report:

Report attribute Details
Market size available for years 2022 – 2029
Base year considered 2021
Historical data 2018 – 2021
Forecast period 2022 – 2029
Quantitative units Revenue in USD Million and CAGR from 2022 to 2029
Segments Covered Types, applications, end users, and more.
Report cover Revenue Forecast, Business Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
Scope of customization Free report customization (equivalent to up to 8 analyst business days) with purchase. Added or changed country, region and segment scope.
Pricing and purchase options Take advantage of personalized purchasing options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchase options

Regional Analysis For Travel Agency Software Market:

The global Travel Agency Software Market research report details current market trends, development outline, and several research methodologies. It illustrates the key factors that directly manipulate the market, for example, production strategies, development platforms, and product portfolio. According to our researchers, even minor changes in product profiles could lead to huge disruptions in the factors mentioned above.

North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy)
Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Post-covid-19 outlook:

Readers of the section will understand how the travel agency software market scenario has changed across the globe during the pandemic and post pandemic. The study is carried out keeping in mind the changes in aspects such as production, demand, consumption and supply chain. The market experts have also highlighted the key factors which will help create opportunities for the players and stabilize the overall market in the coming years.

What insights does the Travel Agency Software market report provide readers?

➜ Fragmentation of travel agency software based on product type, end use and region
➜ Comprehensive assessment of upstream raw materials, downstream demand and current market landscape
➜ Collaborations, R&D projects, acquisitions and product launches of each travel agency software player
➜ Various regulations imposed by governments on the consumption of retail travel agency software
➜ Impact of modern technologies, such as big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and social media platforms on the global travel agency software market.

For more information or query or customization before buying, visit: https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/product/global-travel-agency-software-market-size-and-forecast/

There are 13 Sections to show the global Travel Agency Software market:

Chapter 1: Market Overview, Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities, Segmentation Overview

Chapter 2: Market Competition by Manufacturers

Chapter 3: Production by regions

Chapter 4: Consumption by Regions

Chapter 5: Production, by Types, Revenue and Market Share by Types

Chapter 6: Consumption, by Applications, Market Share (%) and Growth Rate by Applications

Chapter 7: Comprehensive Profiling and Analysis of Manufacturers

Chapter 8: Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Raw Material Analysis, Manufacturing Expense by Region

Chapter 9: Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers

Chapter 10: Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders

Chapter 11: Market Effect Factor Analysis

Chapter 12: Market Forecast

Chapter 13: Travel Agency Software Market Research Findings and Conclusion, Appendix, methodology and data source

Finally, the researchers shed light on the precise analysis of the global travel agency software market dynamics. It also measures enduring trends and platforms that are driving market growth. The degree of competition is also measured in the research report. With the help of SWOT and Porter’s five analyses, the market has been thoroughly analyzed. It also helps to deal with the risks and challenges faced by businesses. Also, it offers in-depth research on sales approaches.

To note: All of the reports we list tracked the impact of COVID-19. The upstream and downstream of the entire supply chain were taken into account during this operation. Additionally, where possible, we will provide an additional COVID-19 update supplement/report to the third quarter report, please check with the sales team.

Most Popular Reports:

Global Rotary Hydraulic Actuators Market

Global Oil-Water Separator Market

Global offshore inflatable boat market

Global Underblanket Market

Global Hydraulic Sand Fracturing Equipment Market

Global Cbm Drilling Rigs Market

Global home fragrance market

Global gantry waterjet cutting machine market

Global System Etc Market

Global compact street sweeper market

About Us: Market Research Intellect

Market Research Intellect provides syndicated and customized research reports to clients across various industries and organizations with the aim of providing functional expertise. We provide reports for all industries including Energy, Technology, Manufacturing & Construction, Chemicals & Materials, Food & Beverage, and more. These reports provide an in-depth study of the market with industry analysis, market value of regions and countries, and industry-relevant trends.

Contact us:
Mr. Steven Fernandes
Market research intelligence
New Jersey (USA)
Tel: +1-650-781-4080

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: –https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/

Travel Manager – Robert Q Travel


The successful Travel Manager will be a professional industry leader who has a strong knowledge of travel products and tour packages and who has demonstrated the ability to motivate and encourage a small team of Travel Advisors to exceed goals and targets. strategic sales results. The individual will share a passion for travel, leadership, customer excellence and creatively tailor travel packages to meet customer needs and expectations.

The Travel Advisor Manager will support the day-to-day operations of the branch and ensure exceptional quality and the highest level of sales and service excellence is achieved by aligning with Robert Q The core values ​​of travel. You will maintain and grow existing business while seeking and securing new opportunities for sales growth. As a mentor, you will coach, train and support your staff to achieve the desired results.

Status: Full time (37.5 hours per week)

Hours of work: Flexible schedule based on operational needs

Salary: Remuneration according to experience

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Develop strategies to train, coach and motivate travel counselors to meet or exceed their goals and ensure the profitability of the business
  • Provide travel information to customers regarding destinations, transportation and accommodation options, and travel costs, and recommend appropriate products
  • Plan and organize vacation trips for individuals or groups
  • Make transportation and accommodation reservations
  • Sell ​​single fare tickets and travel packages to customers
  • Promote particular destinations, tour packages and other travel services
  • Investigate new travel destinations, hotels and other facilities and attractions
  • Provide travel advice regarding tourist attractions, foreign currencies, customs, languages ​​and travel safety.
  • Participate in familiarization tours to new destinations
  • Liaise with travel partners including airlines and hotels
  • Manage customer requests in a timely manner with the goal of exceeding their expectations
  • Ensure the smooth running and efficiency of the business
  • Ensures that all TICO guidelines and regulations are followed
  • Handles external and internal customer service issues in a timely manner


  • 2-4 years of effective management and supervisory experience (preferred)
  • 1 to 3 years of experience in travel agency, tourism, hospitality and sales
  • TICO certified with a background in the travel and hospitality industry
  • Knowledge of ITC, FIT, Cruise, Group products, travel trends and tailored vacations
  • Enthusiastic individual who is versatile with effective communication and promotion skills
  • Superior customer service, proven ability to foster a positive team and provide strong leadership
  • Organized, detail-oriented, and innovative with a desire to encourage and foster the success of others
  • Confident and motivated professional
  • Demonstrated ability to handle difficult situations and exceed sales targets
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to Robert Qthe core values ​​of
  • Proven presence and punctuality

    Robert Q Travel Inc. is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity and is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment for all employees. Applicants should contact Robert Q if they need accommodation during the application process.

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At least a dozen seriously injured in boating crash on popular visit to Kimberley – Travel Weekly

At least a dozen people have been seriously injured in a boating accident at Horizontal Falls on Australia’s west coast.

A tour boat with 26 passengers and two crew ran into trouble around 7am on Friday morning at the popular tourist attraction in the Kimberly region, about 250km northeast of Broome.

WA Police Commander Brad Sorrell said there were indications the tour boat Express Falls operated by Horizontal Falls Sea Plane Adventures had capsized and thrown several people overboard.

“A number of people ended up in the water and were rescued,” he told media.

Sorrell said this was the main priority for rescuers as there were crocodiles and box jellyfish in the area.

However, the tour operator denied the boat capsized and said no passengers were thrown overboard, according to ABC News.

“The boat immediately returned to the pontoon,” the tour operator said in a statement, confirming there were 26 passengers and some injured.

“Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures continues to liaise with the RFDS and all relevant authorities to handle the incident and will provide updates as more information becomes available.”

The passengers were taken to Broome Hospital via four Royal Flying Doctor Service planes and those with more serious injuries were taken to the Royal Hospital in Perth.

The head of general surgery at the Royal Perth Hospital, Dieter Weber, said wa today that the patients ranged in age from 46 to 70, with injuries ranging from broken bones to head injuries.

“We had several patients who required surgery for their injuries and operations are continuing,” he said.

“The operations ranged from various orthopedic and plastic procedures to the injuries they suffered.

“Fixing broken bones is one aspect of care, but it’s the whole reintegration, the rehabilitation that goes on afterwards and of course the psychological well-being too.”

WA Premier Mark McGowan said a thorough investigation was underway by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

“It could have been a tragic outcome, but everyone has been rescued and people are now in hospitals in Perth or Broome and everyone is being managed as best we can under the circumstances we faced,” he said, according to WA Today. “The company involved is not working now, it has been suspended while all these matters are looked into.

It is currently unknown what caused the crash, with Sorrell and Dieter remaining mum on the subject.

Horizontal Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Kimberley region, dubbed one of the greatest natural wonders of the world by Sir David Attenborough.

The striking effect of the ‘falls’, called Garaangaddim by the traditional owners, is created by 10 meters of water surging through two narrow chasms at Talbot Bay.

Image: Instagram/@horizontalfalls

7 Gorgeous State Parks Near Houston That Are Worth Visiting


Houston has no shortage of scenic parks to picnic in or hiking trails to explore. But if you’re looking for a place where you can spot local wildlife, mountain bike through a forest, or fish in a lake or pond, there are several beautiful state parks near Houston worth checking out.

From Brazos Bend State Park to Village Creek State Park, keep reading our top picks for fun on the trails, in the water, spotting wildlife and more.

Sheldon Lake State Park and Environmental Learning Center

Location: 20 miles from downtown Houston

Just a 15-minute drive from downtown Houston, you’ll love everything Sheldon Lake State Park has to offer, from wildlife viewing and boardwalk walks to boating and hiking. the Peach.

Sheldon Lake Phase 5 Restoration Project

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife/Chase A. Fountain

First, walk the approximately half-mile Pond Loop Trail, which takes you past 28 hatchery ponds, teeming with waders, frogs, alligators, and other aquatic animals. If you’re not making the most of the free catch-and-release fishing at two stocked ponds, you can opt to keep your catch when fishing the shallow 1,200-acre Sheldon Lake, the lake’s namesake body of water. Park. Before packing, be sure to take a stroll along the 3,000-foot prairie/wetland promenade and climb to the top of the 82-foot John Jacob Observation Tower for sweeping views of the park and the Space City skyline in the distance.

Good to know: All trails are ADA accessible. Additionally, LEED-certified facilities showcase “green architecture” and the use of alternative energy.

Find it: 14140 Garrett Road, Houston, Texas 77044

Brazos Bend State Park

Located: 45 miles from downtown Houston

Considered a “nature lover’s paradise,” there’s plenty to see at Brazos Bend State Park. Our vote begins with a bite to eat in the shade of the live oak trees draped in Spanish moss at the park’s picnic areas, before traveling through some of the nearly 5,000 acres of lakes, meadows and forests.

A man riding on the trails of Brazos Bend State Park.

A man riding on the trails of Brazos Bend State Park.

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife/Chase A. Fountain

The park offers nature programs and hikes to do year-round, or instead, tackle the more than 30 miles of multi-use trails by bike or on foot on your own. Along the way, expect to encounter some 300 species of birds, alligators and white-tailed deer (keep your binoculars handy!). There’s also a winding, tree-lined cove for fishing and six small lakes on-site. If you bring your own horse, you can also go horseback riding on 21 km of multi-use trails.

Find it: 21901 FM 762, Needville, TX 77461

Stephen F. Austin State Park

Location: 80 km from downtown Houston

You might be about an hour from Houston, but welcome to Austin, folks. Well, Stephen F. Austin State Park. Perched along the Brazos River, meander through approximately 473 acres of scenic hardwood forests draped in moss and towering cottonwood trees on the shallows while spotting wildlife, hiking, and biking at your leisure. On these grounds you will find Pileated Woodpecker, White-tailed Deer, Barred Owl and more.

Stephen F. Austin State Park

Stephen F. Austin State Park

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife

Want to spend the night? Take advantage of the park’s full 30-amp hookup, water and primitive campsites; screen shelters; cabin; and group facilities. History buffs, take note: Mexico granted this land to Stephen F. Austin, the “Father of Texas,” and it became home to the state’s first Anglo-American settlements in the early 1800s. .

Find it: Park Road 38, San Felipe, TX 77473

Galveston Island State Park

Location: 60 miles from downtown Houston

For another of the best state parks near Houston, venture to Galveston Island State Park. The postcard-worthy location offers some of the best views along the Texas Gulf, encompassing 2,000 acres from ocean to bay. Access is open to visitors to the bay side of the park, where you can admire the coastal meadow, freshwater ponds and salt marshes for wildlife viewing, hiking, kayaking (BYO boat) or fishing.

An aerial view of Galveston Island State Park.

An aerial view of Galveston Island State Park.

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife/Chase A. Fountain

If you choose to stay a while, book one of the beach or bay campsites (lodge rentals are also available) for the night. At the bay’s edge, choose from historic homes, tents, and multi-purpose campsites with restrooms and showers nearby. The park is expected to open its newly revamped beachside facilities this summer, with new campgrounds, picnic areas and restrooms.

Find it: 14901 FM 3005, Galveston, TX 77554

Huntsville State Park

Location: 60 miles from downtown Houston

Pins? Check. Wild flowers ? Check. Lake fishing? Check. If all that and more sounds like you, head to bucolic Huntsville State Park with 21 miles of trails, a playground, a bird blind, and a nature center. When you’re not swimming in the 210-acre Raven Lake, rent a kayak or fish for crappie, perch, catfish and bass or just soak up the beautiful Sam Houston National Forest.

A man fishes off a dock in Huntsville State Park.

A man fishes off a dock in Huntsville State Park.

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife

It should be noted that the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), created by President Franklin Roosevelt, helped build parks throughout the country, and in 1937, one such society made up of African American veterans built the park in of Huntsville State.

Good to know: The group room built by the CCC can be rented for weddings and events.

Find it: 565 Park Road 40 W., Huntsville, TX 77340

Lake Livingston State Park

Location: 118 km from downtown Houston

Good luck running out of things to do at Lake Livingston State Park, located on the shores of an 83,000-acre lake, with catfish, perch, crappie, and white bass at galore. It’s pretty much a fishing oasis here, thanks to a fishing pier and three boat ramps, two fish cleaning stations, and shore fishing. When you drop off your gear, stroll along the Pineywoods Nature Trail Boardwalk, complete with two ponds, a native pollinator garden, and a bird blind. A host of free ranger programs are available, and the nature center has several interactive exhibits (there’s even a live bee hive).

A kayaker paddles past a camping trailer at Lake Livingston State Park.

A kayaker paddles past a camping trailer at Lake Livingston State Park.

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife/Chase A. Fountain

Go to the park store to buy food, souvenirs and to rent watercraft. If you choose to stay overnight, the park offers plenty of campsites, including full hookup sites and 10 screened shelters (some are ADA compliant).

Find it: 300 Park Road 65, Livingston, TX 77351

Village Creek State Park

Location: 95 miles from downtown Houston

About an hour and a half drive from Houston, Village Creek State Park sits along Village Creek, one of the few free-flowing creeks in the entire Lone Star State. Savor the fresh air and tranquility while picnicking, fishing, hiking or mountain biking. Or see if you can spot bobcats, rabbits, white-tailed deer, possums and more among the loblolly pines and white oaks, beeches and magnolias.

A man with binoculars pauses on a bridge at Village Creek State Park.

A man with binoculars pauses on a bridge at Village Creek State Park.

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife / Earl Nottingham

The wetlands are also home to beavers, river otters, fish, turtles, snakes and frogs. For one night, choose campsites for tents and RVS or a chalet rental for six people.

Find it: 8854 Park Road 74, Lumberton, TX 77657

Things to know before traveling abroad


Just because I wanted you to know…

*Big Brother is watching! This week I received a great email from Rhonda Lawson of the Department of Homeland Security thanking me for the Mobile Passport app travel article that helps travelers expedite immigration when they returning to the United States after international travel. She also mentioned that the service is actually available in Atlanta, so before you go out of the country, whether to Mexico, the Caribbean or Europe, don’t forget to download the MPC app, create a profile and , when you land, open the app and answer the questions to receive a QR acceptance code. Then, in the immigration hall, look for the Mobile Passport Control sign because it’s in Atlanta!

*It’s probably a really good thing to have Big Brother watching, because on Tuesday I got a call from a nice customer who had bought a ticket to California in April. Reviewing his credit card bill, he noted an additional charge of $486.50 labeled “travel agency support”. He called to question the charge using the 800 number provided on the statement. Needless to say there was no assistance provided on the number so he called me.

Because our trade magazines had just published a long article on fraud in the airline market, I knew this trick. It seems that cyber predators have not only hacked into credit card accounts, but have gone so far as to create fake websites that look completely genuine for all major airlines. For example, if someone Googles “Delta Tickets” or “Delta Air Lines Reservations,” they might call or possibly end up on one of these scam sites instead of the official Delta site. Fraudsters will sell a ticket, but, in a separate charge, a service charge will appear. Watch your credit card bills, hackers are getting better! Your mom understood when she said, “Don’t talk to strangers!”

*Now let me give you an example of a travel agency going the second mile to protect you: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has started a process whereby the passenger list for each sailing is checked against the names in the database national sex offender database. If a registered sex offender is discovered on a Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, or Azamara Club Cruises sailing list, the traveler’s reservation is canceled and the passenger cannot obtain a refund. While some may argue that civil liberties are under threat, Royal says their goal is to make cruising a safe environment for families.

*Oh, and speaking of safety, Royal Caribbean Cruises now has lifeguards in all pools on all of its ships. Not to be outdone, Norwegian Cruise Line said it also has lifeguards on its large, family-oriented ships – Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Epic – for this summer.

*Pride of America is sailing to Hawaii again! Norwegian’s Pride departs Honolulu every Saturday on a 7-day itinerary that includes overnight accommodation in Maui and Kauai. After two years, how nice to have this service to show us the islands again. Call to book soon because Hawaii is the hottest destination on the market right now.

*St. Lucia steps up her resort game. Sandals La Toc is adding the ever-popular Rondoval Suites while Sandals Halcyon Beach is also getting four Rondoval Suites and 20 beachfront villas. probably has something to do with the arrival of a new competitor on the island. The St. James Club Morgan Bay Resort is currently being renovated and transformed into SECRETS St. Lucia. With 5 restaurants, 5 bars and lounges, 2 oceanfront pools, a picture-perfect beach, and 342 rooms, SECRETS is vying to be the coolest new all-inclusive for adults on the island.

* Viking Cruise Line’s 25th Anniversary Sale ends May 31. That means free air from Shreveport or Jackson and their free drink package on Europe river cruises is over! Hands down, folks, there’s no better time to plan a Rhine or Danube cruise than now during this promotion. Prices are as low as $1999 – and, again, that includes airfare from Louisiana and a 7-night cruise to Europe!

*Please note that many countries now require a booster dose at least 14 days before travel if you have been fully vaccinated more than 6 months before your trip. Check your vaccination dates, probably more time than you think has passed since your last injection. Some of our major travel agencies recommend the booster dose to avoid any challenges in entering the destination country or taking advantage of the many wonderful opportunities that travel offers.

*All aboard! It’s the last call to save on a Rocky Mountaineer train trip this summer: the deadline is June 30. Valid on rail travel within Canada or the U.S. route from Denver to Moab, travelers can currently save $200 per couple if you call Monroe Travel Service at 323-3465 and book early. Go ride the silver rails and also enjoy a deal.

And, finally, just because summer is here…and you have to go, please call Monroe Travel Service. We would love to send you back!

Dianne Newcomer is a travel agent at MONROE TRAVEL SERVICE. For your next vacation, please call Rob, Page, Linda, Lori or Dianne at 318 323 3465 or email [email protected]

What happened when I got COVID on a cruise

What happens when you test positive in one of the most remote corners of the world.

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IIt was a Friday afternoon in early spring and rather than board my flight back to New York, I was stuck in my room at a mountain hotel two hours from Ushuaia, Argentina. Under normal circumstances, that would have been fine. The lodge was located on a lake with pebble beaches, surrounded by towering ice-capped mountains, not far from the Alberto de Agostini National Park. It’s the kind of place outdoor adventurers could dream of exploring.

But I wasn’t there to hike the tree-lined trails or swim in the cold lake like most travelers do. I had been banished there, instructed to quarantine myself after contracting COVID on board a ship that had docked in Ushuaia two days prior. I had been to Antarctica, where I spent two weeks on a can’t-miss cruise experience watching whales, penguins and icebergs. The trip was, in short, otherworldly, like I had been teleported to another planet. But on the way back, reality quickly snowballed after my antigen test (needed to get back to Argentina) came back positive.

Quarantine is still quarantine, even in a place as beautiful as Ushuaia, Argentina.

There are worse places to quarantine, I knew that. I was also fully aware of how much sicker I could have been, given that I only had fever, chills, and symptoms consistent with a bad head cold (although the first time I had COVID, I was asymptomatic). But despite that, the feeling I couldn’t get rid of was that of being desperately alone, of not knowing what was going to happen next.

When I first tested positive, after a mandatory antigen test to return to Argentina, I was quickly exiled to my ship’s cabin for two days. I sobbed. Then I ordered room service while awaiting further protocol information from the cruise line ground staff in Ushuaia. Once it was confirmed that I would need to quarantine for seven days (under Argentine law) before returning to the United States, I was quickly removed from the ship (along with six other passengers and a member crew who also tested positive) after the other passengers had disembarked and been transferred to a hotel as far away as possible, organized and covered by the cruise line.

For the first few days, I was asked to stay in my room, where I ordered meals via WhatsApp and gazed longingly at the distant lake. On the third day, we were allowed to go for walks, so I took long, slow walks with two or three of the other people in my “forties.” The fresh air and the company were invigorating. By day six, my test was still positive, which meant I couldn’t return to the United States, even though I had almost no symptoms. The shipping company gave me details to keep a medical certificate (which I did over the phone via WhatsApp), which would confirm my period of isolation as well as the absence of symptoms and allow me to return home.

Everything turned out OK in the end and other than a bit of emotional trauma, I was fine. But honestly, contracting COVID in a foreign country can be terrifying. With so many destinations following different rules, which are constantly changing, it’s hard to know what the outcome will be if your test comes back positive. Add the stress of being in an unfamiliar place where people may speak a language you don’t understand, and the fact that you are carrying a potentially deadly virus, and it all adds up to a heartbreaking ordeal.

one of many

As restrictions ease and more people travel, contracting COVID while you’re around the world is a reality that isn’t going away any time soon. I am one of many unhappy travelers who found themselves staring sadly at an antigen test with two angry red lines, stuck far from home and forced to stay put.

Writer Shana Clarke, who contracted COVID on a work trip to Spain earlier this year, said: ‘The scariest thing was the health part and the physical stuff because you don’t know how COVID is going progress.” After experiencing allergy-like symptoms, Clarke took a test which came back positive shortly after arriving in Spain. “For the most part, it’s still an unknown disease, so I was nervous, what if I got really sick? My Spanish is basic. It’s really that fear of next steps,” she adds.

Luckily, Clarke was able to change her United flight easily (and without a change fee) and the host who arranged her trip was able to fit her into a hotel room with a kitchenette, as well as bring groceries for her. It was as comfortable a setup as quarantining alone in a foreign country can get. But when she arrived at the hotel, quarantine requirements in Spain changed and people who did not show symptoms, even if they tested positive, were allowed out. “I started going out for walks on the sixth day and breathing in the fresh air, while keeping in mind the presence of others. [But] I had to be careful because my heart rate was getting faster,” she says.

Despite Spain’s demands, Clarke still could not return to the United States. At the time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wouldn’t allow travelers to return to the county until they were quarantined for 10 days or tested negative. (which he missed). “It’s frustrating how countries are dealing with it,” Clarke says. “There is no unifying idea of ​​what quarantine or travel should look like. It makes things really difficult. After being quarantined for 10 days and receiving a doctor’s letter as proof, as well as a negative antigen, she was finally able to fly back to New York.

Some travelers had to navigate with positive tests en route to their destination.

Nicolette Dantas, a Los Angeles-based freelance marketing consultant, didn’t even reach her final destination until she tested positive. While en route to India, where she and her fiancé were traveling to visit family she hadn’t seen in two years, Dantas tested positive during her layover in Dubai (which required a test). “I tested negative before my flight from LAX to Dubai, [so] I was shocked to receive positive results upon landing in Dubai,” she says.

Fortunately, Dantas was able to stay in his cousin’s empty apartment. They were then contacted by Dubai’s health department and asked to download the COVID-19-DXB smart app, where they could register their 10-day quarantine. “For the next 10 days, my fiancé and I stayed in my cousin’s hotel suite. No matter how luxurious the accommodations were, each day was filled with anxiety and fear, and complete boredom. she says, adding that she was lucky to have very few symptoms, which she attributes to being vaccinated and boosted.

But despite a comfortable setup, the assumptions remained. “After the initial shock and disappointment of not being able to see my family, fear crept around the rules and regulations of contracting COVID-19 in a foreign country. I was very afraid that I would not test negative after the required quarantine and the impact this would have on my ability to leave Dubai in time to see my family in India and/or return to the United States,” she says. . After the isolation period, they received a certificate of completion and were free to go.

Not an insurmountable obstacle

Clarke, Dantas and I were lucky enough not to be seriously ill and able to self-quarantine in comfortable facilities. Traveling with the cruise line meant my hotel, food and transfer costs were covered. Scott Dunn, a travel specialist who had booked my flights, was also able to help me rebook (I had to be re-routed via Miami as there were no direct flights from Buenos Aires to New York that day there) as well as sorting out transfers and a hotel for me in Buenos Aires, where I had to lie down.

Having someone else to figure out the logistics when you’re in this situation is a luxury. But it was still far from ideal. The only silver lining is that once a traveler has received a certificate proving they have recovered from COVID (which they must show airlines, along with their positive test results), they can enter many countries without the required PCR or antigen. up to 90 days. (Research has also shown that you carry greater immunity for several months after contracting COVID, which means traveling can feel a bit more carefree.)

The horrible isolation experience, however, did not stop me from traveling. Although I spent extra days with weak WiFi in a foreign country, which had a ripple effect and scrambled my schedule ahead, I have since traveled to Africa and Mexico , among other international destinations. For me, traveling is not always a choice, but a job. The same goes for Clarke and Dantas. Dantas also has no plans to stop traveling anytime soon. But his experience is a cautionary tale. “Next time, I will research the quarantine rules of my destination and my stopover destination and have a backup plan,” she says. “Most importantly, I will remember that I succeeded. I’m going [also] invest in a Kindle.

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These European countries are now without Covid restrictions

Unvaccinated third-country nationals, including Americans and Brits, are now allowed to holiday in Spain after the government moved to join other European countries that have dropped Covid entry rules and are allowing admission to all travellers.

“With the summer holidays fast approaching, travelers from around the world can start planning their trip to Europe as the majority of countries have already relaxed their Covid-19 entry rules,” reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

“While some European Union/European Economic Area are easing restrictions, others have lifted all of their Covid-19 entry rules.”

Total and partial openings

Spain has joined the growing list of European countries that have completely or partially dropped their restrictions, including more recently Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania and Switzerland.

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The full list of countries open to unvaccinated people, with variations ranging from requiring negative test results (UK and Ireland, France, Italy) to dropping all pandemic travel restrictions also includes Czechia , Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Sweden.

Spain relaxes its rules

“We are going to stop requiring the vaccination certificate which could discourage tourists from outside the European Union from visiting us,” said María Reyes Maroto, Spain’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

She spoke of a “new phase of the pandemic” which has allowed the country to relax its entry rules. “The country has seen a 9% drop in daily cases over the past week, with 229 new cases per 100,000 people last week,” the official said. Washington Post reported.

By comparison, the United States has seen a 12% increase in daily cases over the same period.

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To enter Spain, however, a negative test will still be required. Those with negative test results must take an NAAT test – a category that includes PCR tests – within 72 hours of travel or an antigen test within 24 hours of departure.

“There is a degree of security with travel that we must preserve,” argued the minister. “We are still coexisting with the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t gradually lifted the restrictions.”

Children under 12 are exempt from presenting any certificate whatsoever.

Country by country

These countries are open to all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, without having to present a vaccination, recovery or test certificate:

Austria: Traveling to Austria is possible for tourism. Since May 16, proof of vaccination, cure or test is no longer necessary.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria has lifted all Covid-19 related travel restrictions to enter the country. Passengers, regardless of the origin of their journey, are not required to present documents related to Covid-19 – for example, Covid-19 vaccination certificates, recovery certificates or PCR/Antigen test results – at the arrival.

Croatia: The country has removed all border crossing restrictions, including the requirement for non-EU citizens to present a Covid-19 certificate or proof of vaccination to enter Croatia. There are no more Covid-related restrictions for entering Croatia.

Denmark: There are no Covid-19 related entry restrictions.

Greece: As of March 15, travelers visiting Greece are no longer required to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

Also, from May 1 and as long as epidemiological data allow, all travelers arriving in Greece, regardless of their country of origin, are no longer required to display a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery from Covid- 19 or proof of a negative test result for SARS-CoV-2 infection (PCR or Rapid Antigen test).

However, a simplified PLF remains in force, the filling of which is optional.

Hungary: Travel in Hungary is once again unlimited. Since March 7, travelers can enter without the need for vaccination or immunity certificates or any type of test or quarantine requirement.

Iceland: All travel restrictions have been lifted since February 25. All visitors are welcome, regardless of their vaccination status, with no obligation to pre-register before visiting. No PCR testing is required to board planes, and no testing or quarantine upon arrival.

Ireland: All Covid-19 travel restrictions were lifted on March 6. No passenger locator forms, proof of vaccination or recovery, or Covid-19 testing is required.

Latvia: As of April 1, travelers no longer need to present an interoperable certificate of vaccination or recovery, or proof of a negative Covid-19 test result.

Lithuania: Effective May 1, Lithuania removed all Covid-19 related requirements for all travelers entering the country. And all tourist attractions are open and no mask is required.

Norway: Entry restrictions have been removed. The legal requirement to test negative before travel and the requirement to register entry to Norway upon arrival have both been removed.

Poland: As of March 28, all restrictions have been lifted, meaning there is no obligation to present Covid certificates when crossing the border, test for SARS-CoV-2 or undergo the so-called entry quarantine.

Romania: Covid-19 travel requirements for passengers have been lifted.

Slovenia: All restrictions have been lifted.

Sweden: As of April 1, the ban on entry to Sweden from countries outside the EU/European Economic Area no longer applies. The obligation to present vaccination and test certificates when entering Sweden has also been abolished.

Switzerland: There are currently no entry restrictions. No proof of vaccination, recovery or testing is required.

Restrictions still partial

While, like Spain, neither France nor Italy require a vaccination certificate, both countries still require negative test results.

France: For travelers vaccinated according to European regulations, no more tests are required on departure. Proof of a complete vaccination schedule is sufficient to arrive in France, regardless of the country of origin.

For unvaccinated travelers, the obligation to present a negative test to travel to France remains, but the measures on arrival (test, isolation) are lifted.

Italy: Italy continues to maintain entry rules in place for all travellers. Since March 1, the country has applied the same rules to all people, regardless of their country of origin.

Italy is currently allowing entry to all travelers who hold a vaccination or recovery certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result.

Week 3 RP Mission Guide


Each Royale Pass in BGMI offers players several weekly missions that they must complete to get their hands on the rewards. While many tasks are repetitive in monthly RPs, specific assignments are unique and help users enjoy the game more each week.

As Week 1 draws to a close, the Week 2 missions are live. There is a specific mission that players need guidance on.

What steps should BGMI players take to travel in an Armored Air Drop Vehicle?

The arrival of Week 2 of Month 11 Hidden Hunters Royale Pass allowed EZ License Card holders to gain access to Week 3 missions before others. Along with several repetitive missions, a new mission that requires them to travel over 3200 meters in an Air Drop Vehicle (BRDM – 2) has also been incorporated.

To complete the mission, users need to follow some simple steps. Here’s a guide on how they can go over 3200 meters in a single match and earn 75 RP points:

  • Players must play a ranked or unranked match on Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi, or Livik. Playing unranked classic mode will save them from losing points even if they die in-game while completing the mission.
  • Individuals should go to a safe location and search for the Flare Gun. If needed, they should also keep a fuel canister to add to the airdrop vehicle.
  • After finding the Flare Gun, users need to get out of the safe zone and shoot it, which will allow them to get the Air Drop Vehicle (BRDM – 2).
  • Finally, players must mark a location and track if they have traveled more than 3200 meters.

List of missions available in week two of BGMI’s M11 Royale Pass

A total of 12 missions have been incorporated into Week 2 of the M11 RP. This will allow BGMI users to get a total of 1225 weekly RP mission points, which will help them progress through RP levels.

youtube cover

Here is an overview of the Week 2 missions and the RP points that can be obtained.

  • 100 RP points: Use adrenaline syringe in classic mode – 6 times.
  • 75 RP points: For every 100 minutes spent in Classic and Arena mode matches.
  • 150 RP points: Finish 16 opponents with ARs in Pochinki (Erangel) in Classic mode.
  • 75 RP points: Finish four opponents with M24 in Classic mode.
  • 75 RP points: Use the mechanized barrier in Core Circle – 15 times.
  • 75 RP points: Blow up the secret room doors on the Livik map in classic mode – 5 times.
  • 75 RP points: Finish ten opponents with SKS in Classic mode.
  • 100 RP points: Pick up the Smoke Grenade in 16 matches in Classic mode.
  • 75 RP points: Win three matches while equipping the Tier 3 Spetznaz Helmet with teammates in Classic Mode.
  • 75 RP points: Give 24 in-game likes to your teammates.
  • 75 RP points: Win 20 matches in Arena mode.
  • 75 RP points: Complete 12 matches in Arena mode with friends.

Many new BGMI RP holders have already started the task of completing the weekly missions and are waiting for the unlocking of the week 3 missions.

Profile Picture

Profile Picture

Sandals Resorts to Add Carbon Monoxide Detectors After 3 Americans Die in Bahamas

Placeholder while loading article actions

Sandals Resorts said it has installed carbon monoxide detectors in all rooms at Sandals Emerald Bay in the Bahamas, where three American visitors died earlier this month and a fourth fell ill.

The company, which operates 16 all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, said in a statement it will also place the devices in bedrooms at the rest of its properties. Sandals also said it brought in environmental safety experts to perform a “comprehensive review of all resort systems.”

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of our guests and team members is and always will be paramount,” the statement read.

The company’s announcement on Wednesday came after local media, including the Guardian of Nassau and the Grandstand, reported that carbon monoxide had killed tourists in the resort town of Exuma. Publications have not identified their sources and police have yet to release the cause of death. Sandals has asked Bahamian authorities about the results of the autopsy.

“The information does not come from the police,” said Audley Peters, deputy superintendent of police and spokesman for the Royal Bahamas Police Force. “Our investigations are ongoing.

Officials identified those who died on May 6 as husband and wife Michael Phillips, 68, and Robbie Phillips, 65 of Tennessee; and Vincent Chiarella, a 64-year-old from Florida. His wife, Donnis Chiarella, 65, was taken to a Miami-area hospital. Michael and Robbie Phillips owned a travel agency specializing in Sandals Resorts.

Three Americans die mysteriously in a five-star hotel in the Bahamas

“We remain devastated by the unimaginable event that occurred at Sandals Emerald Bay Resort earlier this month which resulted in the deaths of three people, including two members of our beloved travel advisor community, and the recovery of a fourth guest,” Sandals Resorts said in a statement.

The four guests attended a clinic complaining of nausea and vomiting the day before they died, The Washington Post previously reported. The three deceased visitors were found unresponsive in their villas, which Sandals said were part of the same structure.

“Despite initial speculation, Bahamian authorities have concluded that the cause was an isolated incident at a free-standing structure that housed two individual bedrooms and was in no way related to the air conditioning system, food service, laundry services. landscaping or resort foul play.” the company said.

The State Department said in a statement that it is “closely monitoring” the local investigation.

Brittany Shammas contributed to this report.

Business travel accessibility remains a barrier

Business travel accessibility remains a barrier

To that end, Cvent is not only integrating WCAG standards into its own tools, but has also begun providing hints and prompts within the platform so that users are alerted to issues with their own record versions. of events and the websites they create within the platform.

“We do 450,000 events a year, so that’s at least 450,000 people who will realize that these accessibility standards exist,” Cutchins said, adding that Cvent is also looking to formalize more education outside of it. technical environment to raise awareness of accessibility standards. “One thing that’s really cool about accessibility guidelines is that when you follow them, you just create a better product for everyone.”

Travel management company Diversity Travel said it frequently answers questions in tenders about its proprietary booking technology and its compliance with WCAG standards, but also whether it incorporates the ability to book access conditions such as wheelchair ramps or mobility assistance.

Accessibility management

While meetings provide a good environment to consider internal actions around accessibility for physics and neurodiversity, monitoring experiences outside of these walls remains a challenge.

On the technology front, SAP Concur was sued in January over its TripIt website, which the plaintiff claims discriminates against blind and deaf users by failing to provide adequate information and data configurations for those users to use the tool. with success.

In the UK, the consumer campaign group Which? recently conducted research into the accessibility of five airline apps. Four of them failed to meet the preferred standards, only easyJet’s app – which was found to be “easy to navigate when using a screen reader” – was declared to the height.

Adi Latif, Accessibility and Usability Consultant at AbilityNet, is blind and was approached by Which? to try to book a flight on all five apps. “The experience I had with the other apps…I just felt my blindness,” Latif said.

He added: “It clearly highlights the problem faced daily by blind and disabled people who have to fight against applications that are not accessible. It also shows that it does not have to be. as well, and easyJet provides an excellent example for others to follow.”

Accessible technology options for business travel appear to be in development and, according to Cvent’s Senior Director of Product Management, Carl Aldrich, do not require heavy investment if considered early in the development of Cvent. products. “It’s not something that costs a lot of money to do right if you know what to do. And that’s why it’s so important to be aware of it,” he said.

Integrating WCAGs can be a big step forward for people with accessibility challenges, but moving this consideration from a digital environment to the physical world of travel remains a complex proposition, and one that will require a much greater investment. from all parties involved.

A European travel buyer, requesting anonymity, told us that while it was possible to achieve good results for individual travelers – at considerable cost – there was no way to scale a viable solution with so many fragmented providers that would need to share a traveler’s information across a multitude of touchpoints.

This company is looking for a travel management partner with the drive and expertise to pull the pieces together. “I see this as an incredible opportunity for a specialty TMC to bring to market,” they said. “Our companies are doing their businesses a disservice when they can’t bring their best people to the table due to the complexity of travel. Ensuring we are equipped to do this for our business can only make us better .”

Karnataka Tourism operates hidden destinations – The New Indian Express

Express press service

BENGALURU: You can learn how areca nut is processed, or hike to Kodachaadri for a great view, or even relive RK Narayan’s classic Malgudi Days by visiting Malgudi Station (Arasaalu Station featured in the popular television series). Karnataka Tourism Department, along with Karnataka Tourism Forum (KTF), promotes “Mystique of Malnad”, to showcase unexplored destinations or hidden gems of Malnad region, with the slogan “A State, several worlds”.

The three-night, four-day orientation trip for travel agents, which started on Tuesday, reached Sharavathi Adventure Camp in Jog. They explored jet skis, water stomping, coracle rides, kayaking and other adventure activities, surrounded by Talakalele balancing reservoir and Sahyadri hills, and visited Jog Falls and Keladi and Kikkeri temples on Wednesday.

They will visit Sakrabyle Elephant Camp, Kavi Mane and Kavi Shaila at Kuvempu’s birthplace, Kuppalli. To top off the trip, typical Malnad dishes including pathrode, seke unde and other delicacies. KTF Vice President, Mr. Ravi said, “As most travel agents are not aware of these unexplored destinations, we take them on an orientation trip, so that they can share their experiences on the social networks and sell the ideas to agents in other states.”

South America’s old unknown path


Much of the forest hike, like the larger statewide route, is symbolic – a best estimate of where the original route might have been, though there is more certainty on some stretches, especially where historical maps and archaeological sites exist. This region of southwestern Brazil has been a hotbed of archaeological excavations since the 1970s in search of traces of the Caminho de Peabiru, as it was once dense in indigenous populations (estimated at around two million people, mainly Guaranis, at its peak). in the sixteenth century).

Like many others I’ve spoken to, Rocha is obsessed with the mystery of the trail and has even published his graduate thesis on the subject. Historians, astronomers and archaeologists have also pored over it for decades, gathering old maps, colonial records and oral histories to try to understand the origins and purpose of the trail.

The general consensus is that the main route of the network connected the east and west coasts of South America: it started from three starting points on the Brazilian coast (in the states of São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina) which joined in Paraná, continued through Paraguay to silver-rich Potosí and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, to Cusco (the capital of the Inca Empire) in Peru, then to the Peruvian coast and north from Chile.

“In general terms, we can say that the path followed the movement of the setting and rising sun,” Bond wrote in his latest e-book, História do Caminho de Peabiru., published last year.

In it, Bond analyzes a number of plausible hypotheses about the origin of the trail, concluding that the trail system was probably created and used by various Aboriginal groups over the centuries, but that its defining characteristic was the desire to connect the Atlantic and the Pacific. “It doesn’t matter how many and by what people built it, but that it was a road which, at a certain moment, was considered by the natives as a specific and homogeneous path which represented on Earth the movement of the Sun in the sky, ” she wrote.

Ernest Eugene Eli | Obituary


Ernest Eugene Eli, known to his many friends as Gene, passed away peacefully on Sunday, May 22, 2022, at his home. He was 95 years old. Mr. Eli was born in Minneapolis, MN in 1926, the son of Ernest T. Eli and Blanche Chambers Eli. He served in the United States Navy from 1944 to 1946, his last service on the USS Carlisle. Mr. Eli was known for his charm and wit. He retired from the travel industry after a long career working for several airlines and operating his own travel agency. Mr. Eli was a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was a member of the American Legion, the Lions Club and the American Society of Travel Agents.

He had two daughters with his first wife, Patricia Joan Eli, and a stepson with his second wife, Patricia Ann Eli. Mr. Eli is survived by his daughter, Lauren Gilbert and her husband, Ed Gilbert, his daughter, Karen Eli and his two children and grandson, and his son-in-law, Michael Kessie, his wife Marilyn Kessie and his son Joshua Kesie. He was very fond of Roger Brandner, his wife Jennifer and their children. Mr. Eli was also very fond of Sherry Ferguson, his primary caregiver. Her devoted care kept her in her home and extended her life. He was predeceased by his parents, his beloved wife Patricia Ann Eli, his son-in-law Tim Malone and other family members and friends.

Donations to Meals on Wheels, Veterans of Foreign Wars or the Lions Club would be appreciated. Kratz – Portage Funeral Home is helping the family make arrangements.

Trade schools still in high demand

BIG DROPS – According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Montana’s unemployment rate is 2.3% as of April 2022. As employers continue to seek workers, trade schools continue to be in high demand.

Of those aged 20 to 29 who obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2021, 74.8% were employed, compared to 67.3% in 2020. These Data reflect the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Job Service Great Falls Manager Beth Schmidt said: “Here locally for our trades, entry-level, general laborers, down to those highly skilled electricians, the plumbers, our pipefitters, our welders, our carpenters, they’re all in demand It’s a busy time for all trades people, and they need everyone they can get their hands on to make sure schools are being built, housing is being built of construction, that renovations are taking place on existing properties.

Great Falls College-MSU Trades Division Director Joel Sims said the number of students going into trades is down.

“Not a lot of increase,” Simms said. “There’s actually been a decrease. When we started we had three different intakes that we did throughout the year, and now it’s down to one intake that we do. We ended up losing a program of construction on our businesses, our renewable energy program has disappeared.”

Earlier this year, the Great Falls College-MSU Welding Test Facility has been recognized by the American Welding Society as an accredited test facility after meeting minimum requirements for its personnel, equipment, and test facilities

“It helped some,” Sims said. “In order to keep that accreditation through the American Welding Society, you have to have high standards, so the quality has to be there, and we try to carry that quality into our welding program. So I think that helps not only that, but it’s also helped local businesses in that if they need that service, we can deliver that service and they don’t have to travel to get it.”

Job Service Great Falls said that for those interested in trade schools, they would encourage them to come to their office at 1018 7th Street South, or call 406-791-5800 and speak to a trade consultant. workforce.

“We have a variety of programs like the Registered Apprenticeship Program, APRA Rapid Retraining Program, Workforce Development and many more that help you get the training you need to be the next person in your life. skilled trade for our local employers in need.”


The giant statue of Captain Cook, Cairns’ most controversial tourist attraction, moved by a new owner who bought it for a dollar

Cairns’ giant statue of Captain James Cook has been moved by its new owner who bought the city’s most controversial tourist attraction for a dollar.

Far North Queensland’s most controversial tourist attraction has been moved from Cairns by its new owner, who bought the statue of Captain James Cook for a dollar.

The eight-meter-tall statue has stood for nearly 50 years on its perch on Sheridan Street.

Its removal from the block of land at the northern entrance to the city makes way for a teaching hospital at James Cook University.

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The removal of the giant statue has been twice postponed due to wet weather, but it was successfully dismantled on Tuesday using a large crane.

Demolition contractor Martin Anton purchased the rights to dismantle and remove the statue.

“We successfully placed it in the truck. There were lost things that could go wrong today, but luckily it didn’t. It went like clockwork,” Mr Anton told Sky News Australia.

The giant statue will make its “final tour” along the Palmerston Highway on Wednesday.

It will make its way from Cairns through Atherton, Mareeba and through the Tablelands before arriving at its final destination at a property in Mount Molloy.

“I would like someone to rebuild it, but I’m not sure of the most suitable place yet,” Mr Anton said.

Gimuy Walubara Yidinji, Isaac, who saw the statue being removed on Tuesday, said it was “a very ugly representation of this country”, reports the ABC.

“Hopefully it won’t be set up near Cairns.”

Your guide to travel to Europe this summer as COVID guidelines ease


As COVID restrictions begin to ease around the world and a sense of normalcy returns to the world (whether it’s safe or not), postponed vacation plans across the Atlantic have once again become a possibility for American travelers. While summer 2022 will see the most travel to Europe since the pandemic began, there are still some caveats to traveling in a world that has reopened despite the continued spread of COVID. Here are some tips I picked up on a recent trip abroad to help you minimize the hassle on your next European adventure.

Each country has a different procedure for handling incoming visitors, so be sure to check the entry requirements for your original destination. Normally this requires completing a passenger locator form and uploading your personal COVID information. Be sure to do this before your flight, as failure to do so may result in fines and/or denied entry. Check for updates frequently, especially as your departure date approaches, as policies can change quickly.

The passenger locator form asks for generic information about your trip, places you have visited, emergency contacts and places you plan to stay. For your COVID information, you can upload your vaccination information, a negative test result, or proof of recovery from the virus. The negative result must not exceed 72 hours for a PCR examination or 24 hours for an antigen test. Evidence of recovery from COVID is usually valid for several months 10 days after your last negative result. Vaccination is overall the best way to minimize potential problems. The EU recognizes all CDC-approved COVID vaccines, and vaccination not only removes the need for frequent PCR/antigen testing in countries that would otherwise require it, but it also allows for increased flexibility by not having to adjust travel itineraries due to awaiting test results. Make sure your last photo is also fairly recent. If your last dose was more than 270 days ago it may not be accepted, so remember to do a reminder before your trip if it has been some time since your last shot.

You will typically receive emails containing QR codes as proof of completion after you complete your Passenger Locator Form and upload your COVID information. Save these documents offline, print them, take a screenshot, and if you have an iPhone, these QR codes can sometimes be added to your Apple Wallet. The last thing you want is to be delayed or denied entry due to spotty Wi-Fi reception or a dead phone. A portable battery for charging cellphones and other electronics is a good thing to consider and is easily found online or at your local electronics store. I recommend two varieties: a larger one more capable of handling extended periods of charging, and a smaller, lightweight version that can be used throughout the day. Also consider purchasing an international adapter for use with European outlets. Adapters and batteries take up minimal luggage space and in addition to making border entry easier, having plenty of charging options will continually pay dividends on your trip.

While many airports and airlines have now waived any mask requirements, and some accept bandanas and cloth masks, others require a genuine KN95. Don’t expect to be told at check-in, security, or that the airline has extras for you in case you miss the right type. In one instance, I nearly missed a flight boarding at the gate because I had to run to a nearby convenience store to buy a ten-pack KN95. Masks take up very little space, so keep plenty on hand and try to buy them before your flight to avoid possible high price increases at the airport.

Once in the EU, COVID entry requirements between member countries tend to be much simpler than arriving from the US. In the rare cases where there are protocols, they rarely go beyond checking vaccination records, test results and/or completing additional passenger locator forms. When exploring Europe, don’t expect to see many lockdowns, curfews, or any other restrictions common to peak times of the virus. Although each destination has different rules subject to change, masks are largely optional and social distancing rules have been relaxed overall. Use your own discretion regarding social events and crowds, and wear a mask if you wish.

Regardless of vaccination status, returning to the United States requires a negative COVID antigen test which cannot have been administered more than 24 hours prior to check-in. Be sure to plan this test carefully to ensure you get your result within the allowed time window. Many airports have a rapid test center on site, but these usually come with steep price increases (my antigen test at Dublin airport costs around $35) and a waiting period approximately one hour to get your results which must be obtained before check-in. Depending on the airport you are returning from, customs may also occur on the European side, doubling your security time. In summary: make sure you arrive at the terminal at least three hours before departure to ensure a smooth return.

John Sizemore is a travel writer, photographer, yoga teacher, and visual entertainment developer based in Austin, Texas. Follow him on Instagram at @sizemoves. In his spare time, John enjoys learning foreign languages ​​and immersing himself in other worlds, especially those of music, movies, games and books, in addition to exploring the world.

ASTA seeks entries for its Entrepreneur of the Year award : Travel Weekly


ASTA seeks candidates for its Entrepreneur of the Year award, which carries a cash prize of $10,000 for the winner. Applications must be submitted before the end of June.

The competition is open to travel agents, agency managers, suppliers and other industry players.

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Nominations for the award must be received no later than June 30. Entrants must provide a narrative statement no longer than 500 words, a video describing their product or service no longer than 5 minutes, and certification that they can participate in the remaining portions of the competition.

From there, ASTA will evaluate the applicants and choose five semi-finalists. ASTA will use eight benchmarks to assess participants: sustainability, evolution, experiential travel, proven impact, conservation, marketing, growth and technology. More information on each is available online.

On July 27, the semi-finalists will participate in a Facebook Live session and viewers will choose the top three.

These three finalists will take the stage at the ASTA World Convention in San Francisco, scheduled for August 24-26. They will have three minutes to make a pitch, and the audience will choose the winner.

The award, sponsored by the Dan and Gloria Bohan Foundation, was established in 2015. It was suspended for two years and returns in 2022.

2023: I will restore the central north as a leading tourist, mining and agricultural destination, says Fayemi

  • Dr. Kayode Fayemi has promised to bring the north-central geopolitical zone back to its enviable heights
  • The region was popularly known as the nation’s food basket and the country’s main tourist hub.
  • APC presidential hopeful says if elected president he will ensure region reaches its potential

Makurdi- The Governor of Ekiti State and leading presidential candidate on the All Progressives Congress (APC) platform, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has pledged to restore the North-Central geopolitical zone to its enviable height as as the nation’s food basket and the country’s main tourist hub.

A statement sent to Legit.ng on Sunday May 22 by Dr. Kayode Fayemi’s presidential campaign organization spokesperson, Femi Ige, noted that the governor of Ekiti made the comment during his advisory visits to Benue and Plateau.

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Fayemi to Benue
Governor Fayemi decked out in Tiv attire during his visit to the APC secretariat in Makurdi. Photo credit: @kfayemi
Source: Facebook

Fayemi also recalled how he helped end illegal mining in Plateau State when he served as Minister of Mines and Solid Minerals during President Muhammadu Buhari’s first terms.

According to the statement, Fayemi pledged to urgently end the historic farmer-herder clashes and stop banditry and insurgency which he said is gradually seeping into the area.

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His words:

“Growing up, Jos was the number one tourist destination in the country. Its wonderful climate, God-given sights and hospitable people ensured that. Today, banditry and relentless farmers/herders have brought this industry down.

“Agriculture is affected and lives are lost unnecessarily. If the opportunity arises, I promise to end this malaise and restore this place to its place as the nation’s leading tourist, mining and food basket hub.

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On security, the presidential aspirant has vowed to embark on an aggressive retooling of armed forces personnel, re-equipping armaments, embarking on expansive intelligence enhancement and use of technology.

He said:

“I am here to offer myself as a servant leader. I will work for the people, be fair to everyone, fair, equitable, courageous and heal the wounds of years of division by providing inclusivity and giving everyone a sense of belonging.

Fayemi, who addressed delegates and key political leaders including the Head of State, Senator George Akume, Andooakar, and Senator Tiley Gyado in Benue, said the agricultural value chain would be a top priority in order to fully exploit the vast potentials of the state.

Earlier in Makurdi, Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom said the Ekiti State Governor was the kind of leader Nigeria needed at this time.

His words:

“It is painful that we are no longer in the same party because the cohesion you have brought to NGF affairs is what Nigeria needs now.

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“You are a fantastic team leader, a team player, fair and just. I am sure with you in the saddle, the future is bright for Nigeria. If they bother you in the APC , please join us, so that we can pursue the Nigerian agenda together.

In the same vein, Governor of Plateau State and Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum, Bako Lalong, said he had to rush to Jos to receive the Governor of Ekiti State because :

“He is a man who loves the Plateau. In joy and pain he is here with us and I can assure you my brother Governor of Ekiti State when it comes time to vote we know our friends and we will only vote for a friend from Plateau .

2023: Fayemi reveals why there are a lot of presidential hopefuls in the APC

In a related development, Governor Fayemi revealed why there is so much interest from aspirants vying for the exalted seat of the presidency on the APC platform.